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Questions and answers of safety education and training for non coal mines

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Questions and answers of safety education and training for non coal mines

Nowadays, many people need to deal with the test questions, which can better check the reference's learning ability and other abilities. What does a good test paper look like? The following is a small carefully organized non coal mine safety education and training questions and answers, I hope to help you.

1. Single choice questions (3 points for each question, 30 points in total)

1. All mine operators shall receive at least () hours of safety education every year.

A.20 B.36 C.72 D.24

2. When the electrical equipment is on fire, first of all.

A. use fire extinguisher B. alarm C. cut off the power supply

3. Which content does not belong to "three-level education" ()

A. factory Education B. workshop education C. team education D. post education

4. The mine production and operation units must provide the employees with () that meet the national or industrial standards.

A. heatstroke protection B. cold proof C. labor protection D. medicine

6. The special operation certificate shall be reviewed by the original examination and Certification Department every () years.

A1 B2 C3 D4

7. The common occupational diseases in China's mining enterprises include nitrogen oxide poisoning, carbon monoxide poisoning, (), noise induced deafness, etc.

A. altitude sickness B. heatstroke C. silicosis

8. Mining enterprises must establish and improve various safety production management systems with () as the core.

A. safety reward and punishment system B. safety production responsibility system C. Safety Foundation Management 9. Open pit mining should give priority to () operation. Comprehensive dust prevention technical measures should be taken for dust producing points and equipment.

A. wet B. dry drilling

10. Before the rainstorm, dredge the flood intercepting ditch inside and outside the dump, check the safety of the flood discharge system in detail, prepare sufficient materials for flood fighting and emergency rescue, and implement.

A. funds B. emergency rescue plan C. emergency rescue measures

3. Judgment questions (2 points for each sub question, 30 points in total)

1. If the laborer is diagnosed with occupational disease, but the employer fails to participate in the social insurance for work-related injury according to law, the medical and living security shall be borne by the laborer himself

2. It is strictly forbidden to operate on the same slope at the same time

3. The processing of detonating charge must be carried out in the blasting working face, no fireworks

4. When the mine employees leave their posts for more than one year, they need not receive safety training 5. Long term inhalation of mineral dust may cause respiratory tract inflammation in mild cases and pneumoconiosis in severe cases

6. The main measures for dust control in open pit mines are wet operation and watering

7. When blasting in the open air, it is not necessary to set up a shelter to avoid blasting, and the personnel can hide behind trees and vehicles by using the terrain

8. The bench height of bench mining generally does not exceed 15m

9. Adhere to the "four don't let go" principle in handling accidents, that is, never let go of unclear causes, not let go of responsible persons, never let go of employees who have not been educated, and never let go of rectification measures that have not been implemented

10. Umbrella eaves and cavities are allowed to form in individual stripping working faces of open stope 11. When the power supply line is cut off, the power switch and handle of the line shall be locked or guarded by special personnel, and the warning sign of "no power transmission is allowed to be operated by someone"

12. In order to prevent heatstroke, we should leave work as early as possible and extend the rest time at noon

13. The workers who have been away from work for more than three months but less than six months and those who have been transferred do not need to receive post safety education again

14. The first method for electric shock personnel is to disconnect them from the power supply

15. In the process of operation, employees shall strictly abide by the safety production rules and regulations and operation rules of the unit, obey the management, and normally wear and use labor protection articles

2. Multiple choice questions (4 points for each question, 20 points in total, no score for wrong or missing answers)

1. Employees must strictly abide by the regulations of the company.

A. safety rules and regulations B. recreational activities C. safe operation procedures D. emergency plan

2. To stop "three violations" means to stop.

A. illegal command B. illegal operation C. violation of labor hygiene D. violation of labor discipline 3. Employees have the right to refuse.

A. command against rules B. force risky operation C. wear labor protection equipment D. safety inspection

4. Main contents of safety production responsibilities of workers.

A. consciously abide by the mine safety laws and regulations as well as the enterprise safety production rules and regulations and operation rules, do not operate against the rules, and stop others from operating against the rules. B. Have the right to refuse illegal command and forced risky operation.

C. formulate and review the safety production rules and regulations of the enterprise, and supervise and implement them.

D. wear and use labor protection articles correctly.

5. Employees who find hidden dangers or other unsafe factors shall report to () immediately.

A. government B. police station C. site security administrator D. person in charge of the unit

Reference answer:

1 Multiple choice questions


2 True or false

̡ ̡ ̡ ̡

3 Multiple choice questions


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