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Questions and answers of health education for primary and secondary school students

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Questions and answers of health education for primary and secondary school students

In our daily study and work life, we are more or less exposed to the test questions, which can help the reference to clearly understand their knowledge. Do you know what kind of test questions are good ones? The following is the primary and secondary school students health education questions and answers, I hope to help you.

1. The (b) contained in vegetables can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and is conducive to food digestion.

A. vitamins

B. cellulose

C. trace elements

2. In nature, what is called "intelligent element" is (b).

A. iron

B. iodine

C. calcium

D. zinc

3. The concept of Health (d).

A. not sick

B. not weak

C. not hospitalized

D. physical and mental health and good social adaptability

4. Water is one of the essential nutrients for human body. We can't do without water every day. If we are thirsty in school, which kind of water should you drink best£¨ D)

A. coke

B. juice

C. tap water

D. purified water

5. Which of the following foods is rich in iodine£¨ C)

A. apple

B. chocolate

C. kelp

D. carrots

Generally speaking, the protein content in (a) is relatively low.

A. vegetables and fruits

B. milk

C. fish and meat

7. Vitamin D deficiency and calcium deficiency may cause: (a)

A. rickets

B. scurvy

C. anemia

8. Frequent gingival bleeding and nasal bleeding may be related to the lack of (c).

A, vitamin A

B, vitamin B

C, vitamin C

9. The calcium content of (a) is the most abundant.

A. milk

B. vegetables

C. beans

10. The main food source of vitamin C is (a).

A. vegetables and fruits

B. animal liver

C. fish

11. The reasonable calorie ratio of three meals a day is (a).




12. The reasonable diet proposed by Chinese Nutrition Society (c).

A. plenty of salt and proper food

B. eat more lean meat and drink less

C. the thickness should be matched and the food should be diversified

13. If you don't eat breakfast, the lack of (a) in the blood will affect the brain function.

A. glucose

B. vitamins

C. fat

D. trace elements

14. Which of the following foods should not be consumed frequently by children: (c)

A. cereals B. nuts snacks C. various health products

15. Which organ of human body is damaged most seriously by long-term heavy drinking£¨ B )

A. heart

B. liver

C. kidney

16. The highest content of human cells is (a).

A. water

B. protein

C. fat

17. The largest capacity of the following equal weight nutrients is (c).

A. protein

B. fat

C. sugars

18. In life, which of the following nutrients (a) is the most important source of human body heat energy.

A. sugars

B. fat

C. protein

19. Water is the most abundant substance in human body, accounting for about (a) of human body weight.

A. about 65%


C. more than 90%

20. Anemia is a common disease in children, which of the following minerals may be related to anemia£¨ B)

A. calcium

B. iron

C. copper

21. Which of the following substances is common in X-shaped leg and chicken breast£¨ A )

A, vitamin D

B, vitamin B

C, vitamin E

22. In order to promote brain development, we should (a).

A. eating seafood, dairy products and high protein food

B. reduce exercise and increase sleep

C. eat more snacks to supplement vitamins

23. Some students will have rotten corners of their mouth and turn white, which may be due to the lack of (a) in the human body.

A, vitamin B2

B, vitamin C

C, vitamin B1

24. The phenomenon of "big neck" in adolescence may be related to the relative lack of photography (a).

A. iodine

B. selenium

C. iron

25. Which of the following foods is the best source of calcium£¨ B)

A. lean meat

B. milk

C. seafood

26. Exercises between classes can help to eliminate students' fatigue, protect their eyesight and improve (c)

A. students' identification ability

B. special sports ability of students

C. students' learning efficiency

27. Iron deficiency in diet will cause iron deficiency anemia. The most abundant iron in the following foods is (a).

A. animal liver

B. milk

C. eggs

28. The best way to supplement iodine is (a).

A. edible iodized salt

B. taking iodine

C. Iodide Injection

29. Low fat. Animal food is (b).

A. pork

B. fish

C. beef

D. mutton

30. Vitamin A mainly comes from (c)

A. vegetables

B. fruit

C. animal liver

31. Not eating food that has not been strictly disinfected in the street shop is conducive to the prevention of (a) disease.

A. hepatitis A

B. hepatitis B

C. nephritis

32. What is the simplest, economical and effective way to prevent endemic thyroid£¨ A )

A. stick to iodized salt

B. eat more seafood

C. exercise

33. Drink more (b) to prevent heatstroke when sweating too much in the hot sun.

A. sugar water

B. brackish water

C. boiled water

34. Iodine deficiency can lead to children and adolescents (a).

A. growth and intelligence are affected

B. tall

C. mental illness

35. The main factors determining running speed are (c)

A. internal force B. external force C. step length and step frequency

36. The most obvious manifestation of IDD is (a).

A. thyroid gland

B. irregular heart rate

C. dizziness

37. Which vitamin can promote the absorption of calcium£¨ A )

A, vitamin D

B, vitamin A

C, vitamin C

38. Eating a lot of cold drinks will reduce gastric acid (c).

A. absorption of iron

B. fat absorption

C. protein absorption

39. In order to improve the nutritional value of protein, we should often mix (b) into food.

A. meat and vegetables

B. plant protein, animal protein

C. milk and beans

D. cereals and beans

40. In the sunlight (), a substance in the skin can be transformed into (), which can promote the absorption of calcium and prevent chondropathy (d).

A, infrared, vitamin A

B, infrared, vitamin D

C, UV, vitamin A

D, UV, vitamin D

41. Aflatoxin is a carcinogen. What food does aflatoxin mainly exist in£¨ C )

A. meat food

B. seafood

C. moldy food

42. What kind of material is most beneficial to health£¨ C )

A. aluminum pot

B. stainless steel pot

C. iron pot

43. Which disinfection method is commonly used for household tableware£¨ A )

A. boiling and bleaching powder

B. ultraviolet

C. rinse with water

44. What are the four cornerstones of health£¨ B)

A. rich nutrition, plenty of exercise, smoking and alcohol restriction, psychological balance

B. reasonable nutrition, moderate exercise, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction, psychological balance

C. proper nutrition, reasonable exercise, smoking and drinking, psychological balance

45. Which of the following behaviors is harmful to the health care of the stomach£¨ B )

A. eat regularly and quantitatively. Don't overeat

B. smoking and drinking

C. do not eat salted, smoked or fried food

46. Reasonable nutrition means that the nutrients contained in the diet are complete in variety, sufficient in quantity and in proper proportion, and in balance with the needs of the body. Which of the following practices does not conform to the principle of reasonable nutrition£¨ C)

A. the food should be meat and vegetable, thick and thin, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits

B. increase milk, egg, lean meat, beans and other high-quality protein appropriately

C. more salt, sweet food and animal fat

47. What kind of boiled water is good for your health£¨ C)

A. repeatedly boiled water

B. keep boiling water for more than three days

C. water cooled naturally to 20 ¡æ - 25 ¡æ

Is scurvy caused by lack of what vitamin£¨ C )

A, vitamin A

B, vitamin B

C, vitamin C

49. What's the best time to eat fruit£¨ C)

A. before meals

B. after dinner

C. between meals

50. Spinach is rich in nutrients, but it is rich in oxalic acid, which affects the absorption of calcium, so the correct way to eat spinach is (a)

A. blanch with boiling water before cooking

B. direct cooking

C. raw

51. When reading, try to make the plane of the book and the line of sight (c).

A. right angle

B. acute angle

C. pure angle

52. In order to see far and near objects, the regulating function of human eyes is (b).

A. aqueous humor

B. lens

C. vitreous body

53. Under the action of light, the external objects pass through the refractive system of the eye and image in (c).

A. bulbar conjunctiva

B. lens

C. retina

The refractive system of the eye includes cornea, lens, vitreous body and (a).

A. aqueous humor

B. conjunctiva

C. retina

The myopia caused by the long anterior and posterior axis of the eyeball is called (a).

A. axial myopia

B. accommodative myopia

C. pseudomyopia

56. In the state of accommodative relaxation, after the distant parallel light passes through the refractive system of the eye, the focus falls before the retina. This kind of eye is called (b).

A. emmetropia

B. myopia

C. hyperopia

57. Premenstrual myopia of 10-year-old pupils was mostly (c).

A. axial myopia

B. mixed myopia

C. accommodative myopia

58. The symptoms of myopia were (b).

A. normal far vision and poor near vision

B. the distant vision is decreased and the near vision is normal

C. myopic dyskinesia and visual acuity decreased

59. It is better not to exceed (b) continuously watching TV.

A. 1 hour

B. 2 hours

C. 3 hours

60. Which of the following colors can resist eye fatigue (b).

A. white

B. green

C. red

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