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Family planning questions and answers

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2020 family planning questions and answers

Whether in school or in society, we can't do without the test questions, which are written by the examiners according to the test objectives and test items. What kind of test can be called a good test? The following is a small carefully organized 2020 family planning test questions and answers, for reference only, I hope to help you.

Type A1:

1. Among the measures to avoid infection after sterilization, it is unnecessary to

A. strictly grasp contraindications and indications

B. strictly carry out aseptic operation

C. minimize tissue damage

D. broad spectrum antibiotics were given three days before operation to prevent infection

E. avoid foreign body residue

Correct answer: D

2. Which of the following is true about the mechanism of female sterilization

A. prevent sperm from entering uterine cavity

B. affect the implantation of fertilized eggs

C. affect the speed of oviduct peristalsis

D. prevent sperm and egg from meeting

E. interfere with endocrine regulation

Correct answer: D

3. Which of the following is incorrect about tubal clip sterilization

A. do not damage the tubal cavity

B. reversible sterilization

C. low failure rate

D. It can avoid all damage to fallopian tube

E. it is especially suitable for lactating women

Correct answer: D

4. About tubal ligation, which of the following is not correct

A. non pregnant ligation should be performed 15-20 days after menstruation

B. Patients with neurosis or greater concern for surgery should be postponed

C. patients with lumbago and abdominal pain, increased leucorrhea and enlarged adnexa should be postponed

D. the oviduct should be confirmed before ligation

E. ligation can be performed immediately after artificial abortion

Correct answer: a

About tubal ligation, which of the following is not correct

A. strict aseptic operation

B. longitudinal or transverse cutting can be selected

C. the smaller the incision, the better

D. avoid foreign body left in abdominal cavity

E. stable, accurate, light, skillful and meticulous operation

Correct answer: C

About tubal ligation, which of the following is correct

A. the fallopian tube can be ligated as long as it is seen

B. small incision and fast speed are the key to reduce complications

C. the ligation site is in the ampulla of fallopian tube

D. the failure rate of core pulling embedding method is the lowest

E. when ligating the fallopian tube, it should be too tight to prevent slipping off

Correct answer: D

7. Which of the following is not true about the failure rate of tubal ligation

A. It is related to the period of operation selection

B. related to the method of ligation

C. It is related to the site of ligation

D. It is related to the skill of the operator

E. the failure rate of double fold ligation was the lowest

Correct answer: E

8. Which of the following is incorrect about abdominal adhesion after tubal ligation

A. postoperative infection caused by various reasons

B. It is related to the loss of tissues or organs during operation

C. The main symptom is abdominal pain

D. laparoscopy is suitable for all patients

E. if there is intestinal obstruction, X-ray examination is feasible

Correct answer: D

9. Which of the following is not correct about the prevention of complications during tubal ligation

A. lower the head and buttocks to move the intestinal tube to the upper abdomen

B. when lifting the oval clamp, the clamp mouth should be tightly fastened, and no false clamping is allowed

C. before incision of peritoneum, clamp alternately and relax to prevent clamping of intestinal tube

D. the oviduct must be clamped with toothless oval forceps

E. do not clamp too much peritoneal tissue

Correct answer: B

About the indications of tubal sterilization, which of the following is not correct

A. married women voluntarily request sterilization

B. grade II cardiac function in patients with heart disease

C. acute viral hepatitis

D. during the second cesarean section

E. within 24 hours after normal delivery

Correct answer: C

11. Which is not correct about the prevention of injury in the operation of abdominal small incision sterilization

A. empty the bladder before operation, and the incision should not be too low

B. avoid flatulence and bloating

C. carefully separate the preperitoneal fat with vascular forceps

D. the bowel and omentum should be removed before peritoneal incision

E. do not use oval forceps with teeth when looking for fallopian tubes

Correct answer: C

12. The best time for tubal ligation is

A. 3-7 days after artificial abortion

B. 10 days after normal delivery

C. 72 hours after dystocia

D. 20 days after normal menstruation

E. 3-7 days after menstruation

Correct answer: E

13. Contraindications of laparoscopic tubal sterilization, which of the following is incorrect

A. cardiopulmonary insufficiency

B. intestinal obstruction

C. obesity

D. pelvic adhesion

E. mild anemia

Correct answer: E

14. Which is not a recent complication of tubal sterilization

A. organ injury

B. Infection

C. bleeding

D. intestinal adhesion

E. hematoma formation

Correct answer: D

15. The best way to judge the success of tubal sterilization is

A. tubal hydrotubation

B. hysterosalpingography

C. hysteroscopy

D. laparoscopy

E. colposcopy

Correct answer: B

16. The best diagnostic method of pelvic venous congestion is

A. clinical diagnosis

B. pelvic venography

C. laparoscopic diagnosis

D and B-mode ultrasonography

E. color Doppler scanning

Correct answer: C

17. The clinical manifestations of pelvic congestion syndrome should be excluded

A. abdominal pain

B. leucorrhea increased

C. ovulation disorder

D. sexual intercourse pain

E. the adnexal area showed different degrees of chronic thickening

Correct answer: C

18. The suitable time for tubal ligation is

A. 15 days after menstruation

B. lactation

C. after the first menstruation after artificial abortion

D. 3 days after operation

E. about 24 hours after induction of labor

Correct answer: E

19. Fallopian tube recanalization is not suitable for which of the following situations

A. after tubal isthmus ligation

B. after sterilization with silver clip

C. after tubal electrocoagulation sterilization

D. tubal sterilization with silicone ring

E. after tubal fimbria excision and sterilization

Correct answer: E

20, tubal recanalization contraindications, which of the following is not correct

A. history of tuberculous salpingitis

B. acute pelvic inflammatory disease, severe pelvic adhesion

C. unilateral salpingectomy

D. ovarian failure

E. male infertility

Correct answer: C

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