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Senior two final Chinese test

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Senior two final Chinese test

Whether in study or in work, we are more or less exposed to the test questions, with the help of the test questions can better examine the knowledge and ability of the examinee. Do you know what kind of test questions can really help us? The following is the end of the second year of senior high school chinese The test questions, welcome everybody to draw lessons from with the reference, hoped to have the help to everybody.

 Senior two final Chinese test

Senior 2 final Chinese test question 1

I. modern reading (9 points)

Read the text below and complete questions 1-3

Micro power: Micro blog shows influence

With the acceleration of social informatization process, micro blog has developed and popularized rapidly in China. A large number of traditional media, government agencies, public and private enterprises and public figures have settled in microblogs. With the increasing penetration of micro blog into social life, microblog fully demonstrates its influence on Chinese society.

For a long time, traditional media has been playing a dual role: information intermediary and issue leader. As the terminal of information dissemination, the audience is completely passive in dealing with news information. The rise of micro blog has completely broken the "professionalism barrier" of traditional media and provided a more convenient discourse platform for the general public. This is an era in which everyone can speak and everyone may be concerned. Anyone who has certain technical knowledge and equipment can become the main body of communication and even become a "citizen reporter". Microblog reports on emergencies have reached the point of "second interaction". It can report the real situation of events to users in a few seconds, and users can even give feedback in less than one minute. Its timeliness, sense of scene and rapidity surpass the traditional media.

The change brought by micro blog is not only the change of media communication mode, but also the shift of news communication subject. With the rapid development of modern society and the rapid change of information, all kinds of new situations and new problems may emerge anytime and anywhere; Limited by human and material resources, it is impossible for any traditional media to set up branches all over the country, let alone extend its tentacles to every corner of society. The huge number of microblogs is different. It spreads all over the world, just like an omnipresent eye. It can go deep into every corner of life. With a posture of watching and participating, it can watch and record the big and small events around, and spread and interpret the events in a more diversified perspective and way.

Micro blog not only directly explores news topics, but also "snatches" part of the right to set topics from traditional media. At present, a new public opinion mechanism is being formed in China, that is, microblog takes the lead in reporting, and traditional media continue to follow up, and jointly set off a climax of public opinion through topic interaction. On January 26, 20XX, the micro blog of "taking photos to save begging children" set up by a professor of the Institute of rural development, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, has only been open for more than 10 days. The number of fans has reached more than 160000, and more than 1000 photos of begging children taken by netizens have been posted on the microblog. As of March 8, through online photo identification, 6 abducted and trafficked children have been found. At present, they have been rescued.

As the media node of the real society and the network society, micro blog changes the Chinese media ecology with "micro power", and also witnesses the changes of social life style. At present, micro blog has penetrated into all aspects of social life. According to the survey report of Internet data center, microblog users use microblog to release information, record their mood, kill time, make friends, expand knowledge, discuss topics of interest, and pay attention to interested celebrities. As a result, microblogging has extended the social network and reshaped the sum of social relations. It even gathers people's wisdom and strength to change the society through attention, which is fully reflected in the social assistance and social welfare of microblog.

From the perspective of China's "microblog craze", the fragmented information form, fission mode of communication, and increasingly deepening media integration determine the influence and development trend of microblog. With the acceleration and deepening of social informatization process, more and more institutions and individuals have settled in microblog, and the impact of microblog on Chinese society will be more significant.

1. The following incorrect statement about "breaking the traditional media's" professional barriers "is (3 points) ()

A. the rise of micro blog can make the general public change from the audience of news information to the disseminator of information.

B. microblog reports emergencies more quickly and easily than traditional media.

C. microblog has a strong ability to directly explore topics and determine the direction of public opinion.

D. micro blog can spread and interpret events in a more diversified way.

2. According to the following understanding and inference of the content of the article, the correct one is (3 points) ()

A. microblog directly challenges the status of traditional media, and its unique advantages make the audience no longer the terminal of information dissemination.

B. the incident of "taking photos to rescue begging children" shows that microblogging has formed a new public opinion mechanism and has changed the society.

C. microblog information form and communication mode determine its influence and development trend, and it has become an indispensable part of life.

D. micro blog has become a part of the new life content of the public. It promotes social communication and reshapes the total social relations.

3. What are the "micro forces" embodied in? One of the following incorrect statements is ()

A. microblogging has brought changes to the traditional media in two aspects: media communication mode and news communication subject

B. because of its ubiquitous "freedom" spirit, the information released by microblog is true and reliable

C. microblog has a strong ability to set topics and influence public opinion.

D. microblogging has an impact on changing people's lifestyle.

2. Ancient poetry reading (40 points)

(1) read the following classical Chinese and complete questions 4-8 (22 points)

Wang Bo was born in Longmen, Jiangzhou. At the age of six, he was good at diction. When he was nine, he got Yan shigu's annotation of Hanshu to read it, and wrote Zhizhang to eliminate his loss. At the beginning of Lin De Chu, Liu xiangdao made a tour of the pass. He wrote to himself, and the way of Xiang was expressed in the dynasty. Before the crown of the year, he was awarded the song of the imperial palace. Pei Wang heard of his name and compiled it by the government of zhaoshu. He discussed the secret of the platform. Wang loves the book. At that time, the kings fought with each other, and Bo Xi wrote the article "calling on the king's chicken". Gaozong angrily said, "yes and cross structure." He was expelled from the government.

Bo was abandoned, and the guest Jiannan. He tasted the broad view of Mount ge'en, and thought of Zhuge Liang's merits with emotion. He heard that there were many herbs in Guozhou, and he wanted to supplement and join the army. Relying on the talent of LINGJI, he was envied by the officials. Cao Da, the official slave, confessed his guilt and hid Bo's place. He was afraid of things and killed them. If things should be punished, they will be forgiven. His father Fu, Yao Yongzhou Si Gong join the army, sit Bo Gu, left move to Jiaozhi order. Bo to province, degree sea drowning, palpitation and death, year 29.

In the early days of the reign of emperor Zhongling, the governor held a banquet at Tengwang Pavilion on September 9. He ordered his son-in-law to write a preface to praise the guests. He did not dare to treat them with paper and pen. To Bo, he did not say goodbye. The governor was angry, changed his clothes, and sent officials to serve his articles. Repeatedly reported, language Yiqi, is hale and hearty said: "genius also!" Please write it. I'm very happy. Bo belongs to the text. At the beginning, he did not think carefully. He first polished the ink for several liters. Then he drank heavily. He was covered with his face and lay down. He helped to write a piece. It was not easy to say a word. People at that time called Bo as "abdominal manuscript". You like writing books.

At the beginning, Zutong was a professor in bainiuxi at the end of Sui Dynasty. He began to write one hundred and twenty books in Han, Wei and Jin Dynasties, in order to continue the ancient book of history, and later died its preface. It was said that the son of man should not be ignorant of the doctor. Cao Yuan had a secret skill in Chang'an. He traveled from it and got the essence. After reading the book of changes, if there is an allegation in the night dream, he says: "there is Taiji in the book of changes, and I encourage him to think about it." He wrote several pieces of Yi play, until Jin Gua, it would stop the disease.

Bo, Yang Jiong, Lu Zhaolin and Luo Binwang are all famous for their articles, and they are called four outstanding figures in the early Tang Dynasty. Cui Rong and Zhang said, commenting on Bo, he said: "Bo's articles are magnificent, which are beyond the reach of ordinary people. Jiong and Zhaolin can be enterprises."

(selected from Xin Tang Shu, abridged)

(3 points) ()

A. to find out what is missing in Zhizhang: to pick out.

B. comments on the "secret of the platform" times: edition.

C. Borgo Province, cross the sea, drowning Province: visit.

D. Berberis: delivery.

5. In the following groups of sentences, the one with the same meaning and usage is (3 points) ()

The way of good fortune is reflected in the dynasty, and the countermeasures are high

Liang said, "long minister"

Pondering on Zhuge Liang's merits

There is no expense for Qin Dynasty

Relying on the talent of the mausoleum, he was jealous of the officials

Please take Xianyang of Qin as Zhao wangshou

They are all famous for their articles

Wang is warlike, please use the metaphor of war

6. The following six sentences are divided into four groups, all of which directly indicate that one of Wang Bo's "outstanding literary talents" is (3 points) ()

At the age of nine, he got Yan shigu's annotation of Hanshu to read it, and wrote Zhijiao to eliminate the loss

(2) before the crown of the year, he was awarded the emperor's son Lang, and the number of tributes to the imperial palace

(3) when Wang Pei heard of his name, he wrote it by the government

(4) repeatedly reported, the language is strange, but hale and hearty said: "genius also!"

(5) it is not easy to write a single word

(6) the article is grand and open, which is beyond the reach of ordinary people


7. In the following analysis and summary of the relevant contents of the original text, one of the incorrect items is (3 points) ()

A. Wang Bo showed his talent early. When he was a teenager, he was granted the post of chaosanlang. Later, he was called up by Wang Pei to serve as the editor of the government office. At the banquet of Tengwang Pavilion, Wang Bo made the governor admire him and praised him as "genius".

B. Wang Bo's fate was rough. Gao Zong was expelled from the Mansion because of his play "Xi Ying Wang Ji"; He was also punished for killing officials and slaves without permission, and was still removed from his name when he was pardoned; Later, he was drowned by crossing the sea and died of fright.

C. when Tengwang pavilion was held, the governor did not sincerely invite the guests to write the preface, so he asked his son-in-law to write the preface in advance to boast his son-in-law's literary talent. Wang Bo, the only one who agreed, naturally aroused the dissatisfaction of the governor.

D. from Cui Rong and Zhang Yue's comments on Wang Bo, it can be seen that the ranking of the "four outstanding figures in the early Tang Dynasty" has always been fair, while the literary talent of Yang Jiong and Lu Zhaolin is far behind him.

Please translate the following sentences into modern Chinese£¨ 10 points)

(1) Cao Da, an official slave, confessed his guilt and hid Bo's place. He was afraid of things and killed them£¨ 4 points)


(2) the fate of Lefu was doubted£¨ 3 points)


(3) Liu Su infantile disease, often in bed, the minister treated the soup, never abandoned£¨ 3 points)


(2) poetry appreciation (9 points)

Read the following song poem and complete questions 9-10

Two poems in the boat (one)

Chen Shidao

The wind blows across the river, the Yellow current is turbulent, and the wind is strong. ¢Ú

As fast as ten thousand miles to ride, air pressure on the three rivers and five lakes.

The night was bright over the shore, and the boat was waiting for the wreck.

The youth's journey is now white, not all return home to the national conditions.

Note: 1) in the first year of Shaosheng (1094), the author was dismissed because of the party struggle. This poem is on the way out of office.

(2) strong wind means strong wind.

9. What rhetorical devices are used in the third and fourth sentences? Please give a brief appreciation£¨ 4 points)

10. What emotions does this poem express? Please give a brief analysis£¨ 5 points)

(3) famous articles and famous sentences written by Dictation: (10 points)

11. Write the blanks in the following sentences:

(1) the close relatives who have made outstanding contributions outside the country are close relatives.

¡¡¡¡(2)__________________________£¬ The autumn river shares a scenic hue with the vast sky.

¡¡¡¡(3)__________________________£¬ Those who know what is coming can be traced. It's not far from the wrong way.

(4) be strong and healthy? The poor and the strong, the poor and the strong.

(5) if you take advantage of the right of heaven and earth, To swim in infinity, you can see.

(6) Chen Sheng should be the head of the meteor.

(7) they said with a smile: "you are not a girl, but you are a girl, Grab the elm Fang and stop. "

3. Literature text reading (25 points)

12. Read the following text and complete questions (1) - (4) (25 points)

City dwellers and countrymen

Bi Shumin

In recent months, the most delicious meal we have ever had is in a small village in the countryside. At noon, with his back against the pond, under the simple awning made of sorghum straw, the old farmer brought his own corn and potatoes, as well as half foot long fish that had just been salvaged from the water, and roasted them on the charcoal fire.

The fish was cut open from the middle and spread on the dull flame. One seemed to be changed into two. The whole body is covered with salt and frost, hard and yellowish, like a thin rusty armor. Eat to the mouth, fish bone and fish are flat and hot, creak, like chewing a soil colored coir raincoat.

I asked the old farmer, what kind of seasoning was used?

He answered vaguely with a dry cigarette holder, salt.

Salt is indescribable, visible and ubiquitous. I said, what else?

No more. The old farmer exhaled a mouthful of smoke and answered clearly.

I don't believe to ask: no pepper, big stuff? No Douchi or chili? No oyster sauce? No

The old farmer interrupted me. There was nothing you said - just salt.

I said, today I know that salt is so delicious.

The old farmer laughed and said, "you man, you've made a mistake.". Salt is not delicious. What's delicious is the products we have prepared for ourselves. In Qianlong's reign, how to plant it all my life is still how we plant it.

I retorted that there was no such sweet and glutinous corn in Qianlong's life.

The old farmer said with a smile that you are a good man. Seeds are not as good as they are now. I'm talking about planting methods. What we give ourselves to eat is made of native method. There is no chemical fertilizer, no pesticide and no hormone.

Speaking of this, his face of vicissitudes showed a little sinister smile, said, there is one thing, I have been unable to understand, always want to find a city dweller who is not strange and does not like to be angry.

I said, you ask, I don't blame, I am not angry.

The old man cleared his throat to show how unusual the subject he was going to ask. After swallowing a few mouthfuls of saliva, he said, "we used so much chemical fertilizer and pesticide on the crops and vegetable leaves. Seeing the lively insects, we killed the whole land in the blink of an eye. But this kind of food and vegetables is what your city people eat all year round. How come it hasn't been killed by medicine?

He had a local accent, because hesitation and embarrassment made the dialect flavor even stronger¡° In his pronunciation, the word "drug death" means "about death".

I understood what he said, but I didn't know how to answer it. The first reaction was to feel ashamed that I had swallowed so many pesticides, fertilizers and hormones, but I was still alive and eating. I said: I'm sorry, I don't know why I haven't been asked to die

A young man listening to our conversation stepped forward to solve my problem.

He said, in the early years, there was an advertisement that sang "we are pests, we are pests..." remember? People are like pests. Some people die of cancer and other diseases after they have been treated with pesticides. Some of them are resistant to pesticides and do not die. You immortal people, like living pests, are stronger with antibodies.

People around us overheard what we were saying. Yes, it is. You see cockroaches, you see mice, have not been poisoned by various baits? Absolutely? No, The more you kill, the more you kill. People in the city are like them. They can't be poisoned. "

I'm not sure whether I should be proud or sad to be alive as a member of the city under the siege of pesticides and chemical fertilizers?

We never eat anything for the city people. We divide the food we eat for ourselves and the things we sell to the people in the city into two plots, and we will never mix them up. What we give you today is what we leave for ourselves. The old farmer said with great enthusiasm. I look at his good and vicissitudes of face, the heart is full of perplexity.

Is it the wisdom of existence or a deliberate murder to separate the grower and the eater, leave clean food for yourself, and then "meet" others with chronic poison?

I don't dare to blame the old farmer. If I were a farmer, I would probably do the same. In the face of the common phenomenon in China today, we have no choice but to hope that we can become immortal green insects.

Reading newspapers two days ago, China's urban population has reached more than 62%. Can we say this: the food that most Chinese people eat now is actually what a small number of people do not like to eat, disdain to eat, and dare not eat.

Remember the old saying "do not do to others what you do not want". That is the essence of Confucianism, and it was once a deeply rooted creed of the Chinese nation. Nowadays, on the big problem of "eating", how can virtue be lost?

When we broke up, the old man was very happy to tell us that his two grandsons and daughters had been admitted to university and would become city dwellers in the future.

(1) the following two incorrect analyses and generalizations of the novel are (5 points) ()

A. the article quotes the old saying "do not do to others what you don't want to do to others". The purpose is only to criticize the old peasants' narrow and selfish consciousness of small farmers.

B. This paper shows a kind of social phenomenon with simple language and plain plot, and the problems reflected by it are thought-provoking.

C. "I" didn't know how to answer the old farmer's question for a moment. It was a young man listening to him that solved the problem. "I" was very satisfied with his answer.

D. "crunchy, like chewing a soiled coir raincoat" uses onomatopoeic words and metaphors to vividly describe the delicious feeling of "I" when eating the old farmer's roasted fish.

At the end of the article, the old farmer happily told "me" that his two grandsons and daughters had been admitted to university and would become city people in the future. This ending is obviously ironic and thought-provoking.

(2) after listening to the old farmer's question "how can people in the city have not been killed by drugs" in my heart£¨ 6 points)

(3) please briefly analyze the image of "old farmer"£¨ 6 points)

(4) what do you think of the old farmer's practice of "dividing the food for oneself and selling to the city people into two plots and never mix them up"? Please state your opinion and analyze it.

4. Language use (15 points)

13. In the following sentences, the correct use of the added idioms is (3 points) ()

A.7.23 the especially serious railway traffic accident on Yongwen railway once again exposed the problems of inadequate implementation of safety responsibility and lax safety management, which made people grieve over the accident that should not have happened.

B. the drought in many parts of China in 20XX reminds us that Beijing, which is already short of water resources, is on the verge of "water is as expensive as oil", and water-saving awareness needs to be further strengthened.

C. located on the main axis of the 20XX Xi'an World Horticultural Exposition, the nature museum is a landmark building of the 20XX Xi'an World Horticultural Exposition with unique architectural form and imposing atmosphere.

D. the recent incident of a singer's son driving without a license is the same as the case of Li Qiming's traffic accident in Hebei University. Netizens all believe that the root cause of the incident lies in their parents' doting, improper discipline and mutual influence among playmates of the same class.

14. In the following sentences, one of the sentences without language problems is (3 points) ()

A. - Premier presided over the executive meeting of the State Council to listen to the handling of the oil spill accident in Penglai 19-3 oilfield, study and plan to strengthen environmental protection.

B. the national development and Reform Commission (NDRC) recently issued a notice requiring all localities to carry out special rectification activities on the market price of moon cakes, focusing on checking whether there is a disguised increase in the price of moon cakes by means of excessive packaging and tying up of valuables.

C. in order to ensure that the children of migrant workers can receive compulsory education free of charge in the vicinity of the input place, a notice issued on the website of the Ministry of education on the 15th stressed that it is not allowed to drop out of school because of urban demolition and school withdrawal.

D. in response to questions from all walks of life about the security capability, the FBI and Homeland Security said that they would strengthen the level of domestic security, and the area where the World Trade Center site is located will be "frozen" by the New York police on each anniversary.

Fill in the words in the following sentences in turn, the most appropriate one is (3 points) ()

(1) advertising has always been a magic weapon for TV stations, but the audience has been quite concerned about it. According to the following regulations of SARFT, it is strictly prohibited to insert advertisements in TV dramas from January 1, 20XX, which immediately won the unanimous support of TV viewers.

(2) the brothers in the underground accident who are struggling in the world eat bark, drink dirty water, and put the miner's lamp, To ensure that the moment the rescue arrives, they can also accurately indicate their position.

(3) the international financial crisis makes the transformation of China's economic development mode even more serious_______ Looking at the international and domestic economic situation, it is urgent to change the mode of economic development.

A. query collection implementation B. query collection implementation

C. questioning, collecting, demonstrating, D. questioning, collecting and demonstrating

16. Read the following excerpt from a mini novel and answer the following questions£¨ 6 points)

In the evening, Xiao Li came to the home of director Zhang with a gift

Director Zhang: what do you mean!

Xiao Li: it's nothing. I just want to mean it!

Director Zhang: ah, you are really interesting!

Xiao Li: actually, I don't mean anything else!

Director Zhang: then I'm sorry!

Xiao Li: you're welcome! you are welcome!

(1) please explain the meaning of "meaning" in the above three points£¨ 3 points)

(2) please tell the implication of the underlined sentences£¨ 3 points)

5. Writing (60 points)

17. Read the material below, as required composition ¡£

"Fusion" means melting, merging and harmonizing. The melting of ice and snow into spring water is "melting", interpersonal harmony is "melting", cultural exchange and ideological communication are "melting"

Please write an article on the topic of "fusion". Self made title, style, no less than 800 words.

Senior two final Chinese test question 2

Volume I (36 points in total)

1. (15 points in total, 3 points for each sub question)

1. Among the following groups of words, the group with dots and phonetic notation is

A. ch ¨¬) Merchants (G ¨³) Zhu Tuo (T ¨¤) (G ¨¥ ng)

B ¨£ n) (c) ¨´) Fence (f ¨¡ n) Rotating shaft plucking string (Xu ¨¢ n)

C. filial piety (T ¨¬) Chanyan (Ch ¨¢ n) (M ¨¦ NG) perseverance (q) ¨¬)

D. dimple (y ¨¨) Cauterization (L ¨¤ o) Flattery (Y ¨²) K ¨´)

2. Which of the following groups of words is correct

A. Diao Liang Hua Dong is contemptuous and has a long history

B. sweet words devour loneliness

C. at the end of a powerful crossbow

D. the great vicissitudes of life

3. One of the inappropriate idioms in the following sentences is

I can't travel anywhere, but I can only sit in the dark room light.

B. a dream of Red Mansions is not only profound in thought, but also marvelous in art, which is manifested in the fact that the author is good at depicting characters.

C. you ignore the demands of your subordinates, ignore their opinions and ignore their difficulties. You are not a competent leading cadre.

D. Balzac's deep vision saw that the feudal aristocratic society was declining at that time, replaced by the emerging bourgeois society.

Among the following sentences, there is no language fault

A. as Chinese educators engaged in modern education, we should be more tolerant and encourage students' "alternative" ideas, so as to provide them with a relaxed and free space for expression.

In the fierce market competition, what we lack is courage and strategy.

C. if China does not alleviate the huge burden of population growth on Soil and water resources, then the deterioration of the environment will endanger the sustainable development of social economy.

D. Chinese learning, both in content and in form, is characterized by comprehensiveness. Strengthening comprehensive testing is undoubtedly more in line with the characteristics of Chinese subject.

5. One of the incorrect explanations about the common sense of literature is

A. Xunzi is the last representative of the Confucianists in the pre Qin Dynasty. He and Mencius became the two opposite schools of Confucianism. He wrote tens of thousands of words in sequence in his whole life, and later compiled it as Xunzi. The content of Xunzi involves philosophical thoughts, political problems, academic methods, ways of living in the world, and so on.

B. poems appeared before the Tang Dynasty are generally called ancient poems, while metrical poems, quatrains and other metrical poems in the Tang Dynasty are called modern poems¡¶ "Yin" in sleepwalking Tianmu Yinliu and "Xing" in Pipa Xing are all a genre of ancient poetry, with strict restrictions on the number of words and sentences.

C. Balzac is one of the representative realism masters in the 19th century. His main novels are called "human comedy", in which "old man Gao" occupies a very important position. It is the prelude of "human comedy" and one of the works in "human comedy".

D. Han Yu, the initiator of the ancient prose movement in the Tang Dynasty and the first of the eight great masters of the Tang and Song Dynasties, was called "Han Liu" together with Liu Zongyuan.

2. Reading classical Chinese (21 points)

(1) read the following excerpt from "how to be a man in the country" and answer the questions as required.

"In accordance with the farming season, grain is not better than food. The fish and turtle can not be eaten without entering the pond. When the axe Jin enters the mountain forest, the timber cannot be used better. Grain, fish and turtle can not be eaten, wood can not be used, is to make people live and die without regret. It is the beginning of kingcraft to raise life and lose one's life without regret.

"For a house of five acres, the trees are covered with mulberry, and fifty can be clothed with silk. Chickens, porpoises, dogs and other animals can eat meat at the right time; Don't seize the land of a hundred mu. A few people can live without hunger; In order to uphold the doctrine of filial piety and fraternity, those who issue white books will not fail to wear them on the road. Seventy people wear silk and meat, and the people of Li are not hungry and cold. However, those who are not king have not.

"Dogs eat human food but don't know how to check them. If they are hungry, they don't know what to do. When a man dies, he says, "it's not me, I'm old." Why is it different from stabbing people and killing them, saying, "not me, but soldiers." At the age of Wang's innocence, the people of the world are far away. "

6. One of the following sentences has the same characteristics as the sample sentence

However, there is no king, there is no king.

A. It is the beginning of kingcraft to live and die without regret.

B. not limited to the time, learn more.

C. vermis have no claws and teeth, but strong muscles and bones.

D. Don't know what you read.

7. In the following sentences, one of the wrong explanations is to add some words

In accordance with the farming season, grain is not better than food

B. dog eating human food without inspection: Reflection

C. when the axe reaches the mountain, press

Don't seize the time for a hundred acres of land

8. One of the following mistakes in understanding the meaning of the text is

A. to use metaphor to say that "stabbing people and killing them" is to blame the absurdity of weapons, which shows that it is not the famine years that harm the people, but the tyranny of the rulers.

The sentence pattern of "can't... also" gives people the feeling that they can't eat enough, which greatly enhances the persuasive and infectious power.

C. the sharp contrast between "dog eating man's food without knowing inspection" and "painting with hungry food without knowing hair" is Mencius' direct criticism of Liang Huiwang himself.

D. starting from the implementation of kingcraft, the selected articles have expounded the reasons, principles and measures of making the people attached to each other.

Read the following classical Chinese and complete questions 9-12.

Preface to Mei Sheng Yu's poetry collection

Ouyang Xiu

It is said that poets are less accomplished and more poor. What a man! Most of the poems handed down by the world come from the words of the ancient poor. The ordinary people, who are not allowed to do anything to the world, like to put themselves outside the mountains and rivers. They often find it strange to see insects, fish, plants, wind, clouds, birds and beasts. It is filled with sorrow and indignation. It is inspired by resentment and resentment. It is lamented by the officials and widows. It is hard to describe human feelings. The poorer the cover is, the more work will be done. However, poetry is not the ability of the poor, and the poor will work later.

To his friend Mei Shengyu, he seldom took Yin Bu as an official. He was a Jinshi scholar and was often confined to a company. He was trapped in the state and county for more than ten years. At 50 years old, he still wrote a book to help others. He was depressed by what he had and could not devote himself to his career. His family Wanling, the young learned poetry, from the child, the language has startled its elders. As long as he is, he learns from the six classics of benevolence and righteousness. It is an article, simple and pure, and does not seek to talk about it in the world. However, when there is no sage and fool, the poet must seek the holy Yu; Sheng Yu also wrote poems because he was not successful, so he wrote more poems in his life. The world knows it, but has not recommended it to the superior. Once upon a time, Wang Wenkang felt it and sighed, "it has not been done in 200 years." Although I know it well, I can't recommend it. If it is lucky to be used in the court, as elegant, eulogizing the merits and virtues of the Song Dynasty and recommending the temple of Qing Dynasty, it would be great to pursue the praises of Shang, Zhou and Lu! How can it be that the poems of the poor, instead of being successful in their old age, are only written in the words of insects, fish and animals, and the lament of sorrow? The apprentice is fond of his work and will grow old without knowing how poor he has been! I don't care!

Since there are many poems in Shengyu, he doesn't manage himself. Xie Jingchu, his wife's brother and son, was afraid of many of them and was easy to lose. He took his works from Luoyang to Wuxing for ten volumes. He was fond of the poems of the sage Yu, but could not get them as much as they could. He liked Xie's ability and category, and kept them in order.

In the next 15 years, Sheng Yu died in the capital. Yu cried and inscribed it. Because of his family, he got more than 1000 pieces of his manuscripts and kept them in his old collection. He compiled 677 pieces of his works into 15 volumes. Whoa! I am in the details of Shengyu's poetry theory, so no more clouds.

The preface of Ouyang in Luling.

[note] 1. Mei Sheng Yu, who was Mei Yaochen (1002-1060 A.D.), was a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty and a friend of Ouyang Xiu.

9. One of the incorrect explanations in the following sentences is

A. according to Yu Wen, the poet is less accomplished and more poor than accomplished.

B. I like to put myself out of the water on the top of the mountain: exile.

C. trapped in the state and county for more than ten years.

D. 677 articles: selection.

10. The meaning and usage of the dotted words in the following sentences are the same

Do not strive to see the cause, the words have startled its elders


Green, take from the blue, and green in blue, one of the dogs sitting in front

Yu Yiji, the poet of the poor, died in the capital


In order to defeat the Peigong army, he rebelled against Qin's joy with the reason of Yibi

In the following groups of sentences, the group that shows Mei Shengyu's "working in poetry" and "not achieving success" respectively is

As a child who has learned poetry, he has become a child


There is a melancholy accumulation of sorrow and indignation, and its rise is in resentment

However, when there is no sage and fool, the poet must seek the holy Yu


Often restrained in the company, trapped in the state and county, where more than ten years

Is it not great to recommend the Qing temple, and to pursue the author of Shang, Zhou and Lu Song


The world already knows it, but has not recommended it to the superior

677 articles


How could he make him a poor man's poem instead of his old age

12. One of the following statements and analysis of the original text is incorrect

A. in the first paragraph, the author puts forward the brilliant poetic theory of "work after poverty", and the content of the latter part is mainly based on this viewpoint.

B. in the second paragraph, "the elder" and "the world" are all amazed at Mei Yaochen's poetic talent. These are not idle writings, which positively affirm the achievements of Mei Yaochen's poetry and prose.

C. The arrangement of Mei Shengyu's poetry anthology in the third and fourth paragraphs not only reflects the number of his poems, but also expresses the author's grief for his passing away.

D. Ouyang Xiu wrote this preface to Mei Yaochen's poetry anthology. The emphasis is not on Mei's poems, but on expressing sympathy and injustice for Mei's failure to meet his talents in his life.

Volume II (114 points in total)

3. (7 points)

13. Translate the underlined sentences in the classical Chinese reading materials£¨ 7 points)

(1) however, poetry is not the ability of the poor, and those who are nearly poor will work later£¨ 3 points)


(2) he tasted the poems of Sheng Yu, but he could not get them all. He liked Xie's poems in the second place and kept them in order£¨ 4 points)


Read the following two poems and answer questions 14-15 (9 points)

Lin Daiyu

"Chanting white crabapple"

Half a roll of Xiang curtain, half cover door, grinding ice for earth jade basin.

Steal pear core three points white, borrow plum a wisp of soul.

The moon cave fairy sews the silk, the autumn boudoir blames the female to wipe the cry trace.

Who will you tell me in silence? Tired leaning on the west wind, the night is dim.

Xue Baochai

"Chanting white crabapple"

Cherish the beautiful appearance, cover the door in the daytime, and hand in hand the urn to irrigate the moss basin.

The rouge washes out the shadow of autumn steps, and the ice and snow attract the soul.

Light extreme beginning to know the flower is more colorful, worry more how to get jade without trace.

If you want to pay for the White Emperor, you should be clean.

14. The two poems have different ways of drawing and describing the shape and spirit of baihaitang. One of the poems is chosen to appreciate it£¨ 4 points)

15. The two poems are actually written by Cao Xueqin for the characters in the book. Is it reasonable for Cao Xueqin to design Lin Daiyu for the first one and Xue Baochai for the latter one? Try to talk about your understanding of either of the two characters according to their life experience, situation, personality characteristics and specific poems£¨ 5 points)

Five (10 points)

Fill in the blanks according to the text

(1) there are bird paths in Taibai, Xidang£¨¡¶ The road of Shu is difficult.)

(2) no more chickens will report the dawn£¨¡¶ Mawei)

(3) one hundred years of disease alone£¨¡¶ Climbing the heights)

(4) silence is better than sound£¨¡¶ Pipa line)

(5) this situation can be recalled£¨¡¶ Jin SE)

(6) dogs eat human food and do not know how to check£¨¡¶ How can I help my country

(7) then you can know clearly and act without fault£¨¡¶ To encourage learning.)

(8) Liuhe, which is made of shoes, is very powerful£¨¡¶ On the passing of Qin Dynasty)

(9) the world is gathering together to respond£¨¡¶ On the passing of Qin Dynasty)

(10) hearing the Tao has its own sequence, so it is£¨¡¶ The teacher said)

6. (16 points)

Read the following essays and complete 17-20 questions.


Tang Xuechun

I wish you farewell, master.

Master sent it to the mountain gate.

The wind and rain are dreary and the mountains are empty.

The mountain wind stirred master's silver beard and lifted up her clothes. Master left, just like a yellow leaf floating in the mountains.

This is the last Apprentice of master. Master will never accept apprentices again. Master devoted himself to the cultivation of "Tiangang sword technique", a unique martial art skill. He never married all his life, so he had no children. In the future, only Shifu alone guarded the cold mountain. This is also the most beloved disciple of Shifu's life. He is smart and studious, and treats his master like a father. So the master passed on all his life's efforts to him. At this moment, the master looked at the back of the disciple and thought that he could make great achievements in the future based on the river and lake. At the same time, he felt relieved when he was lonely and miserable.

However, just at this time, I looked back.

Master was stunned.

I shouldn't look back. It's a rule in the Wulin. Looking back means that he still has something to ask of his master. However, the old master had nothing.

Is it true that master and apprentice are inseparable?

When master thought of this layer, he was not happy; Like this kind of childish love, how can they become big things in the future? But there is another hot: one day as a teacher, life as a father, not to mention their own treatment of him as his own, how can this child give up is human nature. So thinking about it, I saw the cold rain again, but I was still bareheaded! So a burst of heartache, rushed back to find an umbrella, sent to the disciple.

I knelt down on the bluestone path beside the cliff in front of me.

With tears in her eyes, the master rushed forward and stretched out her hands to help her up.

But I can't help it.

Master was shocked.

After a while, he understood that it was easy for master to calm down and said, "Tiangang sword technique is my unique skill in my life. Now that you have obtained it, you can be invincible in the world. What are you dissatisfied with?"

The disciple kowtowed to the ground and said, "master once taught me that the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth are mutually complementary. I think there is always a solution to the Tiangang sword technique. I hope master can teach me."

The master said, "the sabre technique is caused by essence, Qi and spirit. It is beyond the five elements."

"Thank you, master." I got up and arched my hands. Then he turned his back, but he didn't go. Across the path, as of a stump.

"Master, even if Tiangang's Sabre skill is invincible in the world, if the master passes it on to others, the disciple and he will be just a tie."

The master sighed and said, "I am a teacher in my old age. You are my last Apprentice. This is not what I said today."

"Don't worry about me." The disciple said, don't face, take eyes to the side of the path cliff slope, "master jumped down from here, even if said the truth."

The precipice is ten thousand feet long, but there is smoke and fog around the edge of the cliff.

The master shivered in his heart and then laughed.

The master said, "I'm just worried that I may not have learned my Sabre skill."

The disciple thought that his Sabre technique was perfect, which he was absolutely sure of; Master laughs, which shows that this Sabre technique is really effective.

"Ask Master for advice." I knelt down again.

The master folded up his umbrella and said, "Why are you so polite? Get up."

When the disciple got up, the master put the umbrella in front of him and said, "you may not be able to break it with one knife."

I know that there are people in the lake who use umbrellas as as weapons, and they hide mechanisms skillfully. The hidden weapons hurt people badly. However, although the master used many weapons, he did not use an umbrella; Besides, he bought this ordinary bamboo bone paper umbrella for his master himself. He bought it in an umbrella shop in a small town nearby. Did the master have any magical skill to turn it into a bronze needle and iron bone? Even if it's a copper needle and iron bone, his Tiangang sword technique can break it into two sections as long as it's cut down obliquely.

The disciple then thought: Well, cut this umbrella, see what you old thing said! After thinking about it, he drew out his knife, used all his life skills, looked at the umbrella obliquely, and waved it away.

This is a very ordinary umbrella, where you need a lot of skills. A knife down, the umbrella suddenly bone loose tendons fly, the teacher's father's hand is just a bamboo dagger. However, as soon as the disciple bent down, his bamboo dagger went straight through his throat from the back of his head and nailed him to the bluestone board.

The mountain rain is dreary and the mountain wind is like a complaint.

The master burst into tears and fell down the cliff.

17. "The wind and rain are dreary and the mountains are empty". The scenery is concise. This paper tries to analyze the function of this sentence£¨ 4 points)


18. Talk about the meaning of the sentence "I'm just worried that I may not have learned my family's Sabre skill."£¨ 4 points)


19. Talk about the meaning of "umbrella" in the text, and analyze the role of "umbrella" as the topic£¨ 4 points)


20. What does this little novel tell us? Please contact the reality to talk about your opinion£¨ 4 points)


7. Language use (12 points)

21. Please choose one of the main characters in "blessing" and "the old man and the sea" and write a brief comment for them to express their evaluation. Each comment should not exceed 25 words£¨ 4 points)

[example] character in Peacock Flying Southeast: Jiao Zhongqing

Comments: although born cowardly, but also willing to fight to death, its courage is commendable!

(or: be loyal to love, dare to insist, keep promise, affectionate and righteous.)

(or: a lover who keeps his promise, dares to resist and takes responsibility.)

A: characters in blessing:


Characters in the old man and the sea


22. In daily life, it is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation to pay attention to elegant wording and image. Please fill in the following words or sentences used in different occasions£¨ 4 points)

Example: if you win the championship, you can directly say "win the championship"; To be more elegant, we can say "win laurels" and "win the first prize"; If you use four words, you can say "become the champion" and "bring good news"; It can even be expressed in the sentence "the majestic national anthem is sounding".

(1) if you lose the final, you can say "lost"; A little more elegant, can say "¡õ"; If you use a four character idiom or idiom, you can say "¡õ ¡õ ¡õ"

(2) if the game is even, we can directly say "draw"; If you use a four character idiom or idiom, you can say "mutual exchange of white paper" ¡Á ¡õ ¡õ ¡õ "¡õ ¡õ.

23. Please follow the example sentence and write a sentence in the sentence pattern of "people habitually think that... In fact...", the number of sentences should be the same as that of the example sentence, and the number of words should not be equal.

For example: it is customary to think that "master craftsman" is to satirize those who are making use of axe to show off their skills and overstepping their abilities. In fact, it is not. It can also be used to praise the courage and wisdom of those who do it£¨ 4 points)

8. (60 points)

24. Composition

Please write a composition on the topic of "distance".

It can record things and express opinions. It has no limitation on style, no plagiarism or parody. It has more than 800 words.

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