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Contents of hand copied materials for sports meeting

Time: 17:04:06, June 23, 2017 Hand copy I want to contribute

Contents of hand copied materials for sports meeting

The following Ruiwen net makes up for everybody to share is the sports meeting Hand copy data Content, for everyone to browse.

You can't hear your voice on the radio, and you can't see your figure in front of the podium. You say, "it should be.".

However, if you are not serious and just, rigorous and free and easy, there will not be so much joy of success, there will not be so many triumphant return.

You are the true devotee. I believe that with your hands, more winners will emerge and more champions will come to us.

All grateful words are pale and powerless, only to say to you, "you have worked hard, respect the referee.".

Congratulations on the successful opening of the conference

The sunshine of October and the morning glow of October

A bright and beautiful October

A good harvest and auspicious October

Singing and laughing, flags fluttering

The sports meeting opened

Inner joy cannot be expressed in words

Thousands of beautiful words cannot be described

The efforts of the past will be tested today

Come on!

Let today's success compose a new future

You are the embodiment of justice on the playground,

You are the ambassador of notarization in the competition field,

The flag in your hand,

Add a beautiful scenery to the competition!

We sing for you,

We sing for you,

We sincerely say: "hard work, dear referee."

Like the waves of the sea,

Like the cloud swallow on the spray.

Smart speed running,

A gentle leap,

It's a small horizontal pole,

What rises is unyielding faith.

A javelin flying in the sky,

The referee took a taxi to chase,

I don't know who is so fierce,

Wang Xin of the seventh class is shining brilliantly.

In life, we try every day

In trying, we are going to succeed

Taste failure, walk through the rain and clear sky of heart

Athletes, don't give up trying

If you succeed

That's what motivates the next attempt

If you fail

We should sum up experience, draw lessons and continue to work hard

Whether it's failure or not, it's the spirit of participation that matters

Behind giving is victory

Whether it's successful or not

We will always praise you

You will always be our pride

Work hard, athlete!

It is the seed that should have green hope

Is the seed, should have the golden dream

Don't lie in a closed greenhouse

Afraid of the thin wind and frost in autumn

Now that you're on the playground

Don't think much about it

The track is full of sunshine

Don't be shy and nervous

Listen to autumn geese singing for you in the air

Go and pick up the pieces of gold

Full of confidence, there is hope

In my heart, you have always been a hero

My heart beats with you every minute

Because you always value the process of giving

Because you only want to pay, not for the personality of return

You are a star

My hand is always waving for you

The flags flutter on the playground,

Athletes show their bravery,

Jumping as light as a swallow,

The shot shot is flying and falling,

The 100 meter dash is like a tiger,

High skills in throwing and running,

How proud athletes are,

Look at the present.

The vigorous posture of athletes

Flying on the 1500 meter track

Come on, come on, refuel

Drop by drop. Sweat

A glimmer of hope

How many strokes can there be in life

Thousands of eyes are encouraging you

Work hard

Victory is just around the corner

Some sincere encouragement,

A few kind greetings,

A few affectionate eyes,

How much support and help,

It brings confidence and courage to athletes,

It is the determination and perseverance to take the first place.

A few shouts,

A bunch of flowers,

Gongs and drums,


It brings satisfaction and gratitude to athletes,

It's the joy and joy of success.

Thank you, our cheerleading team!

You sweat on the track,

Watering the flowers of success.

Your laughter is flying in the field,

You are the best to win honor for your class.

Run, chase

In this vast arena,

You are like a steed, like an arrow from Lixuan.

Run, chase

You are stronger than a tiger than a leopard.

Circular runway

Circle after circle of persistence

Perseverance and spirit were active in the meeting

Wet clothes

Sweating all over my head

Unlimited pursuit, striving to catch up

We're cheering and jumping for you

We are proud of you

Quietly, I stepped aside

Avoid all the applause and eyes

Away from the glory and glory of the winner

If life is also a competition

I participate

Also taste the taste of competition

So, let me look up, too

Get rid of the depression in my heart

Next time I'll fight you

You are like an eagle, flying in the clear sky

You are like a Venus, twinkling in the universe

You are like a horse galloping in the battlefield

Not like a cheetah, galloping in the grassland

You are like a speedboat, flying in the ocean

The fruits of victory are waiting for you to pick

The summit of hope is waiting for you to climb

The road of life has both smooth road and rough road; Through the years, there are laughter, but also bitterness. Tears tell me a story of falling, sweat makes me a heavy, how mature. After all, ideal is different from reality, failure is a part of life, no one can choose, can not refuse. Life to their own struggle, to struggle, in the wind and rain hundred unyielding, courageously forward, in their own every post station left a section of no regret memories. Tears are not lost, wandering is not confused. Success belongs to those who overcome failure, persevere and dare to pursue their dreams.

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