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Reflection on the teaching of test paper evaluation

Time: 2021-01-07 17:00:17 test questions I want to contribute

Reflection on the teaching of test paper evaluation

No matter in study or work, we often have exams, contact with test questions, the test questions are written according to certain assessment needs. I believe that many friends need a test that can effectively help themselves, right? The following is a small collection of questions for everyone to review the teaching reflection, welcome to read and collect.

The examination is often faced by the third grade students of junior high school. Through the examination of the examination questions, the students' mastery of the review knowledge is examined. The comprehensive ability of the students is improved. At the same time, the problems in the students are diagnosed, and the timely information feedback provides a good guarantee for effectively improving the teaching efficiency, That is to say, we should not only solve the problems existing in the students, but also reflect on the teaching in the early stage, so as to play a real guiding role in our teaching work. Then, what to do well in a class of test paper evaluation requires teachers to practice and research. First of all, the work before class must be sufficient

First, the analysis of class students' scores and students' answers, especially error analysis, must be in place. This is the premise for teachers to teach a good lesson, so as not to give comprehensive comments and not to focus on the test questions with relatively more errors. Second, teachers must do a good job in the analysis of test papers and test questions, and pay attention to the requirements of the examination syllabus and the variation of exercises in the textbook, Third, in view of the students' mistakes, the corresponding exercises should be carried out for the remedial exercises of the students so as to correct the mistakes in time. Fourth, some in-depth studies on some typical test questions should be made in order to upgrade and develop the examination questions.

What are the questions and lectures about? We should not only refer to the answers in the book, but also correct and correct the students' answers. First, the background of the topic, the source of this question, and the relationship between it and the previous examination questions; Second, the thinking process, how to analyze, how to think, how to identify patterns, how to reduce thinking; Third, to talk about the students' answering situation, first of all, the students' good performance in answering questions, especially their creative thinking. There are two meanings: one is to encourage the students, constantly encourage them and lead them to progress. This is the practice of education and is also proved by the practice of college entrance examination review; Second, it is also important. Students' exploration results and creative thinking are valuable resources for college entrance examination review. We should cherish it and make full use of it. Secondly, it is to study the problems in the answer paper, discuss the causes of mistakes with students, sum up lessons, and lessons are also very valuable educational resources. The key points should be highlighted in the evaluation of the answer paper. It is not necessary to cover all the questions that can stimulate students' thinking and arouse students' reflection. Fourth, the topic related knowledge, method link. This paper reveals the internal connection, combination mode and network structure of knowledge, so that students can build a good knowledge network.

For example, mathematics is an abstract ideological material. It needs independent thinking. Other people's thinking can't replace your own thinking, and other people's inquiry can't replace your exploration. Therefore, in the evaluation class, we should not only teach the teacher, but also fully mobilize the students to actively participate, let the students explain their own ideas and fully display the students' thinking process, Teachers should follow the students' thinking path, reveal the regular things and find the root of students' mistakes, so as to require flexible teaching methods, such as teacher-student interaction, group cooperation and exploration, so as to improve the efficiency of test paper evaluation and give full play to the role of test paper evaluation class.

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