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Food safety training examination questions and answers

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Food safety training examination questions and answers (5 selected)

In various fields, we need to use a lot of test questions, through which we can test the knowledge and skills of the participants. Do you know what kind of test questions are good ones? The following is a small compilation of food safety training examination questions and answers (selected 5), for reference only, let's have a look.

Food safety training examination questions and answers 1

1. In case of violation of the food safety law of the people's Republic of China, he / she shall bear the civil liability for compensation and pay fines and fines, and his / her property is not enough to pay at the same time, (b).

A. first assume administrative legal liability B. first bear civil compensation liability c. first pay fine and fine D. first bear criminal legal liability

2. The agricultural administration, quality supervision, industry and commerce administration, food and drug supervision and administration departments shall immediately report food safety accidents to (c) in their daily supervision and management, or receive reports of food safety accidents.

A. report of the people's government at the same level B. report of the people's government at a higher level C. notification of the administrative department of health D. report of the administrative department at a higher level

3. If a major food safety accident involves more than two provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, (d) shall organize the accident responsibility investigation.

A. State Council B. joint efforts of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government C. State Food Safety Commission D. Health Administration Department of the State Council

4. The standard of detergents and disinfectants used in food production and marketing should meet (c).

A. harmless to infants B. harmless to adults C. safe to human body and harmless to environment

5. Benzoic acid is a kind of food additive allowed to be used. If a manufacturer has also obtained the production license of benzoic acid, the benzoic acid produced by the factory can be used in (c).

A. use in all food varieties B. arbitrarily use in limited food varieties

C. limited use of food varieties D. use of all food varieties in accordance with the minimum standard

6. The unit where the food safety accident occurs and the unit receiving the patient for treatment shall report to the place where the accident occurred (c) in time.

A. county level quality supervision department B. county level industrial and commercial administrative department C. county level health administration department D. county level food and drug administration department

7. The State shall establish a unified food safety information disclosure system, which shall be published by (b).

A. General Office of the State Council B. health administrative department of the State Council C. State Food Safety Commission D. Information Office of the State Council

8. Regulations on supervision and administration of food additive production shall be implemented as of (c).

A. December 1, 2009 B. March 10, 2010 C. June 1, 2010

9. Those who make false propaganda about food quality in advertisements and deceive consumers shall be punished according to (a).

A. advertising law of the people's Republic of China B. food safety law of the people's Republic of China

C. consumer protection law of the people's Republic of China D. product quality law of the people's Republic of China

10. Food production enterprises must apply to the quality supervision and management department for (a) before production.

A. food production license B. food circulation license C. catering service license D. food hygiene license

Food safety training examination questions and answers 2

1. Food additives should be technically necessary and (c) proven to be safe and reliable before they can be included in the scope of permitted use.

A. sensory evaluation B. nutritional assessment C. risk assessment D. microbiological test

(b) is responsible for the supervision of food production.

A. industrial and commercial administrative department B. quality supervision department C. health administrative department D. agricultural administrative department

(a) is responsible for the supervision of food circulation.

A. industrial and commercial administrative department B. health administrative department C. quality supervision department D. food and drug administration department

4. The Department that supervises and manages catering service activities is (d)

A. agricultural administrative department B. industrial and commercial administrative department C. quality supervision department D. food and Drug Administration Department

5. For the main and auxiliary food specially for infants and other specific groups, the label shall indicate (a) in addition to the content in paragraph 1 of Article 42 of the food safety law.

A. main nutrients and their contents B. main functions and indications C. usage and dosage D. scope of application

(a) shall not be added to the food produced and operated.

A. medicine B. Chinese herbal medicine C. compound D. whitening agent

7. If a food producer or operator employs a person who is not allowed to engage in the management of food production and operation, the original certification Department (d) shall.

A. give a warning B. order to correct C. impose a fine D. revoke license

8. The inspection record of food purchase shall be true and the retention period shall not be less than (b).

A. one year B. two years C. three years D. four years

9. For the same illegal act of the producer or operator, the administrative penalty of more than (b) times of fine shall not be imposed.

A, one B, two C, three D, four

10. Which of the following rights is not granted to organizations and individuals by the food safety law£¨ C )

A. right to report B. right to know C. right to reputation D. right to suggest

Food safety training examination questions and answers 3

1. When purchasing food raw materials, food producers and operators shall not only check the supplier's license, but also check (a)

A. product qualification certificate B. health certificate C. training certificate D. power of attorney of legal person

2. The food produced by the food production enterprise must pass (c) before leaving the factory for sale.

A. qualified in supervision and inspection B. qualified in entrusted inspection C. qualified in ex factory inspection D. qualified in compulsory inspection

3. The variety, application range and dosage standard of additives shall be determined and revised by (a).

A. health administrative department of the State Council B. Quality Supervision Department of the State Council C. state food and drug administration department D. industrial and commercial administration department of the State Council

4. Imported food, food additives and food related products shall comply with (a).

A. national food safety standards of China B. national food safety standards of exporting countries C. food safety standards of the United States D. standards agreed by both parties

5. Food safety supervision department shall not implement (c) on food.

A. random inspection B. inspection C. inspection exemption D. supervision

6. The food safety law stipulates that the food safety supervision and administration department shall (b) conduct sampling inspection.

A. free sampling B. purchasing samples C. random sampling D. charging inspection fee only

7. In violation of the provisions of the food safety law, if a food inspection institution or Food Inspector issues a false inspection report, the person in charge directly responsible for the inspection institution and the food inspection personnel shall be given (d) punishment according to law.

A. warning B. demerit C. major demerit D. dismissal or dismissal

8. Which of the following labels must be used for imported food sold in the domestic market of China: (b).

A. English B. Chinese c. phonetic symbol D. other words

9. Units or individuals applying for using new food raw materials to engage in food production or production of new varieties of food additives and new varieties of food related products shall submit safety assessment materials of relevant products to the State Council (c).

A. quality supervision department B. food and drug administration department C. health administration department D. industrial and commercial administration department

10. The labels and instructions of foods claiming to have specific health functions shall not involve (d).

A. suitable population B. unsuitable population C. effective ingredient D. therapeutic function

Food safety training examination questions and answers 4

1. Judgment questions (2 points for each question)

1. Food that will not cause food poisoning is safe food (x)

2. Raw seafood is delicious, which is the best way to eat£¨ X )

3. Under the conditions of high temperature, sunlight and long-term contact with air, edible oil is easy to oxidize and produce harmful substances. Therefore, it should be sealed as far as possible and stored in a dry, dark and low-temperature environment£¨ ¡Ì)

4. The temperature of refrigerator is low, the food is not easy to deteriorate, and it can be stored for a long time£¨ X )

5. The shelf life is not the only criterion to judge whether the food is deteriorated. It may cause premature deterioration due to the storage mode and environmental changes. Therefore, the food should be eaten as soon as possible within the shelf life£¨ ¡Ì )

6. The water boiled repeatedly contains nitrite, which is not suitable for drinking£¨ ¡Ì )

7. The raw and cooked food in the refrigerator must be placed separately£¨ ¡Ì )

8. Potatoes should not be eaten after germination£¨ ¡Ì )

9. Low temperature cold storage can keep the original flavor of food and kill bacteria£¨ X )

10. Food containing food additives is not safe£¨ X )

11. Improper storage temperature and storage time can cause bacteria growth and reproduction and cause food deterioration£¨ ¡Ì )

12. Wild fish grow naturally, and there is no need to worry about illegal additives and other food safety risks, so it must be safer than that of artificial breeding£¨ X )

13. Imported prepackaged food shall have Chinese labels and instructions£¨ ¡Ì )

14. In some restaurants, a piece of colorful advertising paper will be placed in the plate of some restaurants. Some people will put food directly on it, which is not safe£¨ ¡Ì )

15. Food safety means that the food is non-toxic and harmless, meets the nutritional requirements and does not cause any acute, subacute or chronic harm to human health£¨ ¡Ì )

2. Single choice questions (2 points for each question)

1. The following vegetables are easy to cause food poisoning and should not be purchased (d)

A. germinated potato; B. Fresh day lily; C. Green tomato; D. All of the above

2. Which of the following places do you think is safer: (c)

A. roadside stalls near the school

B. shops without hygiene license

C. regular supermarkets

D. I don't know

3. What kind of material is most beneficial to health (c)

A. aluminum pot; B. Stainless steel pot; C. Iron pot; D. Casserole

4. Which of the following practices do you think is correct for food safety: (c)

A. puffed food is delicious and can be eaten often

B. the temperature is high in summer. You can eat more cold drinks to cool down

C. reasonable diet, eat more grains, fruits and vegetables

D. I don't know

5. The substance causing blindness in fake wine was (b)

A. formaldehyde; B. Methanol; C. Ethanol; D. Acetaldehyde.

6. What are the "junk" foods (a)

A. fried food B. salted food C. refrigerated food D. canned food

7. The index of food contamination by feces in food testing is (b)

A. total number of bacteria; B. Coliform group; C. Bacillus subtilis; D. Yeast

8. Shanghai unified food safety complaint hotline: (a)

¡¡¡¡A¡¢12331; B¡¢12365; C¡¢12345; D. I don't know

9. Foods susceptible to aflatoxin contamination include: (b)

A. soybean; B. Peanut; C. Olive oil; D. Sesame.

10. The cause of poisoning caused by eating undercooked kidney beans (lentils) is (a)

A. saponin; B. Colchicine; C. Solanine D, none of the above

11. The toxin in fresh day lily is (c)

A. solanine; B. Saponin; C. Colchicine; D. None of the above

12. The main harmful substances of germinated potato are: (d)

A. linolein; B. Amygdalin; C. Colchicine; D. Solanine

13. If fresh vegetables are stored too long, rotten vegetables and cooked vegetables are stored too long, which of the following harmful substances will increase significantly£¨ D )

A. histamine; B. Inorganic arsenic; C. Methyl mercury; D. Nitrite

14. When cooking, how many degrees do you think the central temperature of food can ensure safety£¨ B )

A, 60 degrees; B. 70 degrees; C. 80 degrees; D. 85 degrees

15. Which of the following cooking methods is most likely to produce carcinogens in food£¨ C )

A. microwave heating; B. Steaming; C. Frying; D. Stew

3. Multiple choice questions (4 points for each question)

1. The contents that must be marked on the food label should include (ABCD)

A. shelf life; B. Production date; C. Detailed address and enterprise name; D. Ingredient and ingredient list;

2. How to prevent food poisoning£¨ ACD )

A. It is safe to eat fruits and melons after washing or removing their skins

B. put the leftovers in the refrigerator and take them out for direct consumption

C. do not buy food from small shops without hygiene license and business license

D. do not eat food that has been confirmed to be deteriorated or suspected to be deteriorated

3. The correct way to preserve food in refrigerator is (AD)

A. raw and cooked food must be placed separately;

B. clean the raw and cooked food to be put into the refrigerator;

C. the temperature in the refrigerator is low, and the food can be stored for a long time without worrying about deterioration;

D. the cooked food in the refrigerator should be reheated before eating

4. The main methods to control bacterial reproduction in food are (ABCD)

A. heat and cook; B. Salinization; C. Add preservatives; D. Cold storage

5. Food additives promote the development of food industry, and their main functions are (ABCD).

A. prevent deterioration; B. Maintain nutritional value; C. Improve the sense organs; D. Meeting special needs

6. The most effective way to reduce the loss of nutrients in vegetables is (ABCD)

A. eat fresh vegetables; B. Wash first and then cut; C. Cook as soon as possible after washing; D. Stir fry quickly, stir fry and eat now

7. Which of the following foods (ABC) is not suitable for students to eat frequently?

A. fried food; B. Puffed food; C. Barbecue food; D. Grains

8. If you want to buy food with higher temperature outside school, you need to bring your own utensils. What would you choose (BCD)?

A. plastic bags; B. Paper bag; C. Stainless steel lunch box; D. Glass box; E. As long as it's heat-resistant

9. What would you do if there was food poisoning in the school canteen£¨ ABC )

A. rescue poisoning personnel;

B. tell other students to stop eating in the canteen immediately;

C. report to the food safety supervision department;

D. Don't care too much and think it won't happen to you

Food safety training examination questions and answers 5

1. Which of the following two foods can be eaten together in a short time£¨ B)

A. spinach and tofu. B. sweet potato and pork

C. seafood and beer D. milk and chocolate

2. Mildewed sugarcane poisoning refers to the acute food poisoning caused by improper storage of mildewed sugarcane, which often occurs in early spring in northern China. The toxin produced by arthrosporium Saccharum in mildewed sugarcane mainly damages human body (b).

A. digestive system B. central nervous system C. respiratory system D. endocrine system

3. Chemical nitrogen fertilizer can lead to a large amount of nitrate in vegetables, which will be reduced to nitrite in the digestive tract after entering the human body, which poses a potential threat to human health. Among the following vegetables, the one with the least nitrate accumulation ability is (d).

A. root vegetables B. potato C. green leafy vegetables D. edible fungi

4. The shelf life of food refers to its (c).

A. production date B. final edible period C. best edible period D. ex factory date

The incorrect one in the following statements is (c).

A. eating more eggs for a long time will lead to high cholesterol B. It is not suitable to drink tea on an empty stomach

C. dead eels, dead turtles and dead crabs can be eaten as long as they are cooked

D. people with arthritis should not drink beer when eating seafood

6. Raw beans contain trypsin inhibitor, red blood cell agglutinin, saponin and other harmful substances to human body. In order to prevent food poisoning when eating beans, it is better to use () cooking£¨ D)

A. low temperature for a short time B. low temperature for a long time

C. high temperature short time D. high temperature long time

7. The requirements of green food, organic food and pollution-free agricultural product standards from high to low are (b).

A. green food, organic food and pollution-free food

B. organic food, green food and pollution-free food

C. green food, pollution-free food and organic food

D. pollution free food, organic food and green food

8. Which of the following foods can be eaten£¨ C)

A. moldy tea B. sprouted potatoes C. green bean sprouts D. red dumplings

9. Soybean milk, also known as "plant milk", is rated as a healthy food and one of the world's six major nutritional drinks by the International Nutrition Association. However, there are also precautions in drinking soybean milk. The following correct eating methods are: (c)

A, drink not boiled soybean milk B, soybean milk into eggs

C. drink soy milk with other food D. store soybean milk in thermos for a long time

10. Which of the following statements is true about the pollution of agricultural products£¨ C)

A. the only pollution factor of agricultural products is pesticide and chemical fertilizer pollution

B. vegetables with wormholes indicate that no pesticide has been applied, so they are safe vegetables

C. long term overuse of nitrogen fertilizer will lead to the increase of nitrate content in soil

D. packaged vegetables are safe dishes

11. The consequence of excessive use of hormone to produce fruits and vegetables is (c).

A. make them more nutritious; B. make them taste better

C. It will bring abnormality to human development D. make them more colorful

12. Nitrite is a highly toxic chemical substance, also known as industrial salt. For example, there is a certain amount of nitrite in sauerkraut. It is better to eat some () when eating sauerkraut, which can reduce the harm of nitrite£¨ C)

A. green food B. fresh vegetables

C. fruits rich in vitamin C. D. various grains

13. For the fruits and vegetables using organophosphorus pesticides, the method () can be used to remove pesticide residues£¨ C)

A. high temperature sterilization B. soaking in boiling water C. soaking in alkali water D. soaking in rice washing water

14. What should you do when you see wild mushrooms on an outing£¨ D)

A. take it home for food B. if it is judged by experience, it can be taken home

C. after consulting the surrounding people, it is safe to eat them again. D. wild mushrooms are not safe, neither are they picked nor eaten

15. In case of food poisoning or ingestion of chemicals, what are the first emergency measures to be taken£¨ A)

A. induce vomiting B. take antidiarrheal drugs C. carry out artificial respiration D. report to health and epidemic prevention department

16. What system of human body will be damaged by long-term consumption of vegetables and fruits with pesticide exceeding the standard£¨ A)

A, nerve B, digestive C, urinary D, endocrine

17. How to deal with the leftovers after putting them into the refrigerator£¨ D)

A. as long as the food is not stale, you can eat it at any time

B. It can be eaten in less than a week

C. if the dish is stale, it can be eaten as soon as it is heated

D. food put into the refrigerator should be heated as soon as possible

18. How to deal with the chopping boards and knives at home in summer to achieve the purpose of thorough disinfection£¨ A)

A. scald with boiling water B. wash with flowing water C. brush with alkaline water D. brush with detergent

19. At present, the most common cause of nitrite food poisoning is (a).

A. nitrite is used as salt in catering industry or collective canteen

B. eating rotten pickles

C. eating pickled vegetables

D. nitrite is not used in food processing industry according to the hygienic standard

20. The correct way to eat wild vegetables outdoors is (d).

A. all wild vegetables are safe to eat

B. Although the wild vegetables are fragrant and tender, not all wild vegetables can be eaten. Do not eat wild vegetables that you don't know.

C. wild vegetables growing on both sides of the grassland and road where industrial wastewater flows can be eaten

D. some wild vegetables are highly toxic. After eating, the mild ones will feel stuffy, bloated and vomit, and the severe ones will endanger their lives. Therefore, they should be carefully identified before eating.

21. Among the following edible pigments, the natural pigments are (b).

A. amaranth B. curcumin C. lemon yellow D. indigo

22. If you eat () and mutton at the same time, some enzymes in () can decompose the enzymes in mutton, hinder digestion, and cause symptoms such as dyspepsia, abdominal distension and abdominal pain£¨ D)

A, apple, apple B, banana, banana C, watermelon, watermelon D, pear, pear

23. When shrimp meat is consumed together with food rich in (), it will produce highly toxic trivalent arsenic, which is arsenic£¨ C)

A, vitamin AB, vitamin BC, vitamin CD, vitamin K

(2) both crab meat and crab meat are cold and cool. If they are eaten together, they will easily damage the intestines and stomach, cause diarrhea and other diseases, which is harmful to health£¨ A)

A. eggplant B. peanut C. Chinese cabbage D. carrot

25. Myrica rubra is rich in plant pigment. If it is eaten with () and digested and decomposed by gastrointestinal tract, it can produce substances that inhibit thyroid function and induce goiter£¨ B)

A. cucumber B. radish C. sweet potato D. white potato

26, () when taken together, it will cause adverse biochemical reactions or toxic substances to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and cause diarrhea£¨ A)

A. green onion and honey B. green onion and brown sugar water C. green onion and sugar water D. green onion and milk

27. During the period of taking (), if you eat milk, bean products, bone soup, Auricularia auricula, kelp, laver, day lily and other foods rich in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, it will delay the efficacy or reduce the absorption of drugs, and reduce the antibacterial effect of drugs£¨ B)

A, oxytetracycline B, erythromycin C, leucomycin D, berberine

28. Bronze ware should not be in contact with () for a long time, otherwise it will produce copper green. It is easy to be poisoned by using raw copper utensils for food or cooking£¨ D)

A. soy sauce B. pepper noodles C. monosodium glutamate D. vinegar

29. Cucumber is sweet and cold in nature and peanut kernel is rich in oil. When the two meet, it will increase its smoothness, which is very easy to cause (d).

A. cold B. dizziness C. cough D. diarrhea

30. According to the degree of harm of animal diseases to breeding production and human health, the animal diseases under the management of animal epidemic prevention law are divided into () categories: (c)


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