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Prose (literary genre)

Prose is a narrative literary genre which expresses the author's true feelings and flexible writing style¡° The word "prose" probably appeared in the period of Taiping Xingguo (December 976-november 984) of the Northern Song Dynasty. With the development of time, the concept of prose changes from broad sense to narrow sense, and is influenced by western culture. More > >


one The development of prose in modern times

Modern prose refers to the literary style of poetry, novel and drama. It is characterized by expressing the author's views and feelings and revealing its social significance by describing some fragments or events in real life. It can be processed and created on the basis of real people and real events; It does not necessarily have a complete plot and character image, but focuses on the expression of the author's feelings for life, with flexibility in material selection and conception and strong lyricism. The "I" in prose is usually the author himself; Language is not limited by rhythm, and its expression is diversified. It can integrate narration, discussion, lyric and description into one, or focus on it More > >

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  • The meaning of Life Lyric Prose 2021-05-07

    The meaning of Life Lyric Prose 1 wild goose leaves a voice, people leave a name. In fact, if you think about it carefully, life is more than 20000 days. What can we leave for our relatives? Is there only endless sadness? Will we leave endless missing? I often think, "what is the highest realm of life?" Are we just

  • Two pieces of Winter Lyric Prose in hometown 2021-04-21

    My hometown's Winter Lyric Prose 1 has already entered the winter, but living in my hometown, I did not feel a trace of cold. The north is already snowy, there is only white, there is no other color, the winter home is warm! The sunshine in winter is different from that in spring, summer, autumn and these three seasons. Spring

  • Mid autumn essays 2021-02-12

    Prose is a narrative literary genre which expresses the author's true feelings and flexible writing style. The following and small editor together to see mid autumn chatting prose, hope to help! Some time ago, a sentence: "are you happy?" In the end, it became a farce joke of our time. A man of great fame and wealth has his unspeakable distress

  • The taste of leisure books prose 2021-02-12

    With the development of the times, the concept of prose changes from broad sense to narrow sense, and is influenced by western culture. The following and small editor together to see the taste of leisure prose, hope to help! In general, leisure books, like meat, are divided into fat, lean and firewood; Like tea, it's mild. Translated foreign books, the more modern

  • Prose of flower of thought 2021-02-12

    Prose refers to a literary and artistic genre with writing as its creation and aesthetic object. It is a genre form in literature. Below and small make-up together to see the flowers of thought prose, hope to help! Under the condition of abiding by the objective law, consciousness is the highest, which is the most beautiful flower in the boundless universe for thousands of years

  • Shadow prose of the past 2021-02-12

    Prose is a narrative literary genre which expresses the author's true feelings and flexible writing style. Let's take a look at the shadow prose in the past together with Xiaobian, hoping to help! Two years ago, or even longer ago, we left the place where we used to live, the wooden benches that couldn't fit into the cars, the old ones that were no longer opened

  • How to write Lyric Prose by scenery 2020-12-30

    How to write a lyric article by scenery to write feelings? In your article how to have a part of the scene of the scene, then the whole article will certainly add a lot of color, how to let oneself have such writing ability, we can strengthen from these aspects. Let's share some lyrical prose with the scenery

  • The true happiness lies in the ordinary life 2020-12-14

    True happiness is a simple cup of "boiled water". In this glass of water, you add medicine, it will be bitter; If you add sugar, it will be sweet; If you add salt, it will be salty; You add vinegar, it is sour... And the most simple, the longest, the most beneficial, is the cup of "boiled water", it is clear and light, simple

  • Live a good life, do your best prose 2020-12-14

    One's life should be to appreciate oneself, affirm oneself, challenge oneself, break through oneself, live a good life, and be the best one! To be the best of yourself, you have to have the spirit of climbing upward. It climbs inch by inch, because climbing every inch is a breakthrough; It is necessary to have the perseverance of the frog jumping, it is one meter one

  • Go ahead and live the life you want, prose 2020-12-14

    Go ahead and live the life you want as always. I just live as usual. I started a period of youth that I don't know the journey, and I don't know what the future will look like. What I may not know is when and where to go. I'm just wandering. My youth is not youth, but not yet

  • Life is not simple, as simple as possible prose 2020-12-14

    When you can forget your past, value your present and be optimistic about your future, you are at the top of your life¡ª¡ª Zen is the burden of not clearing the mind, making life light. Every day, thinking through the place, it is inevitable that some unpleasant adsorption in a corner of the soul. Maybe just for a moment, maybe stubborn

  • Essay life insensitive prose 2020-12-14

    Most of the time, it is better to be insensitive than to be sensitive. In our life, there will always be such or that unpleasant things. If we are too sensitive and care about everything, I am afraid that we will be trapped in it and unable to extricate ourselves, and may even go to extremes. Familiar with the Three Kingdoms, we all know Jia Xu

  • Life, lovely life prose 2020-12-14

    Watching Li Ziqi's video, I'm both envious and ashamed. I envy her fairy days, the flowers and plants she can admire everywhere, the fruits and vegetables she can pick, and her dexterity. It's really something you can't imagine without her. It's a shame that such a wonderful life is not rare. What's rare is that

  • Walking gently and living with heart 2020-12-14

    Once upon a time, there was a saint named Longshu, who practiced non death yoga and had achieved real success. Unless he wanted to die himself, or the cause of death came, there was no way for external forces to kill him. However, the dragon tree knew that there was another way to kill him, because he had killed a piece of grass unintentionally before

  • Life is not easy, why bother your prose 2020-12-14

    Life is not easy, why bother yourself! It is necessary to master the yardstick of being a man! Because a person's life is not long, live is a kind of mood, simple and happy is good, why oneself and oneself can't live! In the day after day, we should learn to cherish, learn to treat, and then, in the long river of limited life, deep

  • Life, lovely life prose 2020-12-14

    I envy her fairy days, the flowers and plants she can admire everywhere, the fruits and vegetables she can pick, and her dexterity. It's really something you can't imagine without her. Shame is, such a good life is not rare, rare is, that heart, that love life, not afraid of hardship

  • Prose expressing emotion by borrowing things in spring 2020-12-12

    Spring by material lyrical prose 1 spring, as promised! Such a fine weather, I can't bear loneliness after all, and my mother went for a walk in the community. The weather is really good. It's sunny. Walking, will produce a kind of drowsy feeling, I forced to fight up, while walking and watching. Look, the big trees, the branches

  • Who has life let go of prose 2020-12-11

    With the growth of age, will slowly find life in reality is very difficult, very tired. It's not physical fatigue, but mental fatigue. With the growth of age, you slowly found that the life of firewood, rice, oil and salt is also a kind of trouble, before always felt that it would not become a big problem, but in reality the firewood oil

  • The world in real life, the scenery meaning prose on the road of life 2020-12-11

    There is time to see flowers and grass, but no time to enjoy flowers and grass. There is time to enjoy leisure and no leisure to enjoy. There is time to arrange time freely and feel that there is no place for time. Busy is also worth remembering. There are directions that need to be considered carefully, and there are not many directions that can be reached now. There is a way to go

  • Let go of the past Lyric Prose 2020-12-05

    Quiet afternoon, a person standing in front of the window, looking out the window of the traffic, people coming and going. I like to be separated from the world by this glass window. I stand in the indescribable space far away from the fireworks in the world, watching the flowers bloom and fall in this world. The pendulum of the clock, rhythmically moving, slightly tick, every sound is the loss of time

  • If we have never met lyric prose 2020-12-05

    If we haven't met, on this side of the bank is me, on the other side is you. If we can't see each other's shadow from a high distance, if we see it, it's strange. Even if we pass by, you are you, I'm still me, because there's no chance, only because the person in the eye hasn't appeared, because the flower admirer in the dark is still on the other side of the shore, etc., forgetting

  • Home is a place to live 2020-12-05

    Today's weather is sunny, wake up early in the morning. At this time, people's mental state is the best, no distractions, but I can't get up. Think of a distant friend said: "there are home, but there is no root feeling..." for a long time, deep experience. Wandering all over the world

  • Because I just met you lyric prose 2020-12-05

    Meet, is a quiet time out of a small flower, not necessarily can amaze the time, but will certainly fragrance fleeting time. Because just met you, in the Rush years, more a concern, more a touch of warmth. I especially like Xi Murong's Sansheng stone: "I have been praying for 500 years in front of the Buddha, asking him to let me in the most beautiful time

  • Prose about life 2020-12-05

    I live in a community, is an open community, without property management, it is impossible to set up property management, housing has been more than 20 years, but, urban management repeatedly, do not allow residents to transform in the community, privately grow flowers and grass, the text is empty, say, do. There are still some

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