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Hand copied materials on Teachers' Day

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Hand copied materials on Teachers' Day

Respecting teachers and teaching is the most basic virtue. We should thank teachers, respect teachers and repay them. Let our world be full of love! The following is a collection of teachers' day Hand copy Hope you can read it carefully!

 Hand copied materials on Teachers' Day

Li Shangyin, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, wrote a poem: "when the silkworms die, the silk will be exhausted, and the wax torch will become gray and the tears will dry". He expressed the perseverance, firmness and dedication of the spring silkworm to the extreme, which has become a good sentence that has been sung for thousands of years. People vividly compare teachers to "spring silkworm", which is a high evaluation of teachers' selfless dedication and noble quality. People praise teachers like spring silkworms, who "spit out all the threads in their hearts, devote their lives to infinite love, have no fame and no plans, and weave a splendid and warm world"¡° "Spring silkworm" is a title that teachers feel extremely honored. Zhu Guangqian, a famous educator, said: "as long as I am still alive, I will spin silk for a day. I hope that the silk I spit can add warmth to the world and make spring more intense."

Spring silkworms are pure and pure with noble temperament; Spring silkworm eat a few stems of green leaves, spit a piece of beautiful; Spring silkworms live on and spin more than ever... Only the glorious teachers of the people are worthy of such appellations.

 Hand copied materials on Teachers' Day

Candle -- the most warm and moving title


It is originated from the famous poem of Tang Dynasty poet Li Shangyin: "the wax torch becomes gray and the tears begin to dry". People praise candles because they burn themselves in silence and use their own light to illuminate others until they burn themselves out. Speaking of the quality of candle, people associate with the beloved teacher. The teacher imparts his knowledge to the students and illuminates the students' progress with the light of wisdom and character. Isn't the selfless dedication spirit of "lighting the road for others, letting others see the light, burning themselves to shine on the world" is not the most vivid metaphor for the people's teachers¡° If the red candle glows and heats up, it cultivates national talents meticulously, like a spring silkworm, devoting his whole life to the cause of education " Couplet It is the recognition and pride of the title of "candle".

Young cattle

 Hand copied materials on Teachers' Day

Lu Xun, a great modern writer, wrote a famous sentence of "being indifferent to thousands of people's fingers, bent over to be a scholar, a cow", which sublimates and expands the spirit of ruziniu. Later, people use "ruziniu" to describe a person who is willing to serve the people and makes selfless contributions. The reason why people call a teacher a "child ox" is the most appropriate metaphor. In China, there has always been a traditional virtue that teachers and students are "as close as father and son". Teachers love students as if they love their own children. They work hard as if they were children. They are willing to contribute to the cultivation of children and devote themselves to their work without any return. Liu ranxian, a national outstanding teacher who won the "ruziniu Award", has been rooted in the Qinghai Plateau countryside for decades. He has worked hard like a cow and devoted his love to his children selflessly. Liu ranxian is an outstanding representative of teachers and a vivid embodiment of the spirit of "ruziniu"¡° The spirit of "ruziniu" shows "deep love, silent cultivation, hard work, hard work, selfless dedication", "eating grass, squeezing out milk". These excellent qualities are embodied in the majority of teachers in our country. Therefore, the teacher is called "Confucian cattle" is the most Chinese characteristics of praise.

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