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Classical questions and answers in College Chinese examination

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Classical questions and answers in College Chinese examination

Whether in school or in society, we are inseparable from the test questions, through which we can test the knowledge and skills of the participants. Do you know what kind of test is good? Here's the University chinese Test classic questions and answers, for reference only, welcome to read.

   1、 Multiple choice questions (15 questions in total, 1 point for each sub question, 15 points in total). Only one of the four options given in each question meets the requirements. Please fill in the letter before the item in the brackets after the question.)

1. Drinking is a song ()

A. five character poems B. Yuefu Poems C. five character quatrains D. ancient five character Poems

2. Among the following works, the allegorical biographical works are ()

A. preface to the biography of Zhang Zhongcheng B. biography of General Li C. biography of Guo Tuo of planting trees D. biography of Ma Ling

3. The author of the novel distress is ()

A. Chekov B. Maupassant C. Balzac D. dude

4. The word "disaster starts with a small wall" comes from ()

A. Hanfeizi B. Mozi C. Analects D. book of songs

5. The figure of speech used by "Du Kang" in Cao Cao's short Song Xing is ()

A. metonymy B. metonymy C. analogy D. metaphor

6. Among the following works, the one belonging to Yuefu folk songs of Han Dynasty is ()

A. Mo Shang sang B. Meng Meng C. short Song Xing D. Du lingsuo

7. "Dark" in "dark snow mountain of Changyun in Qinghai" is ()

A. active use B. make use of C. for use D. general usage

8. The poem "there will be times when the wind blows and the waves will be broken, and the sea will be saved by flying clouds."

A. difficult journey B. Du lingsou C. Shuxiang D. Park in Qinhuai

9. The author of the book of poems dead water is ()

Lu Xun B. Guo Moruo C. Ai Qing D. Wen Yiduo

The representative writers of Frontier Poetry School in the prosperous Tang Dynasty are ()

A. Li Bai B. Du Fu C. Wang Wei D. Cen Shen

11. On happiness puts forward the alchemy of spirit ()

A. more effective than all religions B. teaching people to rest

C. make physical pain happy data D. Washing the soul

Among the following four sentences, the sentence with the grammatical phenomenon of preposition of object is ()

A. what does Jiang dislike? B. I'm sorry to tell you the truth.

C. how can Jiang eliminate the harm? D. These four kings all take advantage of the guests.

13. In terms of style, the former Chibi Fu is ()

A. Sao Fu B. ancient Fu C. parallel Fu D. Wen Fu

14. The author of tianjingsha Autumn Thoughts is ()

A. Guan Hanqing B. Wang Shifu C. Tang Xianzu D. Ma Zhiyuan

15. The meaning of the word "temporary" in the sentence of "broad temporary Teng but up Hu Er Ma" is ()

A. temporarily B. suddenly C. novel

   2、 Fill in the blanks (there are 10 sub questions in this big question, with 1 point for each sub question, 10 points in total). Put the answer on the line)

16. The part of speech of the word "drum" in "filling and ranguzhi" is "Gu".

17. The so-called "four books" refer to the Analects of Confucius, the book of songs, the book of songs, and the book of songsゞ The University and the mean.

18. Tao Yuanming's "drinking" poem: "the mountain atmosphere is beautiful day and night, and the mountain spirit is beautiful day and night."

19. Wang Wei's autumn dusk in the mountains, It's late autumn. "

20. In Shu Xiang written by Du Fu, it is said that "when you look at the world frequently, you will find that you have to pay more attention to the world."

21. The author of "on perseverance" is.

22. Mr. Lu Xun once praised the historical records as "a masterpiece of historians."

23. The story of the West Chamber: seeing off at Changting: "who will dye frost forest drunk at dawn?"

24. The three elements of the novel are: characters, plot and u u u u u u u u u u u u.

25. The Warring States policy is a__________ History books of style.

   3、 Word explanation questions (explain the meaning of some words in the sentence). There are 10 sub questions in this question, 1 point for each sub question, 10 points in total)

26. If the head is separated from the body, the heart will not be punished


27. The jade plate is worth thousands of dollars.


28. If the wheat seedling is not beautiful, it will die yellow.


29. If Hanoi is fierce, its people will be transferred to Hedong.


30. Confine yourself to emptiness.


31. However, there is no king.


32. He who looks at the gate wall of Confucius but does not enter his palace.

The Palace:

33. There must be a place to lead the rope.


34. Those who are famous for their skills in the pear garden, regardless of their generations.

Regardless of:

35. Thunder in winter, rain and snow in summer.


   4、 Translate the underlined parts of the following sub questions into modern Chinese. There are 5 sub questions in this big question, 2 points for each sub question, 10 points in total)

36. If you do many wrong deeds, you will die. I'll take care of it─ Zheng Bo Ke Duan Yu Yan)

You will die:

37. The Qi people had Feng Yuan, so they could not survive in poverty. I am a gentleman of mengchang. I would like to take food from the door─ Feng Yuanke Meng Changjun)

Poverty cannot exist in itself

38. (Cheng did not know) he was honest and sincere in grammar─ Biography of General Li)

In grammar:

39. Although it is said that he is worried, he is actually hostile. So if not, how can I be─ The biography of Camellia

Therefore, if not, I would also:

40. If the door doesn't enter, he is willing to flatter his words into a woman's shape, and his sleeves are gold for his own use─ Liu Yiwen Shu)

Sleeve gold for personal use:

   5、 Short answer questions (5 sub questions in total, 4 points for each sub question, 20 points in total)

41. What is the meaning of "national war"?

42. What are the characteristics of the way of discussion in jishijiangdaizhuanyu?

43. What's the reason why Li mi can't be called to be an official?

44. What is the function of "moonlit night" in GuanShanYue?

45. How to understand the elegant and elegant artistic style of farewell to Cambridge?

   6、 Analysis questions (there are 10 sub questions in this big question, 4 points for each sub topic from 40 to 50, 3 points for each sub topic from 51 to 55, 35 points in total)

  (1) read a passage in biographies of General Li and answer the questions after the passage.

The generals and soldiers of Guangzhi are short of water. When they see the water, the soldiers don't drink enough, and they don't get close to the water; Soldiers don't eat enough, but they don't taste food. Lenient but not harsh, scholars use it for pleasure.

46. What kind of character does this passage show Li Guang?

47. Why is philharmonic used by Li Guang?

  (2) read a passage in the past (Fourteenth) and answer the questions after it.

They all laughed - I laughed and said, "not to be a goddess, but to be a" Haihua "youth. As Han said, the sea is gentle and quiet. As Jay said, the sea is extraordinary and majestic. It's better to say that the sea is mysterious and tolerant, it's also open-minded, and it's also broad-minded... "

48. What are the good qualities of the sea?

49. How should the youth of "Haihua" understand it?

  (3) read a paragraph in "war of war" and answer the questions after it.

Wu Ge Xi is armed with rhinoceros armor, the car is wrong hub, and the short soldier is connected. The sun is covered with banners, the enemy is like clouds, and the soldiers are fighting for the first. Ling Yu array Xi, Yu Yu Lin, left Xie Xi, right blade wound. Two rounds of haze, four horses, and a drum. When the sky falls, the spirit is angry, and the field is abandoned.

50. What is the main content of this section?

51. What rhetorical devices are used in "the family blocks out the sun and the enemy is like a cloud"?

52. What is the sentence in this section that reflects the outcome of the battle?

  (4) read a paragraph in the biography of Zhang Zhongcheng and answer the questions after it.

To defend a city, to defend the world, to the death of thousands of people, to fight millions of days to cover the Yangtze River and Huaihe River, Ju check its potential, the world's not perishing, whose contribution? When it is, those who abandon the city and try to survive can not be counted; Good at strengthening soldiers, sitting and watching, phase ring also. Not to pursue this, but to blame the two gongs to stick to it, we can see that they are compared to rebellious, set up obscene words to help attack.

53. In this passage, how does Han Yu discuss the contributions of Zhang Xun and Xu Yuan?

54. What kind of person is Han Yu's criticism of "self comparison to rebellion"?

55. What artistic techniques are used in this passage?

   7 composition (50 points)

56. Title: everyone strives to be an environmental envoy

Requirements: A. must be written in agreement paper B. No less than 800 words. C. The handwriting is neat and tidy.

   Reference answer

  1、 Multiple choice questions



  2、 Fill in the blanks

  Confucius 17. Mencius 18. Huanghe Bo 19. Changyi descendants 20. Leisurely see Nanshan

21. Biography 22. Authority 23. The soul of a son is a ghost hero 24. Du Mu 25. Du lingsou

   3、 Explanation of words

  The bad year, the bad year, the bad harvest

29. Eliminate 30. Modest words, mean 31. Warm appearance

32. Indulging in obsession 33. Repeated 34. Catching alive 35. Edification

4、 Translation questions

36. You must fall by yourself. 37. Poverty and poverty cannot support oneself.

38. Strictly abide by laws and regulations. 39. So it's not as good as me.

40. Hide the gold and silver in the sleeve and give it to him secretly.

  5、 Short answer questions

41. National War refers to those who died for their country. Death of a minor or death outside.

42. This is an argumentative paper of the nature of refutation, which is carried out in the form of dialogue, and there is a point in breaking it.

43. In order to serve the old and sick grandmother who had been dependent on each other since childhood.

44. "Moonlit night" is a clue throughout the whole poem structurally. Moonlight covered the deep houses of the powerful, the border guards and the adherents of the enemy occupied areas.

45. The so-called elegant and elegant artistic style refers to: elegant is lifting heavy as light, natural and unrestrained, the first and Seventh Festival is the most obvious. Qingli is fresh and soft. The second section is about jinliu, the third section is about Qingxing, and the fourth section is about Tanshui.

6、 Analysis questions

46. It shows Li Guang's character of loving Bing Ruzi: he took the lead in the war and gave priority to the soldiers in diet.

47. Because Li Guang cares, sympathizes and loves them.

48. The excellent quality of the sea is: gentle and quiet; Transcendent and majestic; Mysterious and tolerant, open-minded and broad-minded.

49. The youth of "Haihua" is the youth like the sea and the youth with the excellent quality of the sea.

50. Describe the process and result of the battle. The cruelty and intensity of the fighting.

51. Exaggeration and metaphor.

52. The sentence reflecting the result of the battle is "kill the enemy strictly and abandon the field".

In the face of the powerful rebels, Zhang Xun and Xu Yuan held on to Suiyang city for more than a year and defended the Jianghuai region, which played an important role in reversing the war situation and defending the central government of the Tang Dynasty.

54. It mainly refers to the people who slandered Zhang Xu, those who abandoned the city and fled, and those who supported the soldiers and saved themselves and did not save the dying just like He Lan Jinming.

55. This passage uses artistic techniques such as contrast and rhetorical questions. By comparing Zhang Xu's just act of "defending a city and defending the world" with those of "abandoning the city for survival", "being good at military observation" and blaming Zhang Xu, the author makes a clear distinction between loyalty and treachery, righteousness and evil.

  7. Composition (omitted)

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