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Campus security knowledge test with answers

Time: December 12, 2020 11:28:06 test questions I want to contribute

Campus security knowledge test with answers

In the daily study and work, we often come into contact with the test questions, which are used for the examination questions, and are required to answer according to the standard. Do you know what kind of test is good? The following is a small collection of campus security knowledge test questions with answers, hoping to help you.

 Campus security knowledge test with answers

¡¡¡¡ 1¡¢ Single choice

1. When clothes are on fire, a is required.

A. roll on the ground B. pat the body with your hand. C. ignore it. It will go out by itself

2. When the oil is on fire, apply a.

A. foam fire extinguisher B. dry powder fire extinguisher C. 1211 fire extinguisher

3. The mosquito repellent incense should be placed at C.

A. window B. table C. open space

4. Beginners a.

A. some protective equipment should be prepared. B. you can swim in the water directly. C. you can carry a basketball into the water

5. Drinking water a.

A. high quality B. Zilai C. Baikai D. Quanquan

6. Food poisoning is a.

A. very dangerous B. general dangerous C. no big deal D. terrible

7. When taking transportation for an outing, it should be d

A. rush on B. don't worry. Take your time. C. whatever you like. D. move quickly according to the plan

8. In case of earthquake at home, immediately (c)

A. run downstairs B. jump out of the window C. hide in the kitchen or bathroom

9. It is not appropriate to take self rescue measures for muscle cramps in swimming (d)

A. head back B. try to make the mouth and nose out of the water C. don't struggle hard. D. lift your hand up

According to statistics, more than 80% of the people who died in the fire belong to (b).

A. burned directly by fire B. suffocated by smoke C. jumped from a building or scared to death

¡¡¡¡ 2¡¢ Multiple choice

1. Those who stay in the dormitory of the opposite sex or stay in the dormitory of the opposite sex shall be punished, and those who stay in the opposite sex and fail to report their feelings shall be punished£¨ A C£©

A. record demerit or stay in school for inspection B. record demerit C. give warning punishment D. record punishment

2. In case of fire, when the stairs have been burnt out and the passage has been blocked, the following methods are appropriate (BCD)

Jump down the stairs immediately

B. for lower floors, you can use a strong rope (or tear sheets, curtain cloth, etc.) to tie the rope and climb down the rope

C. If you are trapped on the second floor, you can throw some bedding out first, and then climb up the window or balcony and jump down

D. they can be transferred to other safer rooms, windows or balconies, and wait patiently for the rescue of fire fighters.

3. What season is better for outing£¨ AC£©

A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter

The following words are correct

Some mushrooms are poisonous and cannot be eaten.

B. you don't need to bring drinking water when you go climbing. It's more sweet to find some spring water to drink.

C. It is best to wear football shoes with nails to participate in football matches.

D. never make noise in the water when swimming to avoid choking or injury.

5. The color of the following gas cylinders is (ABD)

A. the oxygen cylinder is sky blue. B. the hydrogen cylinder is dark green

C. The nitrogen cylinder is brown. D. the carbon dioxide cylinder is aluminum white.

¡¡¡¡ 3 Short answer£¨ 8, 8, 9)

1. When is the dormitory easy to be stolen?

A: freshmen are easy to be stolen when they enter school and leave school after graduation; It is easy to be stolen before and after holidays; Don't close the doors and windows when you go to bed, especially in the morning and evening; Students who take part in evening self-study, large-scale activities, military training and field activities are easy to be stolen when there is no one in the dormitory for a long time.

2. What are the principles of trauma first aid?

A: in principle, first rescue, then fixed, in the transport, and pay attention to take measures to prevent the aggravation of injury and pollution. If it is necessary to send to the hospital, protective measures should be taken before delivery.

3. How to avoid fighting? What should I do if I encounter a quarrel?


(1) students should get along with each other in a harmonious way, so as to prevent the campus from being eroded by the bad social atmosphere such as the spirit of the river and the lake;

(2) conflicts and disputes should be properly dealt with due to dining in the canteen, library seats occupied, Court Sports and other trivial matters.

(3) we should strengthen our self-cultivation and be kind to others. We should not make trouble because of trifles. Don't worry that it will lose face. On the contrary, we will not ridicule your cowardice, but will admire your self-restraint and magnanimity. If you encounter some hooligans and scoundrels, or even come to the door to make a quarrel, you should never be timid and compromise. You should take up the legal weapon to protect yourself and report to the school security department in time.

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