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Junior high school

Time: January 15, 2018 19:58:40 Hand copy I want to contribute

Junior high school

How to do a good job in junior high school traffic Hand copy What about it? The following is a small editor for you to collect and sort out the junior high school traffic manuscripts, welcome to read and learn from, I hope to help you.

Junior high school traffic report

 Junior high school

 Junior high school

 Junior high school

 Junior high school

 Junior high school

   Contents of traffic report:

   Let children remember the eight traffic rules

In order to avoid traffic accidents, young parents may as well let their children understand and master the following traffic laws and regulations in a vivid and interesting way:

1. Walking on the road or street must be led by adults.

2. Do not cross the road. Walk on the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, walk by the side of the road.

3. When crossing the carriageway, you must take the zebra crossing sidewalk.

4. Don't play, kick a ball, pick up a car, chase a car, forcibly stop a car or hit a car by throwing objects on the road, and do nothing to hinder the traffic on the road.

5. Do not extend any part of the body out of the vehicle when the vehicle is running. Do not interfere with the normal operation of the driver.

6. Don't cross the traffic isolation facilities on the road.

7. Children under 12 years old are not allowed to ride bicycles.

8. You can't go to school on the sidewalk or the road.

   Eight notes for young parents:

1. When passing the crosswalk without traffic signal control, it is necessary to take the initiative to avoid vehicles.

2. In places where people cross the overpass or underpass, you must cross the overpass or underpass. Do not cross the road casually.

3. Do not cross or sit on the guardrail of sidewalk, roadway and railway crossing.

4. Do not sit or lie in the roadway, pedestrian overpass, pedestrian underpass, bridge, tunnel or traffic safety facilities.

5. Don't wait for a taxi on the driveway.

6. Do not take inflammable, explosive and other dangerous goods by bus or taxi.

   [traffic safety slogan]

1. Illegal driving has great harm, and traffic safety is in the Department of thousands of families

2. Everyone should be safe, and every family should be safe

3. Drive in accordance with the regulations and be happy with you; Fatigue driving is harmful to others and yourself.

4. Hold the steering wheel and be safe in mind.

5. Walk on the sidewalk, don't fight and make noise on the road, don't ride fast cars, don't grab the road, and remember to walk on the right

6. Driving without license will harm others and yourself

7. Overload, overspeed, danger

8. One second car accident, a lifetime of pain

9. Abide by the traffic laws and regulations and keep you safe forever

10. For the happiness of you and others, please obey the traffic regulations consciously

11. Safety first

12. The traffic rules are obeyed by you and me by everyone

   Follow the traffic rules

We can hear the word "obey the traffic rules" almost all the time, and the bloody events caused by traffic accidents are so miserable that we should realize the importance of obeying the traffic rules.

China has 1.3 billion people, 32 million people in our eyes is nothing, but I want to tell you, this is our country's annual death toll in traffic, and our country almost every 25 seconds a traffic accident, you can't ignore it! How many people have lost their lives due to traffic accidents, and how many people have destroyed a perfect family due to traffic... There are many people's blood on the road, and there are young lives under the wheels. Traffic makes an invisible killer, slowly approaching us. We should obey the traffic rules all the time.

We go to school, school and outside activities, almost every day to walk on the road. There is a lot of knowledge in walking to ensure safety! So I would like to introduce "how to cross the road safely" for my home.

When crossing the road, choose a crosswalk. In this area, the speed of motor vehicles is generally slowed down, and drivers pay more attention to the dynamic of pedestrians. When crossing the road where there is no crosswalk, pay special attention to avoid passing vehicles. You have to look to the left and then to the right. You can cross the road safely when you are not on both sides. People's life is bright, but traffic accidents make them dim. We can't regret ourselves for a moment. We should cross the road "one line, two look, three pass". It is not simple. As long as you are willing to spend more time, you can protect yourself and prevent traffic accidents.

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