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Three character classic test questions and answers

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The latest three character classic test questions and answers

In various fields, as long as there are assessment requirements, there will be test questions, which are compiled by the proposer according to certain assessment purposes. What kind of questions have you seen? The following is a small carefully collated the latest three character test questions and answers, for reference only, I hope to help you.

Three character classic questions and answers 1

1. Fill in the blanks (20 points)

1. What is the longest ruling dynasty in Chinese history______ Dynasty, continued before and after______ It was founded by.

2. The opening ceremony was presided over by Sui Yangdi, the monarch of the Sui Dynasty______ River, the whole journey is as long as______ Inside.

3. The arrival of Su Laoquan______ He began to study hard at the age of 18, but later became a famous writer in the Song Dynasty.

4. Yingying is eight years old and can, Qin______ He can give chess.

5 ______ Bees make honey, It is inferior to material.

2. Multiple choice questions (choose the reference answer: the serial number of the answer should be filled in brackets) (40 points)

1. The historical figures who successfully lobbied the six countries are ()

A Zhang Yi B Qu Yuan C Su Qin D Gou Jian

2. The three emperors in ancient times were called ()

A Fuxi, Shennong, Yandi, Huangdi, Fuxi, Shennong

C Huangdi, Yandi, Fuxi, Shennong, Yandi, Huangdi

What are the two celebrities in Chinese history

A Sun Jing and Su Qin B Li Bai and Du Fu

C. Cheng Yi and Cheng Hao D. Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai

4. Tang Gaozu is ()

A Liu Bang B Li Yuan C Zhu Yuanzhang D Zhao Kuangyin

5. The famous anti Jin generals in the Southern Song Dynasty were ()

A Yue Fei B Guan Yu C Zhang Fei D Han Xin

6. Everyone wants ()

Although a family is poor, they are always learning. B is not a teacher, but hardworking

Although C is hard-working, he is hard-working, and he has no books and encourages himself

The next sentence of "Liang, Tang, Jin, Han and Zhou Dynasties" is ()

A eighteen biographies, North and South mixed, B Liang destroyed, the country is changed

C is called the Five Dynasties, all of them have Jianwen from D, and Fang Si Si

8. The first emperor of Qin unified the six states, but the Qin Dynasty was destroyed when it was passed on.


9. "Yijing" refers to ()

A "book of songs" B "Three Character Classic"

C Xiaojing D Shujing

10. "Cai Wenji, can (), thank you, can chant."

A Fu Qi B poem C snow D piano discrimination

"Ben" data From puxuewang, com "

Third, the judgment question (combined with the reading content, mark "" for the right and "" for the wrong 40 points)

1. Xia Yu passed on the throne to his son

2. Zhou Dynasty is the longest ruling dynasty in the history of China, which is more than 800 years

3. The overlord of Western Chu is Liu Bang

4. Wei, Shu and Wu fought for the world, showing a tripartite trend, known as "the Three Kingdoms stand at the same time."

5. "Water can carry a boat, but it can also overturn a boat" tells the story of Emperor Yangdi of the Sui Dynasty

6. Qin Hui, a traitor in the Southern Song Dynasty, killed Yue Fei, a famous anti Jin general in the Southern Song Dynasty

"Si Si" refers to forty years

8. Gu Yanwu never superstitious about books in his studies. He pays attention to field investigation

9. Confucius was very studious, and used to teach Xiang Kuo, who was only seven years old

The story of Li Mi and Cheng Hao in the Sui Dynasty is about the head hanging beam and the cone stabbing the thigh

Reference answers to the Three Character Classic:

Fill in the blanks.

1. Zhou 800, Zhou Wuwang

2. Dayun 4000

3. 27

4. Chanting poems 7

5. People who spin silkworms don't learn

2. Multiple choice questions.

1C 2B 3A 4B 5A

6A 7C 8D 9B 10D

3. True or false.

1 2 3 4 5

6 7 8 9 10

Three character classic test questions and answers 2

Fill in the blanks.

1. The mother of Mencius in the past.

2. Xiangjiuling, a kind of fragrant Jiuling.

3. Spring and summer, spring and summer.

4. Since xi'nong, we have been in the process of opening up a new era.

5. Xia chuanzi, the son of Xia.

6_______________ The teacher Xiang ligua, He is diligent in learning.

_______________ Reading Lu Lun. He was an official.

7. Plait, cut bamboo slips.

8________________ The cone stabs the stock.

9. Such as the firefly.

10. Silkworms spin silk.

2. Multiple choice questions Please put the serial number of the correct answer in brackets)

1. "The mother of Mencius chose her neighbor. If you don't learn, you can break the loom. " This story takes place in ().

A. Confucius B. Mencius C. Laozi

2. Confucius is a famous thinker and educator in the history of our country. He is the founder of the Confucian school. He was born in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period

A. song B. Lu C. Zhao

3. "Rice Liang Shu, wheat, millet, these six grains, people eat." "Shu" in refers to ().

A. millet B. sorghum C. soybean

4. The meaning of the word "Qi" in the "jade without polish, not into a utensil" in the Three Character Classic means ()

A. musical instruments B. exquisite C. utensils

5. Did the story of "hand in hand" happen to any general in Chinese history

A. Yue Fei B. LV Meng C. Yang LIULANG

6. "Horses, cattle, sheep, chickens, dogs and pigs.". These six animals are fed by human beings. " "Rag" in refers to ()

A. pig B. duck C. pigeon

7. "Fragrant Jiuling, can warm the table" tells us ()

A. be filial to your parents B. respect your elder brother C. study hard

8. "Melt four years old, can let pear" tell us ()

A. study hard; B. help others; C. learn humility

What are the two celebrities in Chinese history

A. sun Jinghe Su qinb. Li Bai and Du Fu C. Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai

Li Bai studied hard because of the Enlightenment of ().

A, father B, old woman C, grandfather

3. True or false If the following questions are correct, tick "" for the correct ones and mark them for the wrong ones

1. "It is like a firefly in a pouch, like a snow reflected on it. Although my family is poor, I never stop learning. " They are Li Bai and Du Fu in Chinese history

There are 20 articles in the Analects of Confucius

The man who has become a sage and still learns from his children is Confucius

4. When you have time, you should read more books and learn more. If you have spare power, you will learn to write

5. If people don't learn, they don't know etiquette and can't become talents. It is not appropriate for a child not to learn

6. When you are born, you are all good. It is only because of the different learning environment in the process of growing up, the temperament will be different between good and bad. I'm not a godfather

7. Spring is the first of the four seasons

Li Bai was very helpful when he was a child

The Zhou Dynasty lasted for 800 years

10. "Su Laoquan, 27. Start to get angry and read books. " Su Laoquan refers to Su Zhe

Attachment: reference answers to the reading test questions of the Three Character Classic

Fill in the blanks.

1. Choose the neighborhood. If you don't learn, you can break the loom.

2. Warm the table. Filial piety to one's relatives should be adhered to.

3. Autumn and winter. In these four seasons, fortune is not poor.

4. To the Yellow Emperor. No. 3 emperor, in this world.

5. Family and the world. Four hundred years ago, he moved to Xiashe.

6. Xi Zhongni, an ancient sage. Zhao Zhongling is diligent in learning.

7. He has no book, but he knows and encourages.

8. If you don't teach, you should work hard.

9. Such as Yingxue. Although the family is poor, he never stops learning.

10. Bees make honey. It is better to learn than to learn.

2. Multiple choice questions.

1, B, Mencius 2, B, Luguo 3, C, soybean 4, C, utensils

5, B, LV Meng 6, a, pig 7, a, to be filial to parents 8, C, to learn humility

9. A, sun Jinghe, Su Qin 10, B, old woman

3. True or false.

1 2 3 4 5 six 7 8 9 10

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