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Happy New Year's Day

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Happy New Year's Day

In all areas of society, we have heard of or used it Hand copy Well, hand copied newspapers need ingenious design and careful arrangement. There are many types of hand copied newspaper. Do you know all of them? The following is a small compilation of happy New Year's Day manuscripts for you, I hope to help you.


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กกกก New year's Day composition

New year's Day is not a strange festival for everyone. Although the traditional Chinese festival is not that day, it is the preparation for the new year compared with the world. But for us Chinese, new year's Day is also a very important festival. In China, the words "Happy New Year's Day" will be written.

China will define new year's day as a legal holiday. Today is a day that will be held every year. As many scholars have written, the sound of firecrackers goes out of the year, and the spring breeze brings warmth to Tu su. Thousands of households always exchange new peaches for old ones. This is also a reflection of Wang Anshi of Song Dynasty on the new scene and new atmosphere. The staff who are busy with green every day can be fully released in these days. Some of them will travel to places closer to their own cities. Although it is a holiday, the time is short, so they can only go to the nearby places, and some people who don't want to go out, It's possible to stay at home 24 hours a day, because the pace of life in big cities is very fast. Even if you work hard, you may be eliminated by the society, let alone stay in place or regress. So it's not easy to have a small long holiday. Of course, it's decided to spend their holidays at home. Some people who work in other places, If you can't go home at this time and have a delicious meal for your family, the unit or the community will organize a collective art party to make everyone have a good time together. They will also organize special gongs and drums to enliven the atmosphere. There will also be group dance of famous ethnic groups. Although the dance is not particularly perfect and in place, But everyone will actively participate in this big collective family. With the development of science and technology step by step, we can also see the gala performed by each TV station in the major TV stations, and we can also spend this beautiful new year's day with us. On this day, students in the school will get together to have a party and buy the snacks they want, The program is very wonderful. Those who sing well will go to the platform to sing. Those who can dance will be pushed to the middle of the stage. When the music starts, he starts to perform his talents for us. We also dance our bodies with the music.

This is the traditional New Year's day, although everyone is struggling for their own life, but the festival is still important for Chinese people.

กกกก Poems on New Year's Day

1. New Year's Eve

Wang Zhiwang

Chang'an is a hundred feet tall, and it's said that the chicken's name is heard at night.

Jin Wuchi forbids the jade to leak forever, and the Jiuqu road is full of revelry.

He visited and found three songs, selected Qingchang, and made friends with Wuling.

Smile will buy a thousand dollars of wine, light as nine cattle died a hair.

Poetry more composition word drink, stop wine a shame and pottery.

The pen is full of rhyme and adventure, and a few people are sitting on it to push handsome fashion.

Everything turns into a short dream, ten years, such as running Tao.

Only now old but sad, long song playing Hao Cao.

2. Tianjia New Year's Day

meng haoran

I went back to the North last night, and now I'm from the East.

I have been a strong official, no money, still worry about agriculture.

Mulberry field plows father, lotus hoe with shepherd boy.

Tianjiazhan climate, said that this year is rich.

This poem is fresh and simple, and has the legacy of Tao Yuanming.

3. New Year's Day

Kong Shangren

Xiao Shu's white hair is not full, but he sleeps in the stove.

Cut the candle to dry up the evening wine, pour out one's money and divide it into two parts.

Listen to the firecracker in the childlike innocence, see the old Xingpian Taofu.

Add a drum horn and plum blossom, and celebrate the new year with laughter at the fifth watch.

4. Yuanri (yulouchun)


In a year, the lotus flower leakage is exhausted, and Bijing Tu Su Shen freezes wine.

Xiaohan is sharp and deceiving, and the willow comes first in spring.

Beautiful woman advise thousands of longevity, Baiye pepper flower green sleeves.

Drunk in the depths of the less known, only with Dongjun partial old.

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