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  • What do you eat for dinner on New Year's Eve in Northeast China 2018-01-10

    But the Spring Festival in 2018 is getting closer and closer, and the new year flavor is gradually coming. The new year's Eve dinner on New Year's Eve is an indispensable dish for every family. From south to north, each has its own differences, but they all embody the feelings of reunion. The following small make-up for everyone to bring new year's eve of the northeast, let's have a look at the Northeast People's dinner

  • Why did Cao Cao prefer Sichuan ginger during the Three Kingdoms period 2017-07-10

    From the pre Qin Dynasty to the northern and Southern Dynasties, Sichuan ginger was the first in its excellent quality, and became a delicacy pursued by historical celebrities such as Cao Cao and Sun Quan. Sichuan people are fond of spicy ginger. Su Dongpo uses ginger to make Dongpo fish, Dongpo meat and mustard soup. Ginger is widely used in Sichuan cuisine, forming a classic

  • Dumplings were first invented to cure diseases 2017-07-09

    Dumpling is a traditional food loved by Chinese people. It is made of flour into a thin and soft dumpling skin, then chopped with fresh meat, cabbage and other ingredients, mixed with seasonings for filling, after wrapping, boil the dumplings until the surface of the water. It is characterized by thin skin, tender stuffing, delicious taste, unique shape, never tired of eating. The following is made up of Raven net

  • Six typical halal dishes 2017-07-03

    Most halal dishes are mainly beef and mutton. Due to the different dietary habits of ethnic minorities, halal cuisine can be said to have a different flavor. As we all know, no matter which cuisine is, there will be unforgettable classic dishes. Let's go into the halal cuisine culture and have a look at the steamed dishes with all kinds of colors, flavors and flavors

  • What is the origin of bean curd 2017-07-03

    Bean curd is also known as bean curd and bean jelly. It is a kind of food solidified after processing soybean milk. Bean curd is a favorite food for both adults and children, especially in the street. It is a popular snack. In Chinese food culture, what is the origin of bean curd? Below Ruiwen net small make up for everybody

  • What did the ancient emperors eat for dinner 2017-07-03

    The emperor, the king of a country, often entertains in order to have a good relationship with his subordinates. However, the emperor's treat was called "giving food". The so-called "food giving" refers to a meal or food given by the emperor to solicit or reward his subordinates. However, it is not a comfortable thing to eat the meal the Emperor invited. Below Ruiwen net small make up for big

  • Laba Festival in addition to eating Laba porridge can also eat food 2017-07-03

    On Laba day, in addition to eating Laba porridge, people also have to eat Laba rice and noodles, soak Laba garlic and cook "five beans". What do Laba eat besides Laba porridge? The following small edition of provides you with the food you can eat in addition to Laba porridge on Laba Festival, for reference only. 1. Laba tofu Laba

  • Eating six kinds of food often can improve immunity 2017-07-03

    Immunity is the human body's own defense mechanism, which is the body's recognition and elimination of any foreign matter (virus, bacteria, etc.) invaded by foreign bodies; The ability to deal with aging, injury, death and degeneration of their own cells, as well as the ability to recognize and deal with mutated cells and virus infected cells in vivo. Several kinds of foods to enhance immunity are introduced. Ruiwen net editor

  • These five kinds of breakfast are more nutritious 2017-07-03

    Breakfast is very important for a day. If you don't eat breakfast, it is easy to cause dizziness and can't concentrate at work. Breakfast is good, just have the spirit to do things. So breakfast is very important. How should breakfast be nutritious? Below Ruiwen net small make up for everybody these 5 kinds of early

  • How to eat ginger to be beneficial to health 2017-07-03

    As the old saying goes, ginger is better than ginseng soup in the morning! This shows that eating ginger is good for your health. Eating ginger in the morning can promote intestinal peristalsis and improve the function of spleen and stomach. But, how to eat ginger is good for your health? The following small edition of Ruiwen network for you to sort out how to eat ginger is beneficial to health, for reference only. Good morning!

  • On Su Shi's food 2017-07-01

    When it comes to Sushi's delicious food, most people may think of it as Dongpo meat. Have you ever eaten Dongpo meat? The following compiles some interesting food stories about sushi for your reference only. 1. Dongpo meat sushi was demoted to Huangzhou, there is a famous "Ode to pork" doggerel: "Huangzhou good

  • How did the ancients keep healthy with medicine and food 2017-07-01

    Traditional Chinese medicine believes that medicine and food are of the same origin. Since ancient times, Chinese medicine has been bearing the effect of health preservation in addition to treating diseases. The following small edition of the Ruiwen network for you to sort out how the ancients are medicine and food health, for your reference only. Four anecdotes on health preservation of ancient Chinese medicine and food: (1) Qianlong and Guilingji, Emperor Qianlong lived to be 89 years old

  • Zanthoxylum bungeanum got its name from the legend of beauty saving people 2017-07-01

    Everyone has eaten Zanthoxylum in our lives, but do you know that the name of Zanthoxylum is actually named after the legend of beauties saving people. The following compiles this legend of Zanthoxylum for your reference only. This is a legend spread in Chengdu: a long time ago, a beautiful and filial girl surnamed Hua Jiao

  • Food culture of pastry in old Beijing 2017-07-01

    Beijing's pastry industry has very prominent characteristics. It absorbs the essence of Han, Manchu, Mongolian, Hui, Tibetan and other ethnic foods, and combines the characteristics of South, north, meat, vegetable, sweet and salty, forming a "Beijing style pastry" which is different from other regions. The following Ruiwen net small make up for you about the old Beijing pastry food culture, only for

  • The origin and allusion of the ancients' three meals a day 2017-07-01

    Meal system is an important part of the diet system, which is formed naturally by a nation to maintain its survival and development. In our country, the appearance of meal system is after entering the farming society. The following small edition of collates the origin and allusions of the ancient three meals a day system. In Naru

  • The origin of Meiling porridge and the allusions of celebrities 2017-07-01

    Since ancient times, because of its geographical location, Nanjing People's diet is a mixture of North and south, East and West ginseng. Since the Republic of China, Nanjing, as the capital city, has a large number of officials, rich stores, rich goods and various "dignitaries". The population of Nanjing has doubled. In spite of the continuous war, the city is in accordance with

  • Five methods for the treatment of low progesterone in pregnant women 2017-06-30

    After pregnancy, the mother to be is very happy that she has a new life in her stomach. But in the early stages of pregnancy, I was very worried about low progesterone. This is because progesterone is too low and the baby can't develop normally. That is pregnant the female appears progesterone low how should do? The following Ruiwen net small make up for everyone to sort out the treatment of pregnant women with pregnancy

  • Seven foods to help you live longer 2017-06-30

    People who live a long life will have their own set of recipes, such as the famous economist Ma Yinchu and his wife Zhang Guijun. Both husband and wife are centenarians. They especially like porridge. Here are seven kinds of foods that can help you live a long life. From the eating habits, all the long-lived people like porridge. Every day

  • What fruit does cold eat good 2017-06-30

    Generally speaking, after a cold, I believe that most people will choose to follow the doctor's advice, take medicine to alleviate. Except for medication. Eating fruit also helps to treat colds! What fruit does cold eat good? Below Ruiwen net small make up for everyone to sort out what fruit cold to eat. Pineapple pineapple contains bromelain is not

  • Eight symptoms of fever can be easily solved by diet therapy 2017-06-30

    What to do if you're on fire? After the fire, generally will cause a variety of inflammation, such as: oral ulcer, throat discomfort, rhinitis and so on. But you know what? Fire also has the distinction of virtual and real, blind clearing heat and purging fire, it is also harmful to the body. What should I do if I get angry? Below Ruiwen net small make up for everybody to arrange on 8 big

  • Dietotherapy of tonsillitis 2017-06-30

    The dietotherapy method of tonsillitis? Now many people pay attention to health, in their daily life can use food therapy to treat diseases, certainly do not use drug treatment, after all, drugs have certain side effects, if taken for a long time, the harm to the body is relatively large, so more people choose diet, the following Ruiwen net small make up for big

  • Deafness and tinnitus drink these three kinds of health tea 2017-06-30

    Tinnitus and deafness have a great impact on people's life, sometimes accompanied by dizziness, headache and other symptoms. There is a buzzing sound in my ears all day, which makes people upset and sleepless all night. So how to recuperate? The following Ruiwen net small make up for you to clean up the deafness and tinnitus drink these three health tea. Fish flavor and fishy grass tea

  • Buxue Buqi Bunao drink these three health tea 2017-06-30

    Lack of Qi and blood, many women will have this situation. Deficiency of Qi and blood not only affects health, but also has a certain effect on the face. How to replenish blood and Qi? The following Ruiwen net small make up for you to share the blood tonic Qi and brain drink these three health tea. 1. Rose tonic tea: Nourishing Qi and blood, comprehensive

  • Mango is more delicious 2017-06-30

    Mango is very delicious, so many people in our life eat mango very much. So do you know how to eat mango? Mango cultivation in China has a history of more than 1300 years. Guangxi is the main production area of mango in China, and other provinces also have cultivation, but the main production area is in subtropical China. Mango products

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