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Exercises on learning Chinese characters

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Exercises on learning Chinese characters

   1、 Look at Pinyin and write words.

 Exercises on learning Chinese characters

  y n n y d o ╂└ m n b o u

  zh d o c n ji hu d zh x

   2、 Fill in the blanks.

1. Extension

Language () () long hair () () safety

2. Lulu

Go () () () land () light

3. Jiajia

Hui () (), can refer to () country ()

   3、 Fill in the appropriate words in the brackets.

()'s Xiaoba road writes

Chairman Mao replied

()'s children nodded

   4、 Fill in the right words as you like.

Chairman Mao wrote three words. Chairman Mao bent down and wrote three words.

1. Wang Ping tells stories. Wang Ping tells stories.

2. Li Bai looks at the bright moon in the sky. Li Bai looked at the bright moon in the sky.

   5、 Fill in the blanks according to the text and finish the exercises.

Ask them, "who are you and me?" They two: "yes, you are Chairman Mao." Chairman Mao said, "I am Chairman Mao." With that, he wrote "Chairman Mao" in his own words.

1. The dialogue between and is written in this paragraph.

2. Use "--" to draw what Chairman Mao said.

3. Chairman Mao's name "bending down" indicates that:

   ┿、 Chairman Mao couldn't read his own words clearly

Chairman Mao is too tired

C. Chairman Mao's cordial care and ardent hope for Xiaoba road asked them to study hard and carry out the revolution well

4. Use "jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj".

In Xiao Ba Lu's words, the word "shows their respect for Chairman Mao.

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