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Examination questions and answers of team safety training

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Examination questions and answers of team safety training

In the daily study and work, we often deal with the test questions, which are the standards for the school or the organizers to assess certain knowledge and ability. What kind of test questions can help us effectively? The following is a small group to help you sort out the team safety training examination questions and answers, I hope to help you.

1¡¢ Fill in the blanks

1. A collective is composed of many of you. The realization of the (security goal) is the result of the joint efforts of all members including you.

2. The law of work safety has seven chapters and 97 articles, which shall be implemented since November 1, 2002. Its legislative purpose is: "in order to strengthen the supervision and management of production safety, prevent and reduce production safety accidents, protect the safety of people's lives and property, and promote economic development.".

3. There are four main reasons for all kinds of accidents: unsafe behaviors of human beings, unsafe state of objects, bad working environment and management defects.

4. Three violations refer to (illegal command), (illegal operation), (violation of labor discipline).

2. Correct questions - check "¡Ì" in pairs; Wrong type¡° ¡Á¡±

1. The "affinity" in team management means that there should be affinity in the team and the team members should feel that the team is the real home of the staff and form a harmonious working atmosphere in the team£¨ ¡Ì£©

2. The focus of safety work is in the team, and the key to the safety work of the team is the team leader£¨ ¡Ì£©

3. Any activity does not necessarily need to be managed. It can be seen that good management has no causal relationship with the realization of objectives£¨ ¡Á£©

4. Team is the basic organization of industrial enterprises, and it is the foundation of strengthening enterprise management and improving safety production£¨ ¡Ì£©

5. The team leader shall implement the regulations and requirements of the company, factory and workshop section on safety production, and be fully responsible for the safety production of the team£¨ ¡Ì£©

6. The so-called work at height refers to the operation at a height that is 2m above the datum plane (including 2m) and is likely to fall£¨ ¡Ì£©

7. Hazard identification is limited to equipment and environment£¨ ¡Á£©

8. The employees have no right to criticize, report or accuse the problems existing in the work safety of the unit; However, they have the right to refuse illegal command and forced risky operation£¨ ¡Á£©

9. If the production and business operation entity enters into some kind of agreement with the consent of the employees, it can exempt or reduce its liability for the casualties of employees due to production safety accidents£¨ ¡Á£©

10. China's safety policy is "safety first, prevention first"£¨ ¡Á£©

3. Single choice questions - put the correct serial number in brackets

1. It is clearly pointed out in the work objective of team safety management that the standardized operation of team members should be formed (b)

A. consciousness B. habit C. concept D. standard

2. Safety (a) is the core of team safety culture.

A. values B. consciousness C. sense of responsibility D. outlook on life

3. When establishing the work objectives of the team, it is necessary to have the content of safe production, and according to the requirements of "no hidden danger in production, no violation of regulations by individuals and no team (d)" and in combination with the specific situation of the team, the specific measures to realize the standard of "safety qualified team" shall be formulated.

A. violation of discipline B. incident C. violation D. accident

4. (d) is the highest level of safety management and safety production management.

A. absolute safety B. relative safety C. absolute safety D. essential safety

5. According to Heinrich's causal chain theory, the direct cause of injury accident is determined as (c).

A. genetic and social environment B. human shortcomings C. unsafe behavior of human beings and unsafe state of objects D. accidents

6. When electrical equipment is on fire, use (d) to extinguish the fire.

A. wet quilt B. foam fire extinguisher C. yellow mud D. dry powder fire extinguisher

7. The safety belt should be checked once after (a) years of use?

A. 2 years B. 3 years C. 4 years D. 5 years

8. The length of primary line of electric welding machine shall not be greater than (b) M.

A, 2m B, 5m C, 8m D, 10m

9. Which of the following items are not labor protection articles (d)

A. helmet B. goggles C. noise proof earplug D. emergency light

10. The best time to put out the fire is within (a) after the building is on fire. After this time, try to escape from the scene.

A. 5-7 minutes B. 3-5 minutes C. 6-8 minutes D. 8-10 minutes

4¡¢ Short answer questions

1. What are the objects of team safety management?

Answer: the objects of team safety management are people: operators; Machines (objects): machines, tools, materials; Environment: space and time; Management: operation method or means.

2. What are the methods to prevent accidental release of energy?

Answer: replace dangerous energy with safer energy, limit energy, reduce energy release speed, prevent energy accumulation, open up abnormal energy release channels, set up barriers, isolate people from energy in time and space, and set warning information.

3. What are the basic elements of electricity safety?

Answer: electrical insulation, safe distance, current carrying capacity of equipment and its conductors, obvious and accurate marks are the basic elements to ensure the safety of electricity use.

5¡¢ Discussion questions

How do you, as a team member, cooperate with team safety management?

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