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Enterprise safety production test questions and answers

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Enterprise safety production test questions and answers

Whether in school or into society, we often have to use the test questions, with which we can better check the reference's learning ability and other abilities. What do you know about the test questions? The following is a small carefully organized enterprise safety production test questions and answers, welcome to learn from and reference, I hope to help you.

¡¡¡¡ 1¡¢ Multiple choice questions

1. If someone is in the dangerous area where the high-voltage wire accidentally lands, (c) the method of leaving the dangerous area is prone to step voltage electric shock.

A, one foot jump B, close feet jump C, fast step out

2. In case of gas leakage in the home (a)

A. immediately close the angle valve, open the window and open the door for ventilation. B. Quickly turn off the lights, TV and other electrical appliances in the room. C use an open fire to look for gas leakage.

3. When the body is on fire, the following actions are wrong (b)

A. lie down on the ground and roll to put out the flame

B. run hard and take off your clothes

C. other personnel on site can wrap the person on fire with wet sacks and felt to extinguish the fire.

4. Which of the following measures is suitable for comatose patients in first aid of syncope£¨ C£©

A, no pillow, prone B, pillow on the pillow, side or supine C, no pillow, supine

5. In the production process, the labor process, (a) in the existence of factors harmful to the health of workers, known as occupational hazards.

A. working environment B. sanitary environment C. high temperature environment D. ionization environment

¡¡¡¡ 2¡¢ Fill in the blanks

1. The safety period is (100) days.

2. Real time report can be reported by telephone, telex, (e-mail), SMS, etc.

3. The State shall award units and individuals who have made remarkable achievements in improving production safety conditions, preventing production safety accidents and participating in emergency rescue.

4. Production safety law stipulates that production and business units shall register and file (major hazard sources) and conduct regular inspection, evaluation and monitoring.

5. The "dangerous goods" referred to in the "production safety law" include (inflammable and explosive materials, dangerous chemicals and radioactive substances).

6. (fire) refers to the burning phenomenon which is out of control in time and space and causes damage to people and property.

7. China's safety production management policy: safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management.

8. Safety culture, safety legal system, safety responsibility, safety science and technology, and safety investment.

9. During the operation, the employees shall strictly abide by the safety production rules and regulations and operation procedures of the unit, obey the management, and correctly wear and use labor protection articles.

10. Concentrate on safe production and stable operation, strictly abide by labor discipline and process discipline, and make all kinds of records carefully. It is not allowed to leave the post, sleep on the post, fight and do other things that violate the discipline, and dissuade and stop other illegal operations.

11. Common fire-fighting facilities and equipment of the company include fire extinguisher, fire hydrant, fire emergency light and safety evacuation sign.

12. The labor law stipulates that workers must strictly abide by (safety operation rules) in the process of labor, and have the right to refuse to carry out the illegal command and forced risky operation of the management personnel of the employing unit.

¡¡¡¡ 3¡¢ True or false

In the production process, if the state of things, human behavior and environmental conditions can not meet the standards, rules, regulations and regulations formulated according to the knowledge of accident occurrence and prevention law, accidents may occur£¨ ¡Ì£©

"Production safety law" stipulates that any unit and individual shall support and cooperate with accident rescue and provide all conveniences£¨ ¡Ì£©

No unit or individual has the right to report or report the 2017 enterprise safety production test questions and answers to the Department responsible for the supervision and management of production safety for the potential accidents or illegal behaviors in production safety£¨ ¡Á£©

"Production safety accident" refers to the general term of the emergencies that cause casualties or property losses in production and business activities£¨ ¡Ì£©

If laws and regulations stipulate that the relevant departments of the provincial people's Government shall be responsible for issuing work safety licenses and business and sales licenses, the relevant departments may entrust the relevant departments of the people's Government of cities divided into districts to issue such licenses£¨ ¡Ì£©

The reward for production safety should focus on the units, departments and production front-line personnel who bear the main safety responsibilities and risks, and the proportion of reward quota for production front-line personnel shall not be less than 50%£¨ ¡Ì£©

If the main leaders and the leaders in charge of the production and business operation entities are removed from their posts in accordance with the provisions on rewards and punishments for safety work of the State Grid Corporation of China, they shall not be the main leaders of any production and business operation entity within three years from the date of punishment£¨ ¡Á£©

According to the regulations of rewards and punishments for safety work of State Grid Corporation of China, the accidents caused by natural disasters such as rain and snow freezing, snowstorm, flood, earthquake, debris flow and so on exceeding the design standard bearing capacity and irresistible manpower are excluded£¨ ¡Ì£©

Labor protection is to protect the safety and health of workers in the production process£¨ ¡Ì£©

The device that can automatically eliminate risk factors and avoid accidents is called safety device£¨ ¡Ì£©

When using the ladder, anti-skid measures should be taken and the steps should be firm without cracks£¨ ¡Ì£©

Foam fire extinguisher can be used to extinguish the fire of electrical equipment£¨ ¡Á£©

Strictly implement the operation procedures, and do not command and operate against rules; Have the right to refuse the instruction of illegal operation, and have the responsibility to stop other people's illegal operation£¨ ¡Ì£©

The lighting power supply voltage shall not be greater than 24 V in wet and easily accessible places£¨ ¡Ì£©

The handlebar lamp with voltage of 36V can ensure absolute safety during operation£¨ ¡Á£©

¡¡¡¡ 4¡¢ Short answer questions

1. Liability accident: it refers to the accident that people do not implement relevant safety regulations and violate rules and regulations in the process of production and construction.

2. Employee: refers to the personnel in various forms of employment, including fixed employees, contract employees, temporary workers (temporarily employed, employed and borrowed), labor dispatch workers, substitute training workers, interns and other social employment.

3. What practical matters should be clarified when calling a fire alarm call.

Answer: 1. Make clear the name of the fire unit, village and town, and the District, county, street and lane number where the fire is located.

2. It is necessary to clarify what kind of articles are on fire, what is the size of the fire, whether there are explosives, dangerous chemicals, etc., and whether there are people trapped.

3. Make clear the name, unit and telephone number of the police.

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