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Military training diary

Time: December 16, 2020 19:10:16 diary I want to contribute

Military training diary (10 for general use)

At the end of the day, we have a new view of people and things. At this moment, we need to write an article diary Yes. What is the format of a diary? The following is a small editor to help you sort out the military training diary (general 10), welcome to read and collect.

 Military training diary (10 for general use)

Military training diary 1

Today's military training, let me greatly change the view of military training, because I know what is the real soldier, high school military training diary. Compared with real military training, our hardships and tiredness are too insignificant.

In the morning, although it was drizzling in the sky, we practiced our military posture. I am still majestic, angry, put on a military posture, the instructor instructed every action, I have to complete in accordance with the quality and quantity. At this moment, I am not only on behalf of myself, I want to integrate into the whole class, because my every move affects the honor of the whole class. Military training is hard, but persistence is victory! Thinking of this, my faith is even stronger. Military training, let me deeply understand the meaning of the word "perseverance". Military training also let me experience how important discipline is in an army.

Under the guidance of the instructor and the head teacher, we were in high spirits all the way. Leg pain and foot pain can not stop us from moving forward. When I can't stand it, I often use a soldier to measure myself and imagine how strong their will is. What am I afraid of this difficulty?

Success lies in the details. Military training has made me correct many mistakes in the details of behavior habits. At the same time, my quality in all aspects has been sublimated.

Military training, you have benefited me a lot!

Military Training Diary 2

In today's military training, when you see sweat, you will certainly hold your nose and look at me. However, we don't know that sweat is our pride, because if there is struggle, there is sweat, and if there is sweat, there will be success. In the cold wind, in the rainstorm, there is a flower, never wither, never fall, that is the barracks green flower, we planted this flower into the campus. So there is the sweat of pride.

In the military camp with strong discipline, we are not the best, but we have shed precious sweat and believe that there will be results tomorrow. The sweat of the students alone can't diffuse the whole campus. The lovely coaches and dear teachers also sprinkled their sweat into the campus. Their voice became hoarse and then they yelled. They would accompany us to bask in the sun after hard work, and they could not drink water when their mouth was dry. Although very tired, but the teachers prepared a wonderful ball game for us. Although it is called a friendly match, we all want to get a good head for Gao.

During the game, the players were staring at the ball. Young frivolity! Husband and courage also, we girls with a loud voice straight shout refueling! Youth is nothing but this. The sweat in the campus, no white flow! In this military training, we try to open our wings and fly to the blue sky.

Military Training Diary 3

Today, we ushered in another beginning of life, high school. New campus, new teachers, new students, everything seems so strange, but everywhere is full of new hope. Military training is the first lesson of the new semester, and we all welcome it with excitement.

For military training, I am full of yearning, because in my heart there is a small dream, to be a heroine, bold and courageous! However, after one day's military training, when we kept standing still for dozens of minutes, the pain, pain, swelling and all the uncomfortable feelings had been tasted all over. Only then did I realize that "all success is full of sweat and tears". Instructors train orderly queue performance, but also let us open our eyes, so that we worship them more from the bottom of our hearts! When we overcome all difficulties and persevere, I once again feel that even if we are 15 years old, we can also withstand the tempering of life.

No matter what is waiting for us ahead, I think as long as I have the courage, endurance and persistence in military training, a good high school life will not refuse me thousands of miles away. Similarly, I will use my own efforts to open up, to forge ahead, to surpass myself, and to build my beautiful flower season with colorful high school life.

The sun falls, all things stand out, the flowering season has quietly bloomed.

Military training diary 4

Today, we have the first military training in high school. We went out of the rain is really not small, one by one were drenched in water. After nearly an hour's drive, we arrived at the military training site.

Military training is just standing in military posture and practicing step by step. However, this is not a simple and easy job. Just standing in the military posture, there are many articles in it: the heels are close together, the toes are separated by 60 degrees, the legs are straight, the arms are naturally drooping, the thumb is attached to the second segment of the index finger, and the middle finger is close to the pants suture; Head straight, neck straight, mouth closed; Eyes wide, eyes ahead, focus on the forefoot. If all the movements are standard, standing for ten minutes, you will be sweating.

Zhengbu is the most difficult, most important and tiring item. We should kick our feet very high. When we started to learn, the instructor asked us to lift our feet up and stand still. We should raise our feet. We could not stand on one foot. At the beginning, we always swayed. Later, we practiced several times, and gradually adapted to it, and then we stood firm. Just practicing kicking, I practiced all morning, and my legs were almost numb.

Only through this military training did I know how poor my physique was. Fortunately, I survived in the end. This military training has tempered our will, strengthened the cooperation between the students, and strengthened the friendship.

Military training diary 5

Today, in the summer, the sun seems to be melting the world with all its light and heat. The whole site is like a steamer.

In such an environment, we stood motionless and did not take the trouble to practice boring and trivial movements. The sweat was like the flood of breaking the dike. It was indescribable to use "sweat like rain" and "big beads of sweat". I feel tired, hot and painful all over my body. Sweat drips on my cheeks. I feel uncomfortable but I can't do anything about it. My legs and feet ache. I want to have a rest but I can't do it. Military training is painful. Standing at attention, resting and standing upright make the flowers in the greenhouse miserable. With the passage of time, we gradually merged together and formed a cohesive collective.

The days of military training were hard and tiring, but we were brave and unyielding. One after another "report" reminds us that we have grown up, we should take our responsibilities, do things in an open and aboveboard way, be free and easy in life, and we can't go back to the days when we have family members to protect everything. Only by constantly improving ourselves can we take our own road. Our instructor is very good to me, he taught us to be strong and brave. We all thank him very much.

Military training for a real growth of people, the study of the pain and the pain of life is indispensable, since we have survived the study of the bitter, then for the life of the bitter, we all want to say, I can!

Military training diary 6

Today is hotter than yesterday, but perseverance is stronger than yesterday. Praise yourself: today insisted to the end did not go to the health care room rest. I'm stronger than yesterday. As long as we stick to it, the five-day military training will certainly make great progress in our physique and perseverance. Although the nature is lazy, although I can have reason to let myself to rest on the grounds of my period, but I did not. I kept on, because I believe that as long as we persevere, we can always get more or less harvest.

One morning's military training consumed me a lot of physical strength and sweat, and I was still almost dehydrated when I got home. But think about the spiritual gain and the unique, collectable memories, the military training effort is still worth how to buy electronic dictionaries. I believe that gain and loss are relative and equal. So as long as I can pay more efforts, then I will be able to get more harvest.

Come on! It's been two days. The remaining three days I believe I will be able to pay for it.

Military training diary 7

Today is the first day of military training and the first day of school. In the morning, walking on the road to the school, I feel particularly sunny, some of them seem to be full of vitality. Seeing many freshmen in camouflage clothes shuttling through the street, and thinking that I am one of them, I am full of pride and pride.

After coming to the school, we held a short meeting and then led by the instructor to the training ground to start the first military training life.

Although it is early autumn, the autumn tiger is still very fierce, the hot sun is directly on the training ground, although occasionally there is a breeze, still feel the skin is sunburnt raw pain. The instructor led us in training.

The first is standing in military posture, "legs should be straight, face should be straight, body slightly forward, hands together on the trouser seam, do not look left and right. See? All right, stand still, stand up! " As soon as the instructor gave an order, more than 40 of us immediately fought according to the instructor's command, and remained still. Time one second of the slip past, "instructor how not to stop?" I pondered in my heart. At this time, I felt a little tired and wanted to be lazy. But I was worried that the drillmaster's eyes would not let me go. I thought about it and insisted on ití░ Instructor, stop, please, stop, stop, stop Finally, the instructor called to stop, standing stiff legs can finally move! Then we practiced a little rest, stand at attention, turn around

Alas, I didn't expect that military training would be so hard. The joy of the morning had already disappeared. I was worried about how to spend the next few days

Military training diary 8

Today, it's our high school military training. I'm very happy.

In the morning, I put on my school uniform and went to school with my schoolbag on my back. When I got to school, I finished my breakfast, and then I lined up. When we got to the playground, we lined up according to the position of doing exercises. The instructor was very serious and asked us not to move when we stood at attention. He also told us to start, turn left and right, turn backward, salute... The instructor yelled the command very loud every time, and we also made a loud response.

Every time the instructor gives us training, he will let us have a rest, we are very happy.

In the afternoon, we can only practice one class, the second class is about to compete, so we should train quickly and strive for the first place. We've been practicing again and again, and we've got the basic movements. I can't wait. We're going to the competition. After watching several classes' performances, it was our class's turn. The instructor told us to do all the movements we learned. We didn't do very well and I think we should be second or third.

After we took the same group photo with the instructor, we began to announce the result of the game. I'm so nervous, I don't know what the result will be. Miss Zhong gave the result of the match. I can't believe my ears. We got the first place. I'm so happy. Finally, on behalf of our class, I also gave a gift to the instructor. I saluted the instructor. The instructor left and we lined up to go home. I miss the instructor.

Today is my most unforgettable military training.

Military training diary 9

Today is the second day of military training. After these two days of training, I have a deeper understanding of military training. Military training is not really terrible. On the contrary, it can test your will and improve your ability to overcome difficulties.

Today, from military training, I have realized the importance of unity. Yes, unity and cooperation are the most important. Whenever a student can't keep up with the rhythm, the instructor will ask us to do it again until it is neat. Whenever our team is in disorder, the instructor will tell us seriously that we need not only everyone's contribution, but also our mutual help, unity and cooperation, firmly remember the collective consciousness, and work together with the surrounding students to achieve results, He repeatedly warned us: we are a company, is a collective, only with the students of unity and cooperation, can common progress.

Yes, in today's society, interpersonal communication and cooperation have become important. It is not enough for a person to be strict with himself. It is advisable to keep in mind the collective consciousness and carry forward the spirit of cooperation. Unity is strength, collective strength is strong, and the ability of two people can not be compared. Three cobblers are the best. That's what tells us.

Today's military training is over again. Maybe we will be glad that the "suffering day" is missing another day. However, after several years, we will certainly miss these five days.

Military training diary 10

Looking at the students around me who have been with me for three days, I really feel that my junior high school life is over. I bid farewell to junior high school, about to step into the threshold of high school, from ignorant to mature. As a freshman of No.6 middle school, it was the first time that I left my parents' arms in a real sense and experienced such experience with many classmates.

During the three days, the students gradually changed from unfamiliar to familiar. We encouraged and promoted each other. In accordance with the instructor's instructions, in the breeze, we stand upright, head up, in the sunshine, we step orderly, orderly. Although we are far away from the uniform and beautiful movements of the regular army, we also try our best to be the best. Sweat wet hair, wet camouflage shirt, heel pain unbearable. We are adhering to the unique spirit of "being able to bear hardships, especially to fight", and without any care, we wipe the sweat on our forehead and stand on tiptoe to continue training. Then the process of military training is not rigid. Young instructors treat people gently, rest in the leisure, training ground is full of our laughter.

Through these three days of training, I deeply understand the persistence and importance of unity. No matter what we do, we must step by step. Even if the road is extremely muddy and rough, we have to use our feet to explore, advance and develop. I think this military training will benefit me all my life, both physically and mentally.

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