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Reading materials

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Reading materials

Where to find the joy of reading, count the plum blossom heaven and earth heart. Books are a great pleasure in my life. I firmly believe that only by integrating our soul into the sea of books and integrating the contents of books into our lives, can we have a broader spiritual space than water and sea! The following is about reading Hand copy data Material content, welcome to read!

¡¡¡¡ Reading and reading

 Reading and reading

 Reading and reading

 Reading and reading

¡¡¡¡ Celebrity stories in reading:

¡¡¡¡ The story of Gorky saving the book.

Gorky, the world's literary giant, has a deep love for books. Once, his room caught fire. The first thing he picked up was books. He didn't consider anything else. In order to save the books, he was nearly burned to death. "Books, on the one hand, enlighten my wisdom and soul, and on the other hand help me to stand up in a mud puddle. If it wasn't for books, I would sink in this mire, and I would be drowned by stupidity and indecency," he said

¡¡¡¡ Wen Yiduo's story of drunk books.

Wen Yiduo is addicted to reading and is "drunk" when he sees it. On the day of his marriage, the bridal chamber is decorated with lights and decorations, which is very lively. In the early morning, relatives and friends all came to celebrate the wedding. Until the bridal sedan was almost home, people could not find the bridegroom everywhere. He was so anxious that he was found in his study. He was still in his old robe and was fascinated by a book in his hand. No wonder people say that he can't read a book and will be "drunk" at a glance.

¡¡¡¡ The story of Hua Luogeng guessing books.

When he got a book, he didn't read it from beginning to end. Instead, he thought about it for a while and then closed his eyes. He guessed the layout of the book and opened the book after deliberation. If the author's thinking was consistent with his own guess, he would not read it any more. Hua Luogeng's guessing method not only saved reading time, but also cultivated his own thinking power and imagination, so as not to make himself a slave to books.

¡¡¡¡ read composition

The ancients said: "a day without reading will feel tasteless, three days without reading will feel disgusting." The depth of experience of each of us can come from "ten thousand volumes of books" or "ten thousand miles". Reading can make us better discover ourselves and better understand the world.

When we are ignorant of the world, it is reading that changes us. When we can't fully understand the world, we might as well read aimlessly. If we read more, our appearance will change. Most of the time, people think that the books they have read have become a thing of the past and no memory. In fact, it still exists, in temperament, in life, in all things.

Reading can enrich one's own connotation. If it was not for "reading to break ten thousand volumes", how could Wang Bo improvise the preface to Tengwang Pavilion at the banquet, and write down the eternal famous sentence of "poor and strong, not falling green clouds". After reading a hundred times, you can see the meaning from yourself. Only when you have a lot of experience can you write a good article that makes people admire. The more books we read, the more we feel small and superficial. When we read more and more books, we will feel that the world is more and more mysterious. In this way, we will know the world and ourselves in constant reading.

"Drizzle wet clothes can not see, idle flowers fall silent", often read this sentence, can not help feeling the desolation of drizzle and idle flowers, when the Misty drizzle bit by bit hit Luo Shan, who can say that the feelings are not torrential? Otherwise, how to wet the whole dress; When the soft and beautiful flowers are flying and spinning on the bluestone Road, who can say that the feeling is not heroic? Otherwise, how can you cover the whole path? These are all from reading.

He is the Imperial Guard, the Prime Minister of the prime minister. But when he picked up Cui Qiao in the courtyard, he could only sigh "it has been ten years' trace and ten years' heart". He yearned for plain and simple, but this desire in the eyes of the world is just like that drizzle, just silent. All these are obtained from reading.

For hundreds of years, with the change of dynasties and social changes, Cao Xueqin's masterpiece a dream of Red Mansions has never been surpassed. He saw the prosperity and decline, and wrote different characters and different personalities¡¶ A dream of Red Mansions is one of the most popular novels in the world. It is also a strange novel. I always think that the life phenomenon revealed by him is a dream even today, which is also obtained from reading.

Reading brings me the feeling, as if after rain, the sun through the clouds, suddenly showing a brilliant light.

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