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Fifth grade Qingming handwritten newspaper

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Fifth grade Qingming handwritten newspaper

A year of Qingming, a year of care, a miss, a second of memory. Will not forget, will not leave, for the side, leave, good efforts, good treasure. Today, Xiaobian provides you with the fifth grade Qingming Festival Hand copy I hope I can help you.

   Fifth grade Qingming handwritten report 1

 Fifth grade Qingming handwritten newspaper

Qingming Festival arrived, my sister and mother went to Xishan Park to sweep the grave. I did not sweep the graves of relatives and friends, but the graves of revolutionary martyrs.

In the morning, my mother woke me up early and took the bus to Xishan Park. Along the way, spring is full of life.

Walking into the gate of Xishan Park, the park is full of the breath of spring. Then we walked into the martyrs' Memorial. Looking at the pictures of martyrs all over the wall, there are: Ning Taiyi, the pioneer of the 1911 Revolution; The left power of the famous Anti Japanese general; Cai Shenxi, military commander of the Red Army; Zhu kejing, liaison Minister of the New Fourth Army; Zhang Yilan, the only heroine who went to the national disaster with Li Dazhao; Chen Jue and Zhao Yunxiao, who left a book and moved millions of people

After leaving the museum, we went to the martyrs' monument, arranged the flowers in front of the monument, righted the wreath, cleaned up the garbage, knelt respectfully and kowtowed three times to show our respect.

Then, we came to the statue of general Zuoquan and made a salute. General Zuoquan, with a telescope in his hand, gazed at the front with a kind eye in his majesty. He seemed to be looking at such a prosperous Liling, where the people lived a happy and happy life. He felt that his death was worthwhile and meaningful.

On the way home, I think the prosperity of our country and the happiness of the people today were bought by the martyrs with their blood and life, and also the beautiful ideal that the martyrs fought for. It is our unshirkable mission and responsibility to inherit the martyrs' will and build a beautiful homeland. Let us join hands today, face the future, work with one heart and one mind to complete the unfinished cause of the martyrs, and strive to build a prosperous, strong and healthy Liling!

   Fifth grade Qingming handwritten report 2

 Fifth grade Qingming handwritten newspaper

Paying homage to ancestors is a kind of performance of filial piety. It is a kind of most important etiquette to respect and cherish the ancestors. This time is a traditional death day. It is the best time to visit our ancestors.

On Tomb Sweeping Day, many people will come to the tombstones of their ancestors and offer flowers, sacrifices and filial piety. I am no exception. My uncle, dad and my little brothers came here to commemorate the departure of our ancestors and the festivals of our ancestors. Qingming season rain one after another, these light rain people's mood hook out, with a feeling of nostalgia came here. Come to the tombstone of this venerable ancestor and tell your own feelings. In fact, it is very necessary to visit our ancestors. Think about the past and think about the past. Without the cultivation of our ancestors, where would there be our present life. Without our ancestors, we will not pay to exist. Qingming Festival such a day can reflect a kind of most suitable day of worship. Qingming Festival is an opportunity for our ancestors to communicate with us and visit each other. Qingming Festival this day let the first people at ease, let the later people into their own filial piety, let the later generations give a kind of respect and filial piety. This is also a kind of respect for oneself. Filial piety is the first thing. Only when filial piety is put in the front, can we have more standards of being a man, and be an upright and filial person.

Qingming Festival worship day, is to commemorate the departure of ancestors, is a festival to commemorate the ancestors.

   Fifth grade Qingming handwritten report 3

 Fifth grade Qingming handwritten newspaper

Every year at this festival, I will recite this poem written by Du Mu, a poet of Tang Dynasty, to express our yearning for our ancestors.

On that day, my family and I went to Dong Zhi to sweep the grave for my grandmother. When we arrived at Grandma's grave, we each picked up a broom or rag to clean the statue and tombstone of grandma. Then, we put some flowers, some cakes and some fruit. Finally, we burn incense, fold the tinfoil, paper money and Yuanbao to grandma, to express our missing and blessing to grandma, and wish her a lot of money and a happy life in another world. I hope my grandmother can bless me to have a bright future. At this time, I can't help but think of those years I spent with my grandmother. When I was very young, my grandmother had not died. At that time, although my grandmother had wrinkles and gray hair, she loved me very much. Her kind smile left a deep impression on me. But now, my grandmother has passed away, but her kind face still remains in my mind.

The scenery in the distance came into my eyes. The birds were singing beautiful songs. The golden rape flowers were everywhere. Everywhere was a scene of vitality and recovery of all things. Qingming Festival, let us in such a special day, we in the memory of the past, but also to the future full of hope, cherish life, so that their life more meaningful, do not waste such a good life. Let your every day be full and solid, so as not to leave regret.

   Fifth grade Qingming handwritten newspaper No.4

 Fifth grade Qingming handwritten newspaper

When the Tomb Sweeping Day comes, people will always come to the tombstones of their ancestors, offer a bunch of beautiful flowers, and help these deceased ancestors clean the tombstones.

With a jolt and a long journey, we came to the tomb of our ancestors. The air on the mountain is particularly fresh, but everything around it is the same as before, with disordered small trees and weeds everywhere. At this time, the humid air, blue sky, everywhere silent picturesque! As soon as my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother and my family arrived at the tombstone, they were busy in an orderly way.

I took a look at the tombstone, the stage is covered with many thin and long branches, surrounded by many tall weeds. I picked up the hoe I had brought and started weeding. Looking at the sunny sky, I said to myself, "no matter how hard it is, we should hoe the weeds." After weeding, my father and I were responsible for throwing the weeds away. Gradually, no weeds, no weeds on the tombstone platform, no weeds around the tombstone.

We put a bunch of beautiful flowers on the clean top of the tombstone, and put some red apples and fragrant pears for a cup of tea. Finally, we stood in front of the tombstone and bowed a 90 degree bow to the deceased ancestors to show our memory and respect for them!

At this time, a train passed by, and the driver honked his horn like a greeting to his ancestors. Qingming Festival, let's remember our ancestors!

   Fifth grade Qingming handwritten report 5

 Fifth grade Qingming handwritten newspaper

The Tomb Sweeping Day falls between April 4 and April 5 every year. Qingming Festival is a traditional Chinese festival and one of the 24 solar terms. The solar term for spring. There are many interesting activities and common sense about Qingming Festival! to swing.

Swing is an ancient custom. Swing can not only improve health, but also cultivate courage. Up to now, people are still spreading this custom. Go on a green outing. Outing is also called spring outing. In ancient times, it was called Tanchun, xunchun, etc. April Qingming, spring returns to the earth, nature presents a lively scene everywhere, it is a great time for outing. Chinese people have long maintained the habit of going on a green outing during the Qingming Festival. tree planting. Before and after the Qingming Festival, the spring sun shines and the spring rain falls. The survival rate of planting trees is high and the growth is fast. Therefore, since ancient times, China has the habit of planting trees during the Qingming Festival, which has been handed down to this day. fly a kite. Kite flying is also one of the favorite activities of Qingming Festival.

Every Qingming Festival, people not only put it during the day, but also at night. It is said that this can eliminate diseases and bring good luck to themselves. sweep the tombs. Tomb Sweeping has a long history. The purpose of tomb sweeping is to commemorate the dead relatives and old people, and also to miss them. Although they are no longer in the world, their life experience is still clearly visible in our mind. This yearning is eternal and profound. Cut willows. It is said that the custom of planting willows during the Qingming Festival is to commemorate Shennong, the forefather of farming, who taught the people how to farm. So far, it has been handed down by people. Shoot willow. Shooting willow is a game to practice archery skills. It is also a custom of Qingming Festival. According to the records of the Ming Dynasty, pigeons are placed in gourds, and the gourds are hung high on willows. When the bow hits the gourd, the pigeon flies out, and the winner is judged by the height of the pigeon. pick tea. Picking tea is a custom of Qingming Festival in the south. During the Qingming Festival, the weather turns warm in the south, which is a good season for tea picking. Longjing in the West Lake is famous all over the world.

There are many ancient poems praising the Qingming Festival, such as Zhang Ji's "Qingming": try to see the county of Wumen, Qingming has new smoke in several places. After watching the above Qingming Festival customs and those interesting activities, we must have some understanding of Chinese culture, but there are still many customs and legends about Qingming Festival, which need us to constantly understand and master.

   Fifth grade Qingming handwritten newspaper No.6

 Fifth grade Qingming handwritten newspaper

"In the Qingming Festival, it rains in succession, and the passers-by wants to lose their souls..." every year at this festival, people will recite this poem written by Du Mu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, to express people's yearning for their ancestors. But this year, I found a kind of evil spirit.

My family went back home to visit grandma's grave. When we walked up the mountain, we found that the mountain road was blocked. Some people were collecting the road money. Each person was 20 yuan. If we didn't pay it, we would not let it pass. Dad angrily prepared to hit 110, and his mother stopped him and said, "forget it! More is better than less. Why offend these people? 20 yuan is not a big figure. Just give it to them. Don't you think: we're gone, what if they come to destroy the cemetery? " Dad shook his head helplessly. On the way up the mountain after paying the money, I always thought bitterly: are these people crazy about money? Can you think of anything like that? Are they not afraid of retribution?

When we came to grandma's grave, we placed some flowers, cakes and some fruits. Then we lit candles and burned the folded silver foil and paper money to our ancestors to express our missing and blessing to our grandmother.

Mom and dad are making soil for grandma's grave, so I walk around and have a look. I was surprised to find that there were so many kinds of sacrificial articles in other people's houses: paper covered villas and Mercedes Benz, which they said were meant to live a good life for the elderly; There are also paper-based beauties who smile and say they want to give the old man enjoyment; What's more funny is that another family has invited a "big immortal" method, where the "immortal" jumps and dances, and the family kneels on the ground to worship

I don't think it's right to be filial. Filial piety should be to treat the elderly better when they are alive, rather than to show off after death. Extravagance and waste, feudal superstition, these not only desecrated ancestors, but also defiled the "Qingming" festival.

It is not only a national custom, but also a human nature to sweep tombs and cherish the memory of our ancestors. There are many ways to sweep tombs in civilization - some send a bunch of flowers to express their sorrow; Take the opportunity to cultivate soil, plant a tree beside the grave, which is not only solemn and thrifty, but also green the environment

I hope that the police can take charge of the villagers who collect the so-called "road tolls". I also hope that we can sweep the tombs in a civilized way, so that the Tomb Sweeping Day can really become "Qingming".

   Fifth grade Qingming handwritten newspaper No.7

 Fifth grade Qingming handwritten newspaper

In April, the Qingming Festival comes to the world again. There is no wind and no rain. This year's Qingming Festival is sunny and sunny. In such a weather, it would be nice to go to the tomb sweeping and outing!!

In the early morning of this day, in my hometown of Xinghua, willow branches were planted in front of every household, which is said to be to ward off evil spirits. After breakfast, I went to the cemetery with my parents. Walking through the country road, I saw the green wheat seedlings, golden rape flowers, colorful wild flowers, and felt the beauty of the countryside in my hometown. After a while, we came to the public cemetery in the northeast of the village. There were grave sweepers everywhere, including adults, old people and many children. They all have a serious look, some squat, quietly burning paper money; Some stood bowing and bowing to the tombstones of their ancestors. The graveyard was filled with solemnity.

Walking on the soft clay road, with a heavy heart, my parents and I came to the tombstone of our ancestors to clean, clean, burn paper money and worship our ancestors. Everything was the same as before, but I was a year older. Bathed in the bright sunshine, looking at the flying paper money ash in the air, listening to the sound of firecrackers from time to time, I silently recited in my heart: ancestors, you can rest well under the nine springs!

On the way back, people come and go in an endless stream, and the sun is still so bright, I can't help but sigh: how short a person's life is, and how beautiful it is to live! Tomb Sweeping Day, a day to remember our ancestors, but also let us know how to cherish the day.

   Fifth grade Qingming handwritten newspaper No.8

 Fifth grade Qingming handwritten newspaper

"During the Qingming Festival, it rains in succession, and pedestrians on the road want to lose their souls." When the Tomb Sweeping Day comes, we can't help thinking of our relatives who are far away in the kingdom of heaven.

On Tomb Sweeping Day, my father drove with my mother and me to visit Dehui cemetery with a heavy heart. We walked along the straight and wide road and soon came to the tomb of the Lord. Dad cleaned up the weeds, and I wiped the tombstone with my prepared wet towel. While my mother put all kinds of cakes and fruits there, she murmured and chatted with him, telling him that everyone in the family was fine. Looking at the picture of the father that kind face, the past on the heart, tears blurred my vision.

The Lord is the best person in the world to me. Before I went to primary school, I drank milk every winter. In order to let me drink the purest milk, the master walked out of the house early every day, facing the biting cold wind and stepping on the ice and snow to get the milk for me. He had to watch the cow's uncle squeeze the milk into my bottle on site, and then he would go back happily. When I come back, I have to put the milk in the padded jacket. I know that the Lord is protecting this bottle of milk. Dad often said that it was too cold to let the LORD go. But the Lord always said: "old age is the need to exercise, this does not exercise while taking milk, kill two birds with one stone." The Lord's love for me will never be forgotten.

This is my first time to pay homage to my deceased relatives, unforgettable Tomb Sweeping Day, unforgettable family affection!

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