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Chinese test questions of grade five in primary school

Time: 14:40:12, September 6, 2018 test questions I want to contribute

Chinese test questions of grade five in primary school

   1、 Look at Pinyin and write words.

 Chinese test questions of grade five in primary school

  hu i ╂─ n z i p i

() South () orange thief () () ceremony

  li n w r b qi

The criminal of the state of

   2、 Give the following words.

Liang () lip () crime () autumn ()

Liang, fan and Kan

Both lie and compensate secret

That is to say, to be in a hurry, to accompany, to be honey

   3、 Look it up in the dictionary.

The word "Zhang" has the following explanations in the dictionary:

(1) to separate the things that are closed; 2) furnishings; Layout expansion; Exaggeration; 4; at

(5) store opening 6) measure word (7) surname

What do you mean by "Zhang" below? Put the serial number in brackets.

1. Zhang Xiaohong pouted and left unhappily

2. Pay attention to the lecture in class and don't look around

The old fisherman has a broken fishing net in his hand

There is a new shop across the street, which is open today

5. It's windy! Let's put up the sails

The festival is coming. The town is decorated with lanterns, and people's faces are jubilant

He is just bluffing

   4、 Do you know how to deal with pairs? Let's have a try!

Saving is to waste what glory is to.

Spring is to plough as autumn is to.

3. The sound is to the ear what the taste is to the ear.

4. Backwardness is just like () to poverty.

   5、 Add appropriate Related words to make the sentence more concise.

1. Xiao Hua writes very fast.

Xiao Hua's handwriting is very good.

2. There are many difficulties and dangers on the road of revolution.

We can't stand in the way of our progress.

You didn't tell me.

I got it!

4. We mobilize the masses.

We fulfilled the task assigned to us by our superiors.

   6、 Write down the following 1-7 in one sentence. Note: the number of words can be increased or decreased, and the position can be replaced, but the content should not be omitted and the meaning cannot be changed.

The purpose is to enrich students' holiday life

2. The first day of summer vacation

3. Wang Ping goes to the street

I sent him

He is the most trusted by the students.

He went to buy

7. I want to buy these gifts for children in "hand in hand" mountain area

   7、 Read the passage and complete the exercise.

Liu Gongquan works hard to practice calligraphy

One day, Liu Gongquan held a "book meeting" with several friends. At this time, an old man selling tofu saw that he wrote a few words "can write feifeng's house, dare to boast in front of others". He felt that the child was too proud, so he frowned and said, "this is not a good word. It's like my tofu. It's so soft and heartless. Is it worth praising in front of others?" On hearing this, xiaogongquan said unhappily, "if you have the ability, please write a few words for me to see."

The old man chuckled and said, "I can't, I can't, I'm a rough man, I can't write well. However, some people use their feet to write much better than you! If you don't believe it, you can go to Huajing

The next day, xiaogongquan went to the Huajing City alone. As soon as he entered the capital, he saw a large locust tree surrounded by many people. He crowded into the crowd and saw a thin black old man without arms sitting on the ground barefoot, pressing paper on his left foot and holding a pen in his right foot, writing freely Couplet His handwriting is like horses galloping, dragons and Phoenix dancing, which wins cheers from the onlookers.

Xiao Gongquan knelt down in front of the old man and said, "I'd like to worship you as a teacher. Please tell me the secret of writing..." the old man quickly pulled up xiaogongquan with his feet and said, "I'm a lonely man. I was born with no hands, so I had to live by my feet. How can I be a teacher?" The old man spread a piece of paper on the ground and wrote a few words with his right foot: "write all the eight pots of water, ink stone dye waterlogging pool black, win over hundreds of parents, before the dragon and Phoenix fly."

Liu Gongquan suddenly realized that he kept the old man's words in mind, and began to practice calligraphy. He had a thick cocoon on his hands and mended his elbows one layer after another. After hard training, Liu Gongquan finally became a famous calligrapher in China.

1. Judge whether the pronunciation of punctuation in the following groups is the same, and mark "〔" in brackets for the same pronunciation.

(1) more corrections on the fifth watch day ()

(2) endless, unforgettable, big or small ()

(3) drink water and cheer ()

(4) send troops and soldiers to block the generals ()

2. Fill in the appropriate words in brackets.

() of the old people () the weather () to practice calligraphy

3. "I am a lonely person. I was born with no hands. I have to live by my feet. How can I be a model?" Can you change the old man's words?

4. After reading the twenty words written by the old man with his feet, Liu Gongquan suddenly realized what he had learned? What have you learned? It must be very helpful for you to record what you feel now.

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