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Computer test questions for grade four to six

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Computer test questions for grade four to six

1. A complete computer system usually includes ().

A. hardware system and software system

B. computers and their peripherals

C. mainframe, keyboard and display

D. system software and application software

2. The first electronic digital computer in the world is named ().





3. Among the following devices, the output device is ()

A mouse

B host

C display

D keyboard

4. Computer virus is man-made and specially damaged ()

A clear procedure

B computer program

C application

D computer software

5. Switch various Chinese input methods in Windows 98 to make () key

  A Ctrl+Space



  D. Ctrl+Alt

6. In the window, ()

A toolbar

B help information

C scroll bar

D title bar

The first computer in the world was developed by the University of Pennsylvania in 1997

  A 1947

  B 1946

  C 1949

  D 1918

8. There are generally () ways to save a file

  A 1

  B 4

  C 3

  D 2

9. The Chinese name of "eneter" key is ()

A exit key

B up shift key

C backspace key

D enter key

10. The following description of the dialog box is correct ()

A can change the size

B can be minimized

C has no off button

D has no max, min, restore buttons

Computer test questions for Grades 4 to 6

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