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Chinese "candle" courseware Volume 1 of Grade 8

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Chinese "candle" courseware for Grade 8 Volume 1 of PEP

   1、 Import

 Chinese "candle" courseware for Grade 8 Volume 1 of PEP

What poems and songs can we associate with the "candle" and what are their implications?

1. "When the silkworms die, the silkworms will be exhausted, and the wax torch will become gray and the tears will dry." the candle is used to praise the teacher's dedication

2. "When we cut the Western window candle together, but we talk about the rainy night in the mountains", the candle is used to set off the feelings and warmth of reunion after a long separation.

3. "The candle has a heart to say goodbye, weeping for others till dawn", and using the candle to write farewell

4. "Mother in candlelight", praising mother with candle.

Candles have different meanings in different places. Why is the text entitled "candle" and what is the meaning?

   2、 Read the text and think:

What kind of candle is this? How many places did the author write? Which sentence in the text is meaningful?

   3、 Discussion between teachers and students

It's a wedding red wedding candle that the old lady has collected for 45 years, which is of great significance.

Six descriptions of candles

She felt in her pocket again for a long time and found a match. She put the big candle on the top of the grave and lit it. There was no wind this evening, and the flame of the candle went up without shaking at all.

When the shell exploded, the flame of the candle only trembled.

The candle was blown out by the blast, and once it was knocked down.

(4) near the iron railings that had been destroyed, there stood a small mound of graves. A candle, with rusty iron beside it, blocked the wind, and a soft flame blazed on the grave. The candle soon finished, and the wick was drowned by wax tears, but the little spark was still flashing.

They stood around the grave in silence, watching the fading candle light.

In the land scorched by gunfire, among the bent ironware and the burned trees, the only thing cherished by the Yugoslavian mother was her wedding candle, which was still brightly placed at the grave of a Soviet youth.

The last sentence is meaningful. Read it together and understand the meaning.

The deep meaning of the candle: a symbolizes the life light of the Red Army soldiers

B symbolizes the deep feelings of the two peoples

C symbolizes the love between them

D symbolizes peace, hope and victory.

   4、 If there is no "candle" in the text, can it express so many meanings?

   5、 Read the text again and ask what you think

   6、 Text background data

In mid September 1944, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia reached an agreement in Moscow on the entry of Soviet troops into the territory of Yugoslavia. Subsequently, a joint action plan was finally agreed on in krayova. On October 5, the agreement on the participation of Bulgarian forces in fighting against German forces on the territory of Yugoslavia was signed. The intention of the battle of Belgrade is: through the joint efforts of the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, the army level cluster of the "Serbia" group will be smashed, the occupied region of Serbia and the capital of Yugoslavia will be liberated, and the traffic line to the "e" group army group stationed in Greece will be sent to prevent the group army group from retreating from the southern Balkans. In this way, the front line of the southern Jiangsu army's unification was formed, and favorable conditions were created for the Yugoslavian people's Liberation Army to strive for the complete liberation of the country.

2. Reading materials for the text.


D.C. Disneyland

Use suggestion: the second world war is a just war of unprecedented scale in human history. The war left hundreds of millions of people under the iron heel of fascism. However, it is not the fascists who are really powerful, but the people. The strength among the people is endless, and the people are the real iron walls. As * said, "war teaches the people, and they will win war, peace and progress." Similar to the text, "courage" is also a story between the people of the invaded country and the liberators in the Second World War. It also contains "two kinds of courage" and "two kinds of admission". It provides a good text for students to try to "classify and taste" reading, and can become the "experimental field" of this learning method.

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