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Answer to the exercises of the mystery of sky fire

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Answer to the exercises of the mystery of sky fire

The text "the mystery of sky fire" mainly tells the story of American scientist Franklin carrying out kite experiment in thunderstorm weather in order to reveal the secret of thunderstorm. The following are the answers to the exercises related to the mystery of sky fire carefully prepared for you. Please read and refer to them.

ˇˇˇˇ The mystery of sky fire ˇ·Answers to exercise questions

[basic practice]

First, look at Pinyin and write words.

Key shot open

Irony of thunderstorm explosion

2. The answer to the 2005 website.

Textual research. There is no basis.

Hat. It is used to describe people who are so angry that their hats are pushed up by their erect hair.

Illness. There was no harm.

1. Safe and sound

2. Be angry

3. Nonsense

3ˇ˘ Finish the exercise


Tuberous root and leaf

Dao Zhiba

Film (sound)

2. Franklin used his kite to induce thunder and lightning, thus revealing the secret of thunder and lightning

[development exercise]

Second, read and think about it.

1. Time

2. Franklin was born in poverty; Franklin loved reading; Franklin made great achievements in electricity; Franklin is a famous American politician.

3. Examples of driving crane to the west, leaving the world behind, smiling Jiuquan, etc.

The mystery of sky fire

There are billions of thunderstorms over the earth every year. They can knock people down and cut tall trees in half. In ancient times, Westerners regarded thunderstorm as "God's anger", while Chinese called it "thunder god". Thunderstorm has been a terrible thing in people's mind for a long time.

So what is a thunderstorm? It was not until the 18th century that Franklin, an American scientist, solved the mystery.

Franklin has long observed that there are many similarities between thunderstorms and electrostatic discharge in the sky: they all emit light, the color of light is the same, the direction of light is similar, they are accompanied by the sound of explosion, and they can kill animals... Therefore, he boldly speculated that thunderstorm is a well-known discharge phenomenon. This inference may not seem surprising now, but it was incredible at the time. People have been used to think that the sky and the earth are two worlds, thunderstorm is the flame of gods, how can they be confused with things between people? Not only do ordinary people not believe his inference, but also many people who claim to be learned sneer at him. In the face of people's ridicule, Franklin decided to reveal the secret of thunder and lightning through experiments.

One day in July 1752, the sky was overcast with thunder and lightning. With the help of his son, Franklin flew a kite high in the sky. A thin wire is tied to the kite to absorb the "sky electricity" in the clouds. The kite flying line is made of hemp rope. A ribbon is tied at the bottom of the rope. At the joint of the rope and the ribbon, a copper key is tied. Franklin stands inside the house and holds it ¨¤ n) Live in the ribbon. The kite flies higher and higher, looking from afar, like a small boat in the cloud sea, bumping and shaking. A dark cloud swept over the kite, and Franklin found the fibers on the hemp rope "bristling with anger.". This is a signal that the hemp rope is charged! All of a sudden, a flash of lightning split the clouds and made a "Zhi" in the sky, followed by a blast of thunder and heavy rain. When the hemp rope gets wet, it becomes a conductor through which electric current can pass. At this time, Franklin approached the copper key with his finger, and a blue spark flashed suddenly. His arm felt numb. Franklin exclaimed in ecstasy, "it's done! succeed! I've caught the sky telegraph

"Kite experiment" shocked the world. It declares to the world that thunderstorm is only a common phenomenon of electric discharge, and that "God's anger" is just nonsense.

Later, according to the principle of discharge, Franklin invented the lightning rod. In this way, when thunder and lightning roar, tall buildings are safe and sound ¨¤ NG).

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