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Unit 8 test questions in Chinese volume 1 of grade 1

Time: January 28, 2018 19:54:29 test questions I want to contribute

Unit 8 test questions in Chinese volume 1 of grade 1

The exercise of test questions is an indispensable part of students' learning process. It is the main carrier of students' mastering knowledge, forming skills and developing ability. The following is the first grade of primary school chinese Unit 8 test questions in Volume 1, welcome to read for reference!

First, read Pinyin and write words to see who writes the most beautiful. 16%

j g ch q du b n zh sh

zh zi b y ng yu y du de

Second, I will choose the correct pronunciation and draw "" on it. 6%

(c n ch n) Participation (P ng b NG)

(zh o z o) Find (b n w I) approach

Insert (J n j (Ch c )

Third, I can compare, and then group words, I can expand words. 10%

Use () half () horse () several ()

Moon, cow, bird and son


Teeth () () () () out (())

Back to () () () () () ()

I can write the radicals of the following Chinese characters. 8%

Children play and play

Crow bud plus height

I will classify the following words. 12%

Father, worker, hospital, student, sister, School

Teacher, grandmother, gymnasium, cousin, driver and canteen

Address of occupation place

I will complete the following sentences. 11%

1. It can bloom when the autumn falls.

2. Chicken painting, plum blossom painting, maple leaf painting,


3. Green ()

Fiery red black black

I'll line up for the following words. 10%

This is a world of snow white`

2. A family lives in the woods beside the snail

I can write sentences like this. 4%

The water in the bottle is gradually rising.


The crow put the pebbles into the bottle one by one.


9. Read and fill in. If you can't write, you can write pinyin. 11%

ch n sh n n b n xi gu m n f i

On the trees in spring, tender buds grow. In summer, the trees are covered with fat leaves.

t m n xi n j n d ng lu hu r ng

In autumn, the leaves are covered with bright red and golden. Under the trees in winter, the leaves fall to the ground and become soil.

lu r n y u pi o j j g i

Fallen leaves are stamps of nature. Send them to you, me and everyone.

du n g ng

(1) there are () sentences in this paragraph;

(2) fill in the blanks

A. There are four seasons in a year.

b n xi

B. on the trees in spring, the bud petals are (); In summer, the leaves are ();

y n s m n

The colors of autumn leaves are () and (); Under the trees in winter, the ground is full of ().

C. The Piao of Ran refers to ().

I will read the picture and write a paragraph. 12%

t y d o k n n n xi ng ji ju

Who's on the picture? What difficulties did it encounter? What did it come up with to solve the problem?

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