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Riddles (ancient Chinese folk)

Riddles mainly refer to things or words for people to guess, and can also be extended to things containing mysteries. Riddles originated from ancient Chinese folk, after thousands of years of evolution and development. It is a cultural product created by the collective wisdom of the working people in ancient China. China's lantern riddles have a long history and have a history of more than 3000 years. In the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, "thin Ci" and "argot" appeared, which are the rudiments of lantern riddles. In the Han Dynasty, "argot" began to differentiate into two directions More > >


one Riddle knowledge

Guessing riddles mainly refers to the hidden words for people to guess, such as things or words, which can also be extended to things containing mysteries. Riddles originated from ancient Chinese folk, after thousands of years of evolution and development. It is a cultural product created by the collective wisdom of the ancient Chinese working people. As a kind of educational, leisure and recreational activities, the vast number of working people in ancient times loved it very much. It is widely spread not only in writing, but also in spoken language. Almost everyone can say several or even dozens of riddles. More > >

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  • Riddles and answers 2021-04-22

    [riddle]: January 7, guess a word [riddle answer]: Zhi 2. [word riddle]: one plus one, guess a word [riddle answer]: Wang 3. [word riddle]: half, guess a word [riddle answer]: mortar 4. [word riddle]: 13:00 a word

  • A complete collection of riddles and answers 2021-04-22

    In recent years, the ugly people are in the ascendant. They are easy to type in January niusheng. It seems that the female half is ancient, and the other half is ancient. If you take the center out, you will become a female. Type a puzzle / answer

  • Riddle guessing activity plan for Mid Autumn Festival 2020-10-03

    In order to ensure scientific and orderly activities, it is often necessary to formulate an excellent activity plan in advance, which has the characteristics of clear content and clear steps. What formats do you need to pay attention to when writing activity plans? The following is a small collection of riddles for the Mid Autumn Festival program, you are welcome to share. Mid Autumn Festival guess

  • Riddle guessing program for Mid Autumn Festival 2020-09-29

    In order to ensure the solid development of activities, it is often necessary to make a plan in advance, which is actually a written plan for the relevant factors. So how should the activity plan be formulated? The following is a small collation of the Mid Autumn Festival riddle activity program, welcome to learn from and reference, hope to big

  • Composition of riddles on Mid Autumn Festival 2020-03-18

    Today is the Mid Autumn Festival on August 15, the fourth class in the afternoon. My classmates and I went to the library to take part in the writing training class held by the literature society. More than 30 students from grade two, three and four participated in the class. At this time, Miss Huang was waiting there early. Class, teacher Huang said: "students, today

  • Four riddles composition in Mid Autumn Festival 2020-03-07

    It's my turn to write a question on the Mid Autumn Festival. I deliberately slow down: "an old man ninety-nine drinks cold wine every morning. Make a daily necessities There was deep thinking. Mother said, "is it a cup?" I shook my head. People think of it again. Dad suddenly cried out like crazy: "water ladle! Water ladle

  • Chrysanthemum riddle and answer 2019-12-03

    Enigma: petal red, petal yellow, not afraid of the wind, not afraid of frost, autumn wind blowing fragrance£¨ Answer: Chrysanthemum riddle: not afraid of frost cold, Zhijian, four gentlemen listed among them; Every September, when the sun is heavy, the branches hold fragrance and show their heroism£¨ Answer: Chrysanthemum puzzle: petals curved like curly hair, cold wind

  • Riddles and answers of modern names 2019-12-03

    Answer: Chen Duxiu's explanation: "Chen" deducts "statement", "Duxiu" deducts "peerless". Answer: Zhu Ziqing riddle: official should be old sick leave (hit a modern person) riddle: Kang Youwei riddle: language inheritance needs to be unified

  • Riddles and answers of place names in Liaoning Province 2019-12-03

    Answer: the judge entered the sheep pen (hit a Liaoning place name, lihuage) answer: Shenyang analysis: Shenyang (Trial sheep) riddle: Bairi Yishan end (play a Liaoning place name) answer: Shenyang riddle: Northeast Liaoning Province (hit a word) answer: crafty analysis: the puzzle of "... In the puzzle

  • Riddles and answers of names in Jin Yong's Novels 2019-12-02

    Riddle: there is no need to worry about openness (play a character in Jin Yong's novel) answer: Zhang Wuji's analysis: "open" is not "Zhang" open, no worry is "no taboo". Answer: Yin Su Su's analysis: "Yin" means "grand, many", extended to deep emotion

  • Riddles and answers of place names 2019-12-02

    Name riddle and answer 1 just determined national boundaries (Da Yi province): the most capital of Xinjiang (DA1 province): Qiong (Hainan abbreviation) Baodi (DA1 province): upper reaches of the Yangtze River in Guizhou Province, three tributaries (DA1 province abbreviation): Sichuan December (abbreviation of DA1 province): Qinghai (abbreviation of DA1 province) saving power (DA1 province)

  • Riddles and answers about toys 2019-12-01

    Riddle: there is a child who can't open his mouth or break his hands£¨ Play a toy) answer: Doll puzzle: unicycle walking between the fingers, fashion men love to show it£¨ Play a toy) puzzle: Yo Yo puzzle: say that birds are not birds, love to fly in the sky, not high without wind£¨ Answer: kite

  • Riddles and answers 2019-11-30

    On arbor day, type a riddle / answer: when you plant a tree, you will type a riddle / answer: sheep's value depends on these two points to type a riddle

  • Riddles and answers about animals 2019-11-30

    Call a horse not a horse. It's not on the ground. If you use it as medicine, please look for it in the sea. The seahorse is called a horse, not a horse. It has a big mouth. Often in the water, it looks terrible. A big bellied hippopotamus in a green coat is very happy squatting in the cage. Goo quack Goo Goo Goo, not

  • Riddles and answers about safety 2019-11-30

    Riddle: home in the head is better than in the front (hit a word) answer: an riddle: wear a helmet, do not panic in the heart (hit a word) answer: real puzzle: the mind is not concentrated (type a word) answer: angry puzzle: a little careless (type a word) answer: state puzzle: fire at home (hit a word) answer: disaster puzzle

  • Riddles and answers about love 2019-11-30

    When a flower blooms in the water, a lover comes. If you want to pick flowers in the water, you are afraid that the water will not come. Peach blossoms in February, my lover is you. I just want to look at you secretly and fall in love with you. The answer is: never let your friend be sad. The night is boundless, lovers are dependent on each other, and dreams meet each other

  • Riddles and answers of Henan place names 2019-11-30

    Enigman: Shaanxi entered the pass and arrived in Sichuan at three points£¨ In Zhengzhou, the word "Shan" is in the west, and "Guan" is combined to form "Zheng"¡° The word "state" means "Sichuan". Riddle: East in the water each side (hit a Henan place name) answer: Luoyang analysis: "East neighbor

  • Riddles and answers of peanuts 2019-11-29

    Riddle: long-lived fruit wear hemp clothes, plant flesh son white body£¨ Answer: Peanut puzzle: linen clothes in the white folder, big red shirt wrapped in the body, white fat all over the oil, building the country to make efforts£¨ Answer: Peanut puzzle: Hemp house, red tent, there is a white fat man

  • Riddles and answers about plants 2019-11-29

    In the past 70 years, there are rare flowers and trees in our life / answer: old people and young people are worried about chrysanthemum varieties / answer: this song should only exist in the sky for long life

  • The latest animal riddles and answers 2019-11-28

    Every day he hides in the cave, he comes out at night and chirps. He never does anything wrong. Answer: bats swim in the water every year to play an animal riddle / answer: little fish girl covered with black, autumn to Jiangnan, spring back, determined to eliminate pests, body scissors flying all over the sky£¨ An animal). An animal riddle / answer: Yan

  • Riddles and answers of Idioms 2019-11-28

    Straight but tasteless, hit idiom a riddle / answer: witty and witty, know how to hit idiom a riddle / answer: a true foreword hit idiom in the middle of a riddle / answer: impartial strategy of the whole century hit idiom a riddle / answer: a hundred year plan cosmetic surgeon hit idiom answer

  • Riddles and answers of brain twists 2019-11-27

    There is a meadow ahead£¨ There is a meadow in front of me£¨ Answer: wild plum blossom (also no flower) 3: a group of sheep came£¨ Strawberry (grass) 4: here comes a pack of wolves£¨ Draw a water

  • Plant riddles and answers 2019-11-26

    1) sleep in winter, spread out in summer, hang the door curtain high, and the pearls fall down£¨ Answer: grape 2) smell of chive orchid in the evening (play a plant) - riddle: Evening Primrose 3) gold package, silver package, torn package, full of pearls£¨ Beat a fruit

  • Spring Festival riddles and answers 2019-11-26

    1. New Year pictures change during the Spring Festival (idiom) [riddle] discard the old and draw the new. 5. Celebrate the Spring Festival every day (idiom) [riddle] live like a year 6

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