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Mathematics midterm questions for grade one

Time: 16:09:36, September 30, 2018 test questions I want to contribute

Selection of mid term test questions for grade one mathematics

1. Small experts in filling in blanks (1 point for each space, 28 points in total)

 Selection of mid term test questions for grade one mathematics

1.56 is composed of () tens and () ones.

2. () tens and () ones are 68; () Ten is a hundred.

3. There are two digits with the same one digit and ten digit number ?) Of which the largest is ?)。

There are numbers larger than 28 and smaller than 31 ?)、( ?)、( ?)。

5. Write the numbers according to the rules.

  37、47、57、( ?)、( ?)、( ?)。

  54、56、58、( ?)、( ?)、( ?)。

6. There are ten pencils in a bundle. Three and six pencils make up () pencils.

7. Fill in the appropriate unit name.

The classroom is about 9 in length ?) The rubber is about 2 long ?) The mathematics textbook is 26 (),

The height of the teaching building is about 12().

8. Compare. 99$90 3m$30cm76-23$32+9

9 a number from the right, the first digit is () bit, the second digit is () bit, and the third digit is

Bits are () bits.

10. There are no more than 20 peaches in a basket, one for three little monkeys, and two for five monkeys. There are () peaches in this basket.

2. Calculate child prodigy (28 points)

1. Write numbers directly 10 points)



2. Use the vertical formula to calculate the following questions (3 points for each question, 18 points in total).



3. Justice judge 〜, 5 points in total)

1. Xiaoming is 8 years old, and his brother is older than Xiaoming

2. Dad's height is about 170m

8 tens are as many as 80 ones

The two "5" in the number "55" mean the same

The number consisting of 4 tens and 6 ones is 10

4. Think about it and draw a picture (2 points for each question, 4 points in total)



5. Reading and writing (1 point for each space, 4 points in total)


Mark "〔" (2 points) under the answer you think is appropriate

Xiao Hong is 130 cm tall. Xiao Ming is taller than her. How tall is Xiao Ming?

180 cm 135 cm 125 cm

7. Take a look, even a company (1 point for each company, 3 points in total)

8. Problem solving (26 points in total)

1. Congcongcong has 35 story books and Xiaohong has 12. How many more than Xiaohong?


A: congcongcong has more than Xiaohong.


How many?


A: Yes, there are.

3. 13 cars have been driven away from the parking lot. Now there are 35 cars left. How many cars were there in the parking lot?


A: there used to be a car in the parking lot.

4. There are 32 table tennis players, 46 football players and 24 basketball players.

(1) how many people are there in the table tennis team and the football team?


A: there are people on the table tennis team and the football team.

(2) please ask another question and answer it 6 points)



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