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The cognitive practice of pupils' multi digit numbers

Time: 15:37:45, June 22, 2017 test questions I want to contribute

The cognitive practice of pupils' multi digit numbers

The following to provide you with a number of primary school students on the understanding of practice questions, for reference only.

Fill in.

1. 8 578 80000.

2. 300600050000 is a () digit, where 6 is on the () bit, it means 6 (), and 3 is on the () bit, which means () digits.

3. Fill in ">", "<" or "=".

82006 82600 900 million 900 million 10000002340

4. Use 6, 7, 8, 9 and three zeros to form a minimum seven digit number, and one of the zero in this number is not read. This number is (), omitting the mantissa after 10000 is ().

5. A number, round it up to 30000, the maximum of which is (), and the minimum is ().

6. For a natural number, the number in the highest order of millions is "5", and the number on other digits is the smallest natural number. This number is written () and rewritten into the number with "ten thousand" as the unit.

7. When reading a large number, the zero of () is not read.

8. The eighth digit from the individual is ().

2. Read out the following numbers, and then omit the mantissa after 10000 or 100 million bits to find the approximate number.

304900 5000999 80000009

Read as__________ Read as__________ Read as__________

340008900 550009000 900099000

Read as__________ Read as__________ Read as__________

Write the following numbers.

Five hundred forty-seven hundred writing ()

10400700 writing ()

80.207 million writing ()

3.555 million writing ()

Fifty five thousand five thousand five writing ()

Please fill in the appropriate number in.

The maximum amount of filling: 427 800 4.27 million; 6) 8465306 600 million; The minimum number of filling capacity: 9 2400000 1 billion; 189 058 1.9 million; 9 8765430 1 billion

5. Write the number composed of the following numbers.

A number consisting of 40 million, 5 million, 600 000 and 300

200 million, 80 million, 8000 and 80 ()

3. 300 billion, 3 million and 60 ()

4. The number of two million and twenty is () 5. The number of two billion, three million and four hundred is.

6 Write the number as required

6 2 0 4 0 1 5

1. Make up the largest seven digits ()

2. Make up the smallest seven digits ()

3. Read only seven digits of a zero ()

4. Seven digit number with both zeros read ()

5. A seven digit number that doesn't read zero ()

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