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The content of civilized manuscripts

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On the contents of manuscripts of civilization

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The meaning of civilization

Civilization generally refers to the area where people live and have a certain economic culture. It sometimes has the same meaning as culture (but in Archaeology and anthropology, civilization and culture have very different meanings). Civilization is often closely related to cities. Civilization itself has the meaning of "urbanization" and "city formation".

The word "civilization" in English originates from the Latin "civil", which means the residents of a city. Its essential meaning is the ability of people to live in harmony in cities and social groups. It refers to a state of advanced social and cultural development and the process of reaching this state. It involves a wide range of fields, including the development of national consciousness, technical standards, etiquette, religious thoughts, customs and habits, and the development of scientific knowledge.

The general term for the way of life and the way of thinking produced in the process of inheritance, development, blending and differentiation of human aesthetic concepts and cultural phenomena. It is a phenomenon that human beings begin to live in groups and specialization of social division of labor. It is the product of rich material basis, and also a basic attribute of human society. Civilization is a concrete embodiment of the ideas and concepts gradually formed by human beings in the process of understanding and transforming the world, as well as the evolving human nature.

The meaning of the word "civilization" in foreign Dictionaries

The word "civilization" has different meanings in dictionaries published by different countries in the world.

In 1961, the Encyclopedia of French Grand laros, published in France, explains that the word "civilization" refers to enlightenment; The second refers to the general term of spiritual, artistic, moral and material life of a region or a society.

From 1973 to 1974, the Encyclopedia Britannica published in Britain explained that "civilization" is the sum of the characteristics of an advanced nation in its life or a certain historical stage.

In 1978, the Soviet Union published the Encyclopedia of the Soviet Union that the meaning of the word "civilization" refers to the level of social development, material civilization and spiritual civilization; The degree of social development after the barbarian age.

In 1979, the encyclopedia dictionary published by the former Federal Republic of Germany held that the word "civilization" in a broad sense refers to a good way of life and fashion. In a narrow sense, it refers to the material and social state formed by knowledge and technology after the society divorced from the primitive life of human beings living in groups.

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