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The content of honest handwritten newspaper

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On the content of hand copied newspaper about honesty

The following Ruiwen net small make up for you to share about the integrity Hand copy Content, for browsing only.

What is integrity? In terms of morality, honesty means sincerity, honesty and credibility in dealing with people and things. Words must be done and deeds must be achieved. In Shuo Wen Jie Zi, the explanation is: "sincerity, faithfulness", "faithfulness, sincerity". It can be seen that the original meaning of honesty is to be honest, sincere, trustworthy and trustworthy, and to oppose concealment and fraud, counterfeiting and counterfeiting.

Stories about integrity

1. Zeng Zi killed pigs

Zengzi's wife went to the market, and her son would go with him, crying as he walked. His mother said to him: "you go back, when I come back, kill the pig for you to eat." When his wife came back from the market, Zengzi wanted to catch a pig and kill him. His wife stopped him and said, "that's just talking to children." Zengzi said, "never talk to children. Children are not sensible at all. They should learn from their parents and listen to their instructions. Now if you cheat him, you teach your child to cheat. If the mother deceives the child, the child does not believe the mother's words, it is impossible to teach the child well. " Zeng Zi killed the pig.

2. Guo Moruo and plantain flower

Guo Moruo was very naughty when he was a child, but he was very filial. Once, his mother got a "dizzy disease", Guo Moruo heard that plantain flowers can cure this disease. This kind of flower is very expensive and hard to open. So he and his brother went to a garden to look for this kind of flower. It happened that the Plantain in in that garden had a big yellow flower. Guo Moruo and his brother secretly picked the flower and gave it to his mother. Although his mother knew that Guo Moruo was filial to her, his son's behavior made him sad. From then on, Guo Moruo no longer stole other people's things.

3. Washington and cherry trees

This is a very popular story. When Washington was a child, he accidentally cut down a cherry tree that his father loved very much. Washington bravely admitted this matter and got his father's understanding.

4. Car repair shop

A customer walked into a car repair shop and claimed to be the driver of a transportation company¡° Write more parts on my bill. When I go back to the company for reimbursement, you will get a share of the benefits. " He said to the shopkeeper. But the owner refused. Customers pestered: "my business is not small, will come often, you can certainly make a lot of money!" The owner told him that it would not be done in any case. "Everyone will do this, I think you are too stupid," the customer cried angrily The shopkeeper was so angry that he asked the customer to leave immediately and talk about this business elsewhere. At this time, the customer smiles and holds the owner's hand with admiration: "I am the boss of that transportation company. I've been looking for a regular and reliable repair shop, and I'll come back often in the future

In the face of temptation, not excited, not confused by it, although plain as clouds, plain as water, but let people appreciate a kind of mountain high sea deep. This is a shining character - integrity.

The role of integrity

From the philosophical point of view, "honesty" is not only a world outlook, but also a social value and moral outlook, which has important significance and role for society and individuals.

For a country and a society, "honesty" can be said to be the foundation of a country. The subject of the state is the people, and the sovereignty of the state belongs to the people. Since ancient times, there have been clear sayings in China that "the people are the foundation of the country, the foundation is firm and the country is peaceful" and "those who gain the support of the people will win the world, and those who lose the will of the people will lose the world". But what does the country's leaders rely on to unite the people? It relies on wise policies and spiritual beliefs. "Honesty" is the humanistic spirit and moral belief of winning trust and uniting the people.

For a social unit (such as an enterprise), a social enterprise (such as an industry, a profession), "integrity" can be said to be the foundation of business¡° As a universally applicable code of ethics and code of conduct, "good faith" is a moral lever to establish the mutual trust and mutual benefit between industries, units and people. It is difficult to imagine that a unit or enterprise that does not pay attention to honesty and keep its promise will have a long-term foothold in the modern society ruled by law. Only by relying on integrity can a social undertaking develop smoothly.

For every member of society, "honesty" is the foundation and treasure of life. Life has been in the world for decades, we must continue to learn in order to acquire and enhance knowledge. Knowledge is not only a tool for individuals to make a living, but also a tool for individuals to serve the society. However, in order to truly contribute to the society, it is not enough to rely on the "knowledge" tools, but also must have the correct values to guide, otherwise, knowledge may become a tool for breeding crimes¡° The spirit of "honesty" is an important moral criterion to cultivate people's noble moral sentiment and guide people to correctly handle various relationships. If an individual is honest, he will be impartial and impartial, and pay attention to credit. He will be able to abide by the law, accept the contract, and win the trust of others, and properly handle the relationship between good people and people, and between individuals and society.

We can say that the principle and spirit of "good faith" is the moral cornerstone to promote the healthy development of socialist market economy; It not only plays an important role in promoting social stability and prosperity, guiding social customs and curing social mental diseases, but also plays an important role in strengthening the personal moral cultivation of social members, improving the civilization quality of the whole nation, and cultivating a generation of citizens with knowledge, action, morality and law-abiding; It is the foundation of building a country and a career, and it is also a spiritual magic weapon for individuals to settle down.

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