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Ancient poems of gratitude to teachers

Time: 19:25:14, January 30, 2019 poetry I want to contribute

Ancient poems of gratitude to teachers

Spring full of mountains and rivers, green garden, peach and plum competing for spring dew smile. East, West, North and south, spring is always there, only Shi en is attentive. The following is a small share of the teacher's' ancient poetry, welcome to read reference!

 Ancient poems of gratitude to teachers

   Ancient poems of gratitude to teachers

   Distant teacher

Bai Juyi, Tang Dynasty

Bai Shuzi of Donggong, Zen master of Nansi.

Where to meet, when there is nothing in my heart.

   Looking for Yong, respecting teachers and living in seclusion

Li Bai, Tang Dynasty

A group of steep green skyscrapers, carefree do not remember the year.

Pick the clouds to find the ancient road, leaning on the tree to listen to the flowing spring.

Flowers warm cattle lie, pine high white crane sleep.

Words to the river dusk, alone under the cold smoke.

   Qihai Miscellaneous Poems

Gong Zizhen, Qing Dynasty

Kyushu angry rely on wind and thunder, thousands of horses are silent, research can be sad.

I advise the emperor to be vigorous and not to restrict himself to talent.

   Pay for teachers

Liu Shang of Tang Dynasty

The void has no place, as if like glass.

Who comes to the poetic realm, Zen heart and poetry.

The jade pot has a heart of ice, and the ink pen writes the soul of the teacher.

Earnest as father's words, earnest as friends and relatives.

Light several lines of words, thick wipe life.

I hope that those who come after me will report success to my master.


Author: [Li Shangyin]

It's hard to see each other, and it's hard to say goodbye.

Spring silkworm to the death of silk, wax torch ash, tears began to dry.

When you are in the morning, you should feel the cold moonlight when you sing at night.

There is no way to Pengshan, and the birds are eager to see it

   Ode to the teacher

Four spring breeze to prepare for, several autumn rains wash the gap.

Black hair accumulated frost weaves the sun and the moon, chalk speechless to write the spring and autumn.

Silk spit out spring is not old, candle tears become gray, autumn thicker.

In spring, there are three thousand gardens of peach and plum, and in autumn there are great fruits.

   Ancient poems of gratitude to teachers

It is better to seek teachers than to study----- Yang Xiong

Saints have no regular teachers----- Han Yu

Teachers of classics are easy to meet, but people are difficult to meet----- author of the history Zizhi Tongjian

There was no ancient king who did not respect his teacher----- Lu Buwei

If the whole world is not a teacher, the old way will benefit from separation----- Liu Zongyuan

A scholar must seek a teacher, and it is necessary for him to be a teacher----- younger brother of Cheng Hao and forerunner of Zhu Xi

One day is a teacher and life is a father---- Guan Hanqing

Learning is not only a teacher, but also a friend----- Tang Zhen

Don't respect teachers for learning----- Tan Si

Scholars of the same ancient times must be strict with their teachers, and then be strict with the Tao----- Ouyang Xiu

No expensive, no cheap, no long, no little, the existence of the Tao, the teacher also----- Han Yu

There must be a teacher for three people; Choose the good and follow it, and change the bad----- Confucius

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