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Moral and social final test questions of grade five in primary school

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Moral and social final test questions of grade five in primary school

In the day-to-day study, work and life, we are inevitably exposed to test questions, which can help the organizers to understand the candidates' knowledge or skills in a certain aspect. Do you know what kind of test questions are standardized? The following is a collection of primary school moral and social final test questions for you, for reference only, let's have a look.

   1、 Fill in the blanks

1. Happiness is a kind of good (), and happiness is a kind of feeling. As long as you take a heart to experience, you can find happiness everywhere in life.

2. If we want to turn the setbacks and failures in our life into wealth, we need to have strong (), cultivate strong willpower, and we need to start from bit by bit.

3. About 700000-200000 years ago, there lived a group of ancient human beings in Zhoukoudian, Beijing, which we call (). They are already able to make tools and use ().

4. China is the first country to plant () and () in the world.

5. Three days after the beginning of summer; Spring rain startles spring, clear Valley day, summer manmang () summer connected.

6. Japanese kimono was influenced by Chinese kimono and absorbed its style; More than 2000 years ago, exquisite silk was introduced to the West in large quantities through the route of ().

7. The use of (), lattice fans instead of walls, and the use of () to bite wood blocks together are unique architectural structures in China.

8. Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, is a famous capital, while Yixing, Jiangsu Province, is a famous capital.

() was the main ritual instrument used by the aristocrats of Zhou Dynasty in sacrificial rites and banquets It is a sacrificial vessel as well as a food vessel. It was once regarded as a symbol of power and power in history.

10. The earliest Chinese characters were carved on () and () more than 3000 years ago, called oracle bone inscriptions.

11. Before there was no writing, people used to carve wood to record events, and later Cangjie, a historian of the Yellow Emperor, invented the character.

12. The ancients carved the characters on bamboo and wood pieces and connected them with ropes to form a volume of bamboo slips. This is the earliest one in China. In ancient times, people also wrote the characters on silk and rolled them into a volume, which was called () book.

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, papermaking was invented, and in the Northern Song Dynasty, printing was invented.

The four great inventions of 14, (), (), (), (), are the first of Chinese.

15. For more than 2000 years, () has been praised as the most holy and advanced teacher Recorded his words and deeds with his disciples.

The author of Shiji is (), which is the first general history of JiZhuanTi in China, which records the history from the Yellow Emperor to the period of ().

17. The Great Wall stretches more than 6000 kilometers from () in Liaoning Province in the east to Jiayuguan in () province in the West.

It is considered that mengjiangnu is the place where Meng Jiangnu cries for the Great Wall, so there are mengjiangnu temple there. Besides the mountain and sea pass, there are also (), ().

19. Eighteen pots of water is the story of Wang Xizhi's education in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. In the 20th century, a painter was born in Xiangtan, Hunan Province. He was 93 years old and over 90 years old. The old man insisted on painting at least five paintings a day. His name was ().

20. The four treasures of study refer to (), (), (), ().

More than 2000 years ago, the miracle doctor Bian que invented the diagnostic methods of (), (), (), ().

22. The earth is a planet in the () system, its equator is about () ten thousand kilometers long.

23. On the globe, the line connecting the north and south poles is (), and the line connecting the East and West is ().

24. People divide the earth into two hemispheres by longitude of west longitude and east longitude.

25. Seven continents refer to (), (), (), (), (), (); The four oceans refer to (), (), (), ().

26. The Nile River in Africa, with a total length of more than () kilometers, is a green corridor in the desert. Mount Everest in Asia, at an altitude of () meters, is the highest in the world. The () plain of South America is the largest plain in the world. There is the largest tropical rain forest in the world.

   2、 Multiple choice questions

1. The correct evolution order of Chinese characters is ()

A. Jiaguwen Xiaozhuan Lishu Jinwen regular script B. Jinwen Xiaozhuan Lishu regular script Jiaguwen

C. oracle bone inscriptions, gold inscriptions, small seal script, regular script, regular script, oracle bone inscriptions, gold inscriptions and small seal script official script

2. The next group belonging to the Qing Dynasty emperor is ()

A. Li Shimin Qianlong B. Qinshihuang Kangxi C. Zhao Kuangyin Li Shimin D. Kangxi Qianlong

3. The provinces that belong to the great wall are ()

A. Tianjin city of Henan Province B. Gansu Province of Liaoning Province C. Ningxia Xinjiang D. Hunan Province Sichuan Province

4. The first emperor in Chinese history was ()

A. Qin Shihuang B. Zhou Wenwang C. Han Wudi D. Ming Taizu

5. The character of Peking Opera facial makeup on the right is ()

A. cunning and insidious; B. loyalty and integrity; C. openness and openness; D. honesty and selflessness

6. The first to complete the round the world voyage and prove that the earth is round is ()

A. Wright brothers B. Darwin C. Magellan D. Columbus

   3、 True or false

1. The rich will be happier and the poor will be more worried

2. Most of happiness can be obtained easily

3. In the Qing Dynasty, officials and ordinary people wore different clothes

4. The manufacturing process of pottery is simpler than that of porcelain, but porcelain appeared earlier than pottery

5. The characters of most countries in the world are Pinyin characters, but Chinese characters are not Pinyin characters

6. Because Chinese characters are not Pinyin characters, it is very difficult to input Chinese characters in the computer

More than 1800 years ago, Cai Lun made light and cheap white paper

8. In Chinese history, the Great Wall was built mainly for people to visit

9. Beijing Opera is the largest opera in China and the largest in the world

Xuan paper is a special product of our country. It is named after it was produced in Xuancheng, Anhui Province

11. Our eye exercises are designed according to the massage principle of Western medicine

12. Foreigners also recognize the miraculous curative effect of Chinese medicine

13. Up to now, China has only established scientific research stations in the Antarctic, but not in the Arctic

14. The longest latitude circle is called the equator, which divides the earth into two hemispheres

15. Asia is the largest continent with the largest area, the largest population and the largest number of countries

The white people of Australia migrated from Europe

In ancient times, the people of the South built nests in trees, and the people of the North dug holes in the ground for houses

   4、 Linking questions

1. Connect ancient Chinese scientists with his achievements

Compendium of Materia Medica by Zhang Heng

Complete book of agricultural administration by Zu Chongzhi

Xu Guangqi's PI

Li Shizhen seismograph

2. Connecting China's world cultural heritage with its location

Potala Palace, Beijing

Summer Palace in Shaanxi

Confucius Temple in Qufu, Tibet

Terra Cotta Warriors pit in Shandong Province

Connect the country to its continent and capital

Egypt Europe Brasilia

Canada, Africa, London

Ottawa, South America, UK

Cairo, northwest America

   5、 Short answer questions

1. Name the areas where the three major ethnic groups are concentrated.

2. What are the ways to relieve trouble? If we are faced with unavoidable troubles, such as quarrels between parents, what should we do?

3. Give examples to illustrate how to deal with setbacks and failures?

4. Give examples to illustrate how to hone a strong will character?

5. What impact does the use of fire and the invention of breeding technology have on human production and life?

6. From ancient times to the present, what changes have taken place in the cloth used by people to make clothes? Try to imagine some future fabrics.

7. Why should we commemorate Confucius more than 2000 years ago?

8. How should we do our best to protect the world cultural heritage?

9. Name five world cultural heritages in China.

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