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Lesson plan courseware for unit 3 of Chinese (Volume 2)

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Lesson plan courseware for unit 3 of Chinese (Volume 2)

Teaching ideas:

 Lesson plan courseware for unit 3 of Chinese (Volume 2)

This text is to let students understand the truth that students should help each other, unite and love each other through the two things: the little cock gives the duckling insects to eat, and the duckling saves the rooster to the shore. In teaching, teachers take students as the center, according to the classification requirements of students' actual situation, mainly use observation method, situational teaching method, intuitive teaching method and other methods. Through students' reading the text, and teachers' cooperation with blackboard writing and multimedia, students can grasp knowledge and understand the truth in a relaxed and happy environment.

Teaching process:

The first is to stimulate interest and reveal the subject.

Teacher's introduction: today, the teacher brought two good friends to the students. They are little Rooster and duckling. How did they become good friends? What happened between them? Do you want to know£¨ Student: Yes) so let's have a look at the story of little cock and duckling!

2. Learn to read the text for the first time.

1. Teacher activity: before class, the teacher assigned the preview task to the students, and asked the students to circle the words in the text. Now please read these words together with the teacher£¨ Teachers lead the reading and students follow

2. Teacher's explanation: (the teacher should inspire the students to use various ways to recognize characters.) the Pinyin of "Kuai" is "Ku" ¨¤ I "No

¡¡¡¡¡°kua ¨¬¡±£¬ When the word "Earth" is used as a radical, the third stroke in writing is to mention¡° The Pinyin of Zhuo is Zhu ¨­¡± Not "zh" ¨± o¡±£»¡° The word "Xing" is a polyphonic word, which can be read as "X" ¨ª NG ", group words: can not, exercise, can also read" H " ¨¢ NG ", a group of words¡° Suddenly, the word "H" is read ¨±¡±£¬ Don't read "t" ¨±¡±¡£

3. Teachers should read the text with emotion.

3. Study the text and cooperate to explore.

(1) learn the first paragraph

Teacher: how many paragraphs are there in this text£¨ Please read the first paragraph with emotion.

2. Teacher activities: the little cock and the duckling go out to play together. Please observe the illustrations in the text to see what's different between the cock and the duck£¨ The student answers: the mouth is the tip of the rooster's mouth, while the duck's mouth is flat; Feet, rooster's toes are separated, ducklings' toes are connected by webs)

(2) learn the second paragraph

1. Teacher activity: please read the second paragraph with emotion. Other students thought: where did they play? Why can a rooster catch a bug but a duck can't? See the duckling cry, what does the rooster do£¨ The students read the text with emotion, and other students think about problems.)

Students answer: they go to play in the grass. The cockerel's beak is sharp and its toes are separated, so it can catch insects, while the duck's flat mouth has webbed toes, so it can't catch insects. When he saw the duckling crying, he gave the duckling the worms he had caught.

3. Teacher's summary: the little cock has helped the duckling, so we should learn from him.

(3) study the third paragraph

1. Teacher's activity: ask three students to read the text in different roles. One student will narrate. One student will read what the rooster says and one will read what the duckling said. Other students thought: where did they come to play? What is the duckling going to do? Why doesn't the duckling let the rooster go with him? Why can the duckling catch fish while the rooster can't? Did the rooster go at last£¨ The students read the text with emotion, and other students think about problems.)

2. Students answer: they play by the river. The duckling is going to catch fish in the river. Because the rooster can't swim, the duckling doesn't let him go with him. The little rooster's claws are sharp and can't be used to pull water, so the little cock can't swim and can't catch fish. The little Rooster didn't listen to the duckling's words, "secretly followed the duckling, and also went into the water."

3. Teacher's advice: the duckling does not agree with the rooster to go into the water to catch fish with himself. In this paper, two words "no, no" are used, which shows the strong opposition of the duckling. Compare the following two sentences:

The rooster followed the duckling and went down.

The little cock secretly followed the duckling and went into the water.

In the second sentence, the word "secretly" is added, which shows that the duckling does not know that the little cock has also gone into the water, which shows the strong will of the little cock to go into the water.

(4) study the fourth paragraph

1. Teacher's activity: please read the fourth paragraph with emotion, one read the description and the other read what the rooster said. Other students think about the problem: the little Rooster didn't listen to the duckling's advice and also went into the water. What was the result? What does the duckling do after hearing the rooster cry for help? From what words can we see that the duckling is struggling to save the rooster£¨ The students read the text with emotion, and other students think about problems.)

2. Student answer: the little Rooster didn't listen to duckling's advice, but he was almost drowned. After hearing the rooster cry for help, the duckling goes to save the rooster. Suddenly, quickly and on his back, we can see that the duckling is struggling to save the rooster.

Teacher's advice: compare the following two sentences:

The duckling swam to the cock.

The duckling swims to the cock.

The second sentence with the word "quickly" shows that the duckling is struggling to save the rooster, which shows the duckling's eagerness. The last sentence of the text "the little Rooster got on the bank and said to the duckling with a smile". On the one hand, the reason why the little cock "laughs" is that he thanks the duckling, on the other hand, he knows that he has done something wrong and admits his mistake to the duckling.

4. Comprehend the text and read it in different roles.

1. Teacher's Guide: This text describes two things: the little cock helps the duckling, and the duckling saves the fallen Rooster to the shore to help the rooster. It aims to let students understand that students and friends should help each other, unite and love each other, and admit their mistakes when they do something wrong.

2. Teacher's guidance: the students read the text in different roles.

When we read the text statement part, we should also have feelings. When reading "eat very happily", we should read out the feeling of satisfaction. When reading "crying with anxiety", you should feel anxious and depressed. Read the word "secretly" carefully¡° The word "suddenly" should be read quickly, which means that things happen suddenly. Read the word "feikuai" with a sense of urgency¡° The word "smile" should be read in an embarrassed tone.

When we read the dialogue between the rooster and the duckling, we should read it with love for each other. When you read "no, no", read firmly¡° The word "drowning" should be stressed to indicate the seriousness of the matter¡° Thank you, brother duck.

2. Students' activities: students read aloud according to their roles according to their groups. After reading it twice, they will hold a competition among groups and vote for the best group to read.

3. Teacher activities: teachers and students jointly select the best group to read and give praise.

5. Guide writing and consolidate words.

1. Teacher's activities: there are seven writing skills in this class: he, he, Shuo, ye, Di, listen and brother£¨ The teacher writes the seven words in the order of strokes on the blackboard.)

2. Students' activities: students can read the order of strokes on the blackboard and learn to write by themselves.

3. Teacher activities: teachers guide students to plan new words skillfully. Men use "he", women use "she", small animals use "it", pay attention to writing¡° The word "River" has something to do with water, so there are three water spots beside it; When people "speak", they should use their mouths, so they are beside words¡° "Di" is a polysyllabic word. Read "d" ¨¬¡±£¬ Group words earth, land, read "de", group words quietly, gently; Structure of writing in this lesson:

Single character: also

Upper and lower structure: elder brother

Left and right structure: he, he, speak, earth, listen

4. Teachers' activities: teachers emphasize writing.

Student activity: write in the field grid, seven can write.

5. Teacher's activity: after learning these seven words, please use them to form words£¨ Student activity: students answer.) Teachers' comments: teachers comment on students' group words and list other words to broaden students' thinking.

6. Homework after class.

1. Be proficient in reading and writing.

2. Read the text with emotion.

3. Practice after class: tell your parents a story about "little cock and little duck" after going home.

Blackboard Design:

Rooster and duck

The little Rooster can't swim

Help each other

They can't catch insects. They can swim

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