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Computer nit application foundation test questions

Time: 17:12:34, June 22, 2017 test questions I want to contribute

Computer nit application foundation test questions

1. Fill in the blanks (25 points)

1. A complete computer is composed of hardware system and software system.

3. Memory can be divided into two types: internal memory and external memory.

4. The hardware system of microcomputer generally includes host computer, keyboard, mouse and monitor.

5. The basic operation methods of the mouse are click, double-click, right-click

6. The taskbar of word is mainly composed of title bar, common toolbar, format toolbar and status bar.

7. After selecting a file or folder, to change its property settings, you can right-click and select the command from the shortcut menu that pops up.

8. To cancel all the selected files, just click the left button.

9. A workbook has 3 worksheets by default. Each worksheet has at most rows and columns.

10. The default extension of Word Doc is the default extension XLS of Excel

11. Cell F6 is located in 6 rows and 6 columns.

2. Multiple choice questions (40 points)

1. A complete computer system shall include__ B______。

A. system hardware and system software B. hardware system and software system

C. host and external devices D. host, keyboard, display and auxiliary storage devices

2. The memory that the CPU cannot directly access is____ D____。


3. In a microcomputer, ROM is___ A_____。

A. read only memory B. random access memory

C. microprocessing unit D. adjusting buffer memory

4. At present, the logic elements used in microcomputers are___ C_____。

A. small scale integrated circuit B. random access memory

C. LSI and VLSI D. discrete components

5. The memory that CPU can access directly is__ A______。

A. memory B. floppy disk memory

C. hard disk storage D. optical disk storage

6. In the following memory, the information that will be lost after power failure is_ B_______。

A.rom b.ram D. disk memory

7. The smallest unit of data in a computer is____ A____。

A. bit B. byte C. word length D. word

8. The taskbar of Windows XP can be placed in the_ D_______。

A. bottom of the table B. right side of the table C. left side of the table D. all the above statements are correct

9. The basic function of the taskbar is__ D______。

A. display the current active window B. display only the system start menu

C. open file name D. executing program name

10. Using the "start" menu of Windows XP, you can realize the__ C______。

A. partial functions B. initialization functions C. main functions D. all functions

11. When an application window is minimized, the application will____ B____。

A. suspend execution B. transfer to background execution C. terminate execution D. continue to execute in foreground

12. When the mouse cursor turns into an hourglass, it usually means____ B____。

A. selecting B. system busy C. background running D. selecting text

13. When opening Explorer____ A____。

A. there must be at least one open folder B. there can only be one open folder

C. more than one folder is open D. none of the folders are open

15 the shortcut key for creating a new document is_____ B___ The shortcut key to save a document is_____ A___。

  A.Ctrl+O B.Ctrl+N C.Ctrl+S D.Ctrl+A

16. In the editing state of word, the font size button in the format toolbar can be used to set the size of the text_ A_______。

A. No. 3 B. small 3 C. 4 d. small 4

17. In the editing state of word, if you want to set the superscript and subscript effect for the text in the current document, you should use the___ A_____。

A. font command B. paragraph command C. column command D. style command

18. In the document, the shortcut key to open the Find dialog box is_ D_______。

  A.Ctrl+G B.Ctrl+H C.Ctrl+A D.Ctrl+F

19. The shortcut key for setting the italicized effect of the selected character is____ B____。

  A.Ctrl+B B.Ctrl+I C.Ctrl+U D.Ctrl+D

2. True or false (20 points)

1. Computer is the core processor of arithmetic and logic operation, which is usually called CPU x )

2. Compared with the external memory, the memory speed is faster and the capacity is larger x )

3. Computer software can be divided into operating system, application software and support software x )

4. When there are multiple task buttons on the taskbar, if one of them is displayed as pressed and or dark color, it is the active window v )

5. The dialog box is the interface for users to input information or select content v )

6. The page number of the document can only be numbers, not other symbols x )

7. In word, documents can be saved as plain text v )

8. Word cannot open more than two documents at the same time x )

11. You can use the save as command on the file menu to save the newly created workbooks v )

1. In the word editing state, if you want to adjust the left boundary, use the following (d) more directly and quickly? a. Toolbar B. format bar C. menu D. ruler

2. The program must be called into (a) to run.

A. memory B. hard disk C. floppy disk D. network

The capacity of a 3.3.5-inch floppy disk is (b)

  a.1.2mb b.1.44mb c.2.1mb d.720kb

All visible and tangible parts in a computer are called (a). A. hardware B. bare machine C. software D. complete computer

5. The most thorough method to remove computer virus is (d)

A. use anti-virus software B. don't use software of unknown origin

C. install anti-virus card D. format the disk

6. Monitor is a kind of (b)

A. input device B. output device C. memory D. arithmetic unit

8. Mouse is a kind of (d)

A. output device B. memory C. operation control unit D. input device

9. In windows, double click means (b)

A. double click the right button B. double click the left key C. press the left and right keys at the same time D. press the left key first and then the right key

10. In windows, desktop means (d)

A. computer desk B. active window C. resource manager D. screen background of windows, icons and dialog boxes

Windows is (b) operating system

A. single user single task B. single user multi task C. multi user multi task D. multi user single task

12. When closing the application, you can use the shortcut key (d)

  a.alt+f1 b.alt+f2 c.alt+f3 d.alt+f4

13. In foxpro, if you want to browse the fields of multiple databases, the correct one in the following statement is (b) and it is allowed to modify the fields

A. use the list fields command B. browse fields command

C. neither of the first two is correct D. it cannot be implemented in the command command window

15. In Chinese word, the "Toolbar" option is in (c).

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