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The first volume of Chinese Courseware: Autumn

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The first volume of Chinese Courseware: Autumn

First grade volume I chinese Courseware: Autumn 1

[teaching objectives]

 The first volume of Chinese Courseware: Autumn

Knowledge and skills

1. Master the new words, read the text correctly and fluently with the help of Pinyin.

2. Master one stroke and recognize three parts.

3. Understand the text with pictures and pictures, and know some features of autumn.

4. Know the natural paragraph and try to give the text section.

Emotional attitude and values

Cultivate students' interest in observing nature and stimulate their love for nature.

[key and difficult points in teaching]

Read the text correctly and fluently. Pay attention to the different pronunciation of "one". Recite the text.

[teaching hours] 2 hours

Section A

Teacher's comments on teaching process

First, set suspense and introduce new courses

Teacher: students, autumn is coming. The teacher has brought some gifts to you. Do you know what it is?

Show the maple leaves, ginkgo leaves, plane tree leaves, etc. prepared before class£¨ Let the children enjoy it)

2. The topic we are studying today is autumn. Let's see what changes have taken place in nature when autumn comes£¨ Blackboard writing topic: Autumn)

Second, read the text for the first time and study the bid section

1. Know the natural paragraph.

(1) teacher: a text is often composed of several natural paragraphs, some of which have only one natural paragraph. Natural paragraph is a form of expression of a paragraph. Two spaces are left in front of the first sentence, that is, the position of two characters. Such a paragraph is called a natural paragraph.

Now let's find out how many natural paragraphs there are in the text. How did you find it?

(3) in the first reading of the text, it is required to be able to read the correct pronunciation, read out the complete sentence, do not pause the word and break the sentence.

First, students read the pronunciation of the Chinese characters with the help of Chinese pinyin and draw the different pronunciation of "one" in the text. Explain the tone sandhi rules of "one".

(2) practice reading aloud in natural paragraphs.

2. Instruct students to mark the serial number before the natural paragraph. Teachers check and correct.

Read the text again and learn new words

1. Read the text in pinyin, and ask to read the correct pronunciation. Do not lose or add words.

2. Read Pinyin and Chinese characters in comparison. Pay attention to the new words required in this lesson. If you don't know them, read them with the help of Pinyin friends. Read the sentences smoothly and coherently.

3. Show the card of new words (Zi, Le, Tian, ren), guide the students to read the new words, and group the new words.

Section B

Teacher's comments on teaching process

I. recall the text and introduce new knowledge

Teacher: students, do you remember what we learned last class£¨ Autumn is here)

2. Guide the students to talk about it according to the text. What are the characteristics of the weather, leaves and geese in autumn?

Read the text carefully and understand the meaning of the text

1. Let the students read the text freely, draw the sentences they like and read them between the desks.

2. Let the students raise their hands to read the text freely, and other students listen carefully. Think about it: what are the characteristics of autumn in this text?

Which paragraph do you like best in this text? Read it to your deskmate in your own way.

3¡¢ Learn the first paragraph

1. Have students read the first paragraph aloud.

2. Learn the first paragraph and ask questions after reading:

(1) how many sentences does the first paragraph consist of? What does each sentence say£¨ Read the first paragraph of the text and think about it.) Practice by yourself and ask the students to raise their hands freely to answer the questions£¨ Blackboard writing: the weather is cool, the leaves are yellow, and leaves fall from the trees.)

(2) what is the difference between a leaf and a leaf£¨¡° "One piece" means that there are many leaves.)

(3) is it OK to say that "a leaf" falls? Why?

(4) we practice reciting the natural passage.

How many sentences does this paragraph have? What does each sentence say? How are these sentences related? Reading and thinking about these issues makes it easy to endorse.

Practice reading by yourself.

3. Let the students raise their hands freely to test their recitation.

4¡¢ Learn the second paragraph

1. Look at the picture and read the second paragraph. Tell me which part of the picture this paragraph describes.

2. Read the second paragraph and ask: what does this paragraph say?

(1) what is the relationship between wild geese flying south and autumn£¨ It's autumn, the weather turns cool, and the geese fly south for the winter.)

(2) this passage tells us how geese fly£¨ When geese fly, they always fly in groups, and the head geese lead them to fly. The flying in line is to reduce the air resistance.)

Blackboard writing: geese fly south

(3) what does "a moment" mean£¨¡° "For a while" means that the time is not long.)

(4) read the sentence. The teacher mainly instructs the reading method of "a moment... A moment...". This sentence indicates that the two formations often change each other in a short period of time when the geese fly.

5¡¢ Learn the third paragraph

Teacher: how many sentences are there in this paragraph? What is it about? Look at the picture, read the text, and then answer.

2. "Ah!" What does this sentence mean?

Teacher: "ah!" I understand. From the above description of the picture content of the natural paragraph, we know that the changes of these natural things are due to the coming of autumn. These two sentences are used to summarize the whole paper.

[teaching blackboard writing]


The weather is cool, the leaves are yellow and fall

The sky is blue and high

Geese fly south (a moment... A moment)

[teaching reflection]

This course is the first time for students to learn the text. Teachers should pay full attention to students' emotional experience, actively create a close and harmonious reading atmosphere, and provide opportunities timely to enable students to obtain a positive emotional experience. In the process of encouragement, waiting and appreciation, they should learn to read, so as to combine reading comprehension and ability cultivation organically. This course is mainly for students to observe and understand the seasonal characteristics of autumn, experience the fun of discovering autumn, and feel the beauty of nature, so as to stimulate students' interest in observing and exploring nature. Therefore, at the beginning of the class, I skillfully set suspense, let students with curiosity from the colorful leaves, understand the seasonal characteristics of autumn, close to life, feel autumn.

The first volume of Chinese Courseware: Autumn 2

[teaching objectives]

Knowledge and skills

1. Know 10 new words and three side parts, and be able to write 4 characters.

2. Read and recite the text correctly, fluently and emotionally.

3. Teach the students to know the natural paragraph and understand the passage.

Process and method

Through reading and complementing data Let students feel the beauty of autumn.

Emotional attitude and values

Preliminary understanding of the characteristics of autumn, experience the beautiful autumn scenery.

[key points of teaching]

Read the text, pay attention to the different pronunciation of "one", recite the text.

[teaching difficulties]

Read aloud with emotion and experience the beauty of autumn.

[teaching methods]

Communication method, reading method and data supplement method.

[preparation before class]

Multimedia courseware and related materials.

[class hour arrangement]

1 class hour

[teaching process]

I. play the video and import it

1. Play the video "beautiful autumn".

Students, do you know what season the scenery is?


Yes, autumn is a beautiful season. The season we are in now is autumn. Today, the teacher led the children to enjoy the beautiful autumn.

(blackboard writing topic) 1. Autumn

Second, first reading the text, overall perception

1. The teacher reads the text and the students listen carefully and pay attention to the new words they don't know.

2. Students can read the text by themselves with the help of Pinyin, and draw the new words in this lesson while reading.

3. Learn new words. Show the new words: autumn, Qi, Le, Shu, ye, Pian, Da, Fei, Hui, ge

(1) students read new words freely.

(2) drive a train to read new words and correct them collectively.

(3) check each other and read new words.

(4) read the new words.

(pay attention to guidance: "Pian" is a section of three Pinyin. Pay attention to the pronunciation of an in front of the nose¡° "People" is a kind of upturned tongue

Transition: next, let's find a friend for the new words. Do you know the words with new words in the text?

Autumn, weather, gone, trees, leaves, a piece, everyone, flying away, meeting, several


Some of the articles are composed of several natural paragraphs (others have only one natural paragraph). There are two spaces in front of the first sentence of each paragraph. We numbered the paragraph before it£¨ The courseware shows the first paragraph.) Now please mark the rest of the passage by yourself.

Transition: next, we will go into the text and read it carefully. Let's go into autumn and feel autumn together.

3¡¢ Intensive reading comprehension

1. Learn the first paragraph.

(1) show the pictures and read the passage by yourself while observing.

(2) when autumn comes, what changes have taken place around you?


Sentence 1: it's cold. Learn "Qi" and compare it with "Qi".

(gas is related to gas, and steam to water.)

Gas and steam

(steam) water air (gas)

Sentence 2: the leaves are yellow, and leaves fall from the trees.

(1) learn "tree" and "leaf" (adding one plus: "wood" plus "right" is "tree"; and "mouth" plus "ten" is "leaf.")

(2) guide students to discover the difference between "one piece" and "one piece"£¨ One more word, more pieces.)

Show the exercise:

One by one (one by one) one by one (one by one)

(3) show the picture of yellow leaf and let students feel it.

(3) the teacher instructs the students to read the passage with emotion.

(read "cool, yellow, piece by piece" more gently.)

2. Learn the second paragraph.

(1) show the pictures and read the passage by yourself while observing.

(2) what is the sky like?

(so blue, so high.) The guidance "then" should be reread.

(3) what kind of picture do you see under such a beautiful blue sky?

(4) (geese fly south...)

Supplementary information: geese are a kind of migratory birds. When winter comes, it will fly to the warm south for winter. When spring comes next year, they will fly back.

(5) how does the formation of geese change when they fly?

(sometimes it's a person, and then it's a one.)

Can you try to read the sentence of flying geese? Guide reading.

(6) read the first and second paragraphs with emotion.

Emphasis: 1 (y) ¨ª) Piece 1 (Y ¨¬) Group one (Y ¨ª) A moment later ¨©)¡± word

3. Learn the third paragraph.

(1) autumn presents us with a unique picture. Do you like such a beautiful autumn? Show me the autumn pictures.

(2) Yes, the leaves are yellow and fall down, the sky becomes bluer, and the geese fly back to the south for the winter. We know

Way: ah! Autumn is coming£¨ Read together)

(3) learn the new words "autumn and le"£¨ The answer is from puxuewang. Com)

(add one: "he" plus "fire" is "autumn"; Compare "Le" and "Zi."

4. Read the text with emotion. Feel the change of autumn.

5. Expansion: children, autumn is coming. Think about it. What are the changes in autumn? What other beautiful scenery do you feel in autumn£¨ Encourage students to speak boldly without fear of making mistakes.)

6. Guide the writing of "Le, Zi, Ren, Da"

(1) students observe the words in the field grid and talk about the stroke position together.

(2) teachers write new words.

(3) draw red, write and guide teachers.

7. Class summary:

Children, autumn is coming, it's on your side now, let's go to the nature to find the footprints of autumn.

4¡¢ Classroom summary

Students, after learning this lesson, what are your gains?

(1) learn the new words in this lesson, and know the beauty and change of autumn.

(2) like nature and have the interest of paying attention to nature.

5¡¢ Classroom exercises

I can write.

Autumn is coming, the leaves are yellow, and the leaves are falling from the trees.

2. I will change.

One piece (piece by piece) one piece (root)

One by one (one by one)

6¡¢ Operation arrangement

1. Read and recite the text with emotion.

2. Draw the autumn in your eyes.

[blackboard design]

1. Autumn

Autumn, Qi, Le, tree, leaf, leaf, big, flying, meeting, individual


Teaching reflection

"Autumn" is a text in the first volume of the first grade of pep. This text describes the two scenes of yellow leaves, one leaf falling from the tree and a group of wild geese flying to the south. It shows that autumn has come and expresses a kind of love for autumn.

The language of this lesson is beautiful and emotional. Students should read the text with emotion repeatedly. Because it is the first time for students to learn the text, students do not know much. Therefore, the teaching process focuses on guiding students to like reading and have their own simple experience. In the teaching, I arranged to read with the text. At the same time, for the lower grade children, I accompanied the pictures appropriately to help the children understand the text,

This will be more vivid, conducive to children's attention to several.

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