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Chinese final training test questions for Volume 1 of primary school

Time: 17:48:42, June 22, 2017 test questions I want to contribute

Chinese final training test questions for Volume 1 of primary school

The following is the first grade of primary school chinese Final training questions, welcome to browse.

Spell it, read it

y r ? n le ji n ni o m o z u hu y r s n hu zi b i y n bo f n pi n li n sh w ? n m ? n ti n n y u b n p u li yu a di n ch x n sh n h ? sh n q b xi ? r y ni f n y a l l i ni o u b n p n l sh u y n ch n k i s ji t w a b k u w m sh n xi o shu sh j zu y ? u y ? n z u n sh o ch r r r d ti n zh n t ? u f i m m j n ch y sh n z x y d n j n zh a n

Read and remember

Wooden fungus Trojan horse Hetian car entrance adults sky population fire volcano Chinese son no one useless exit center open the front teeth of the four sides of the heart the sun and the moon rise the moon the moon don't have to be happy at the beginning of the moon rice is rare no white clouds in the daytime electric power, hydropower, trams long go out birds, birds, carriages, buses, open and fair level cars, cattle and sheep Goat cattle hide buffalo towel fur ruler fur radish heart wind and rain gale hard palm sailor the vast majority of Guangdong rise less than square half a year tail homework book book book own things watermelon papaya back and forth a piece of growth birthday water fruit peel a few days small fish today is in the middle of the rain and heavy rain Two two-day melon seed and fruit coat coat, coat and leather back and forth

3 Complete the sentence

I am 2) There are.

(3) swim in the water 4) In the sky.

(5) I love (6) there is on the tree.

(7) like 8) Is that right?

(9) what about 10) Right?

4 I'll fill in

1. Speaking, singing, dancing, days, nights and nights, more and more, very, very, very

2. Snow white wide and beautiful 3. Especially many often 4. Every day green very high

I will rearrange the following words and write them down

1. Dongdong Hao and I are friends

2. Driving away the car and

3. Children on the mountain watch the sunrise

4. The water buffalo went down to the field

5. Grazing on the Xiaoyang mountain

6. The white clouds are gone

6 Fill in as you like

Day and night happy day and night a lot of beautiful, careful exchanges of red fire, understand that the year Zhengfang happy

7 Fill in the antonyms

Out -- () big -- () many -- () black -- () you -- () up -- () front -- () East -- () go -- () left -- () Guan -- () far -- () short -- ()

Think about it, recite it and fill it in

1. Seeing from afar (colored), listening close (silent). The flowers are still in spring, and they are startled.

2. Jiangnan () () Township, () () () middle reaches of bamboo Pai painting.

3. One room, two rooms, green tiles, () () walls, wide (), () () windows.

4. Curved () () () () boat, () () () pointed at both ends. 5. When weeding, sweat drops () () ().

6. Along the winding road, you can (() () ()).

7. The scenery on the other side of the mountain is very beautiful!

8. The chicken painted bamboo leaves, the dog painted the plum blossom, the duckling painted the maple leaf, () () () painted the tooth. 9. Red butterfly, yellow () (), flying in the air, dancing in () (). 10 One goes to () () (), Yancun () () home, Pavilion () () block, () () () branch flower.

11 The light in front of the bed is doubted to be the frost. Lift up to look at the bright, low to think of the hometown

The river is like the brocade of () ()

The shadow is always with me. It is my good friend

14. Get up in the morning and face the sun. The front is (), the back is (), the left is north, () is south

15. Xiao Yun Lent () () to his mother

9 In a row

Blue sky primary school students' home is not warm, straight and quiet, evening forest fish's home has to go into the cold to move the bend early outside the grassland bird's home before leaving the small river Baiyun's home up and down left back black less this flat school sheep's home cut more white far and near

Bunches of clouds and rain fly higher and higher. Kittens love to eat in the grass

Flowers blossoming day by day, black cattle and sheep like to eat bamboo leaves, small trees and airplanes are getting lower and bigger, and giant pandas like to eat fish

In spring, the fruit on the tree is ripe, the shadow is white, the snow is flying in the sky in summer, the leaves are beautiful, the flowers are blooming everywhere, the cotton is green, the lotus is blooming in winter, the sun is straight

Warm stars, round river, monkey's tail, beautiful eyes, high moon, rabbit's tail, spring green, cock's tail, bright feather, clear grass, peacock's tail

Bright cotton, glittering leaves, a piece of TV, bright flowers, blue stars, a watermelon, snow-white eyes, green sky, a cloud full of peanuts flying in the sky, birds growing in the ground, fish swimming in the water path, house clothes, children short long bend

It's like an umbrella. It's cold in spring, hot in winter and warm in summer

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