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Food safety report by hand

Time: December 30, 2020 18:23:55 Hand copy I want to contribute

Food safety manuscripts

Build a "firewall" for food safety and hold up the "umbrella" for people's health. I collected some food safety information for you Hand copy Pictures, welcome to read.

Handwritten report on food safety

 Handwritten report on food safety

Handwritten report on food safety 2

 Handwritten report on food safety

Handwritten report on food safety 3

 Handwritten report on food safety

Food safety related manuscripts 4

 Handwritten report on food safety

Handwritten report on food safety 5

 Handwritten report on food safety

Handwritten report on food safety 6

 Handwritten report on food safety

Handwritten report on food safety 7

 Handwritten report on food safety

Food safety manual 8

 Handwritten report on food safety

Take me and food safety as the topic composition

Food is an indispensable thing in our life, and it is also the closest thing we contact, so food safety has become a safety problem that can not be ignored in our life. Every year, many people die of food poisoning, so we should learn more about food safety. The ancients said, "the people are the king, food is the first thing for the people." The former can be understood as: Cathay Pacific relies on the stability of the people; The latter can be understood as: People's health depends on food, which shows that the health and safety of food is very important to us.

Outside our school, there are a lot of stalls and hawkers. Their business is always booming every day. Some of them sell ice cream and some sell colored water. It seems that there is a hand stretching out to the small greedy food in the broad daylight. But who knows whether the food is qualified and safe?

In fact, a large number of out of school food is not ideal, and there are many food hygiene problems that are not up to the standard. Some experts pointed out that these problems and no relevant food security are bound to have a great impact on the health of primary and secondary school students. Although the school talks about food safety every day, students still don't care.

I have heard of one thing: one day, a classmate felt very hungry after school. Although the teacher said today that he should not buy junk food, he didn't pay attention to it. He bought ice cream with fifty cents. When he bought it, he made a great ideological struggle. At last, his stomach protested in a "coo" voice. He bought ice cream, He savored the delicious food in his hand and walked home with great strides. However, unfortunately, it finally happened. On the next day, he had diarrhea. Not only did he feel bad, but also his parents were worried! This is what happens when you don't listen and buy snacks.

In addition, in front of our school, there are some soft and thin soft drinks that are only sold for 1 yuan. They are very popular among primary school students. The bottles are soft and thin. They are divided into cola, orange, lemon and other flavors. However, these cheap soft drinks are actually filled by some small workshops with flavors, pigments and tap water, so it is impossible to guarantee the quality. In addition, the bottles filled with soda water are generally recycled, and their sanitary conditions are self-evident.

Food safety incidents have a great impact on people's lives, and food regulatory authorities have always attached great importance to this issue. I believe that the relevant departments can seriously deal with it and strictly manage it to give you a safe food environment. As a primary school student and a member of the society, we should also constantly improve our ability and awareness of self-protection, and do our best to cooperate with the regulatory authorities.

Although these "three noes" foods are closely associated with each other, they are very tempting. For us who are not strong in self-control, they are very easy to be seduced. I hope you can enhance your safety awareness, keep the safety alarm bell ringing, and be responsible for your own body.

Food safety precautions

First, pay attention to see whether the operator has a business license and whether its subject qualification is legal.

2. Pay attention to whether the food packaging label is complete, and whether the food outer package is marked with commodity name, ingredient list, net content, factory name, address, telephone number, production date, shelf life, product standard number, etc.

Third, pay attention to the production date and shelf life of the food, and pay attention to whether the food exceeds the shelf life.

Fourth, look at the product label, pay attention to distinguish the certification mark.

5. Look at the color of the food. Don't be confused by the bright and beautiful food.

6. Check the health status of bulk food operators, pay attention to the health certificate, health certificate and other relevant certificates, and whether there are fly proof and dust-proof facilities.

7. Look at the food price, pay attention to the market price comparison of the same kind of food, and rationally purchase "discount", "low price" and "promotion" food.

8. The best way to buy meat products and pickled products is to go to the standard market and "rest assured shop", and be careful to buy the food sold by tourists (without fixed business places or cart sales).

9. Properly keep shopping vouchers and relevant basis, so as to provide evidence for rights protection in case of consumption disputes.

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