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Chinese courseware for grade six

Time: 15:10:02, March 2, 2020 Courseware I want to contribute

Chinese courseware for grade six

Now the most widely used form of multimedia courseware is PPT (slides made with Office PowerPoint), because it is easy to edit and play, various operations are easy to learn, but strictly speaking, it is not developed for making courseware. This is the sixth grade chinese Courseware, I hope to help you!

กกกก Chinese courseware for Grade Six:

กกกก The evaluation criteria of excellent courseware are as follows

1. Teaching design: careful design is the guarantee of excellent results. Without correct and complete design, everything in the follow-up can not be condensed like loose sand and lacks soul.

2. Vividness: fully combine the key points of teaching content with multimedia means to bring students the most comprehensible way.

3. Interactivity: let learners participate in the learning process, fully mobilize learning enthusiasm, deepen understanding and memory.

4. Convenience: good navigation can remove the learning obstacles of non teaching factors, prevent the learners from being lost in the technical barriers, and can always access conveniently.

5. Freedom: free learning is a major feature of the courseware. Students can clearly know their own position and progress at any time and control their own learning process.

6. Personalized learning: provide a variety of modes and habits to make each course bring the most intimate learning experience to each learner.

7. Assessment: it is necessary to check the learning effect. Without assessment, it may be easy to give up learning.

What's more, the effect of an excellent courseware should be higher than that of the traditional teaching material. That is to say, if the effect of the traditional teaching material is not achieved, there is no need to make courseware.

Excellent courseware must fully reflect the teaching ideas of the professor, otherwise, there is no difference between ordinary teachers and famous teachers, but also between teachers and projectionists.

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