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High school Chinese interesting literature knowledge contest

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High school Chinese interesting literature knowledge contest

The following is a high school for you chinese Interesting literature knowledge contest questions, welcome to browse.

Multiple choice questions (1 ¡Á 14=14)

1. Below Couplet From which chapter style novel ()

What's the point of official conferring Bi Ma Xin? The name of Qi Tianyi is not peaceful.

A. romance of the Three Kingdoms B. dream of Red Mansions C. journey to the West D. outlaws of the marsh

2. Here are the characters and plots in the four famous Chinese works. One of the mismatches is ()

A. Lu Zhishen -- pulling down the willows; B. grandma Liu -- entering the Grand View Garden

C. Guan Yunchang -- fighting against Changbanpo D. Monkey King -- crushed by Wuxing mountain

(3) the appearance of () is described in "pink noodles with spring power but not with red lips".

A. Wang Xifeng B. Xue Baochai C. Shi Xiangyun D. Lin Daiyu

4. "The three armies will be rewarded with mourning, and the red crown will be turned into a beauty." This is a story written by Wu Meicun, a poet in the early Qing Dynasty, about Wu Sangui's welcoming the entry of the Qing Dynasty. According to legend, "Hongyan" here refers to ()

A. Chen Yuanyuan B. Su Xiaoxiao C. Dong Xiaowan D. Da yu'er

5. "It's a long way to go. I'll go up and down and look for it." This feeling comes from the mouth of ().

A. Confucius B. Qu Yuan C. Sima Qian D. Su Shi

6. Which of the following historical figures is related to the allusion of "looking for the plum to quench thirst"

A. Zhuge Liang B. Cao Cao C. Sima Yi D. Zhou Yu

7. The group of writers who match the following titles in turn is ()

Mr. Jing Jie, Taoist priest Bai Shi

A. Wang Bo, Du Fu, Jiang Kui, Xie Lingyun, B. Ouyang Xiu, Li Bai, Jiang Kui, Tao Yuanming

C. Wang Bo, Du Fu, Bai Juyi, Xie Lingyun, D, Ouyang Xiu, Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Tao Yuanming

8. The following words refer to ()

Stand out from the crowd

A. Lin Xiangru, Jing Ke, Zhao Gao, Wang Xizhi, B. Mao Sui, Xiang Yu, Li Si, Liu Gongquan

C. Mao Sui Jing Ke Zhao Gao Wang Xizhi D. Mao Sui Xiang Yu Li Si Liu Gongquan

9. The following common words about walking of the ancients, if arranged in the order of walking speed from slow to fast, the correct one is ()

A. walk step approach run walk B. walk move step step walk run

C. walk step approach walk run D. walk walk walk run

10. The following verses can form one of the antithesis ()

A. the rain is red and the fragrance is running. B. the tender core is discussed carefully

C. dragonfly flying in the water D. frogs everywhere in the Grass Pond

11. According to the evolution process of Chinese characters, the correct one ()

A. oracle bone inscriptions, large seal characters, small seal characters, official script, cursive script

B. oracle bone inscriptions, seal characters, golden script, official script, cursive script and regular script

C. oracle bone inscriptions, gold inscriptions, small seal characters, official script, regular script and running script

D. oracle bone inscriptions, gold inscriptions, seal characters, cursive script, regular script and running script

12. According to the content of the following word, determine its brand and genre, the correct one ()

Every year in the snow, often inserted plum blossom drunk, knead plum without good intentions, won full clothes clear tears. At the end of the world this year, Xiao Xiao's temples are full of flowers, so it's hard to see the plum blossom.

A. shawanyue School of Huanxi; B. Wanyue School of Pingle in Qing Dynasty

C. huanxisha bold and unconstrained school D. qingpingle bold and unconstrained school

13. In the blanks of the following idioms, choose a group ()

(1) foot first; thunder can't cover your ears; 3) wind is strong; 4) desire is not enough; 5) MA Jian'er

A. fast and fast B. fast and fast

C. fast and fast D. fast and fast

14. One of the following ancient poems describing "dance" ()

A. the red light liquor rate is slow, and the string section is high.

B. Yu Yanghe stirred up and broke the melody of the colorful clothes and feathers.

C. light teeth and low palms listen to the sound, and the harmony breaks the empty clouds.

D. all the actions should be done in a round way, with the back hand on the waist like the moon.

Fill in the blanks (1 ¡Á 54=54)

1. Idioms are treasures in the treasure house of Chinese language. Some idioms have a great sense of humor because of the use of exaggeration and metaphor. For example, the biggest hand covers the sky with one hand; The longest life span

Please write the following idioms according to the tips:

The biggest mouth¡ª¡ª

The tallest giant¡ª¡ª

The biggest lie¡ª¡ª

The most abnormal weather¡ª¡ª

The most expensive contribution fee¡ª¡ª

2. Fill in the person's name and fill in the allegorical sayings.

() use the east wind skillfully

() borrowing from Jingzhou

() going to Liangshan

() beating Song Jiang

() looking in the mirror

3. The author of outlaws of the marsh gave the 108 heroes in Liangshanpo a humorous and witty nickname, such as timely rain Songjiang, and so on. Please write the name of the hero according to the following nicknames.

Green faced beast ()

White streaks in the waves

Fleas on drum ()

4. In the history of China, there were two famous emperors who died. Although they could not become good emperors, they became excellent artists. One was the empress of the Southern Tang Dynasty (a famous poet), and the other was Huizong (a famous calligrapher and painter) in the Northern Song Dynasty

5. Chinese characters have a long history. The earliest one is pictographic literature, which corresponds to form and meaning, such as day and month. Please write the corresponding words according to the following figures.

6. Antithetical couplet is a unique form of traditional Chinese literature. Please tell us which historical figures the following couplets chant. All around the lake and mountain, all the families are worried and happy

Jade curtain night sad horse, Chu song around to promote red makeup

He still retains the healthy qi to enter the heaven and earth, and the loyal heart will shine on the past and present forever

After eight hundred years of Weng's death, he is still drunk; The shadow of the pavilion is not alone in the mountain

The powerful man can take off his boots and his concubine can hold the inkstone; Immortal talents are comparable, not to join the army handsome, Kaifu fresh

7. In poetry, flowers are often chanted by poets. Please fill in the appropriate names of flowers in the following ancient poems.

When it comes to Chongyang day, it's still coming£¨ Meng Haoran)

Suddenly, like a night of spring breeze, thousands of trees open£¨ CEN Shen)

If you ask where there is a restaurant, the shepherd boy points to the village£¨ Du Mu)

People idle (fall), night quiet, spring mountain sky£¨ Wang Wei)

Wet clothes to wet () rain, blowing face not cold willow wind£¨ Seng Chi Nan)

8. There are some classic fragments in classical literature. Please write down the source of the following classic fragments.

"The Yangtze River is rolling East, and the waves are sweeping away heroes. The success or failure of right and wrong turns to be empty. The green hills are still there,

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