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Earth hour and I hand copy

Time: 2020-12-30 09:42:42 Hand copy I want to contribute

Earth hour and I hand copy

March 26 this year is earth hour. In order to meet the "Earth Hour" activity, the editor has brought us earth hour Hand copy Pictures. It is hoped that all people will act to show their support for climate change action by turning off the lights (or shutting down other power facilities as much as possible) from 20:30 PM to 21:30 pm on the last Saturday in March every year.

Earth hour and I hand copy 1

 Earth hour and I hand copy

Earth hour and I hand copy 2

 Earth hour and I hand copy

Earth hour and I hand copy 3

 Earth hour and I hand copy

Earth hour and I hand copy 4

 Earth hour and I hand copy

Earth hour and I hand copy 5

 Earth hour and I hand copy

Earth hour and I hand copy 6

 Earth hour and I hand copy

Earth hour and I hand copy 7

 Earth hour and I hand copy

Earth hour and I hand copy 8

 Earth hour and I hand copy

Earth Hour composition

From 20:30 to 21:30 last night, a global event - "Earth Hour" was launched. The reason for this activity is: we call on everyone to take good care of the environment, pay attention to environmental protection and save energy.

At 20:30, we turn off the lights, go downstairs, and get ready for the hour. When I put on my shoes, I said in a hurry, "come on! Come on But my mother and grandmother did not hurry to say: "don't worry, it will be ready soon."

We came to the yard. The yard is very lively, some children play games on the cement floor, chasing each other, happy, but also from time to time issued "giggle" laughter.

"So, how do we spend the hour?" My mother asked.

"Let's do radio gymnastics first." I said.

"Good." Mom said, "I haven't seen you do it yet."

Do what you say and do it. I'll demonstrate it first. I want my mother to learn. Although this is my mother's first time to do it, she does it well.

After doing radio gymnastics, we played a game called "I can do you can't". The rule is: both sides show their own unique trick, let the other party do it, if the other side can do it, the person will lose, otherwise win. I'm the first to move my ears. Sure enough, no one can compare with me. Then the mother out of the trick, did not expect, the mother's unique move is to stand on one foot. After a few games, I lost and my mother got the upper hand.

After playing for a while, we walked to the rockery. There is a stream under the rockery. The stream at night is so quiet that you can't feel its flow. Because of the lack of rain, the water in the stream is very shallow, and you can see the pebbles at the bottom of the stream. My mother and grandmother talked about the news of water shortage in Southwest China, and I listened attentively.

"The water shortage in Southwest China is very serious now," she said. There is a school in Yunnan. It is estimated that each student will be given a bottle of mineral water every day. One day, a reporter interviewed a student in this primary school and found that there were four bottles of water hidden in his drawer. The reporter asked him why there were still four bottles of water left. He said, "I'll leave it to my parents to drink!" It moved me a lot.

This little boy is so filial to his parents, so economical in such a difficult environment. But I, under such good conditions, have food and shelter, and do not save water and electricity, extravagant and wasteful, which makes me very ashamed!

I decided to take this little boy as an example to lead a simple life and save water and electricity.

Unconsciously, an hour passed quickly, and we went home. I thought, this hour has not been wasted!

What is earth hour

Do you remember lighting a candle at home when you were a child with a sudden power failure? Would you turn off the power at home during earth hour? Earth hour, did you turn off the lights tonight?

Earth hour is a response to environmental protection. It is an initiative launched by the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) in 2007 to tackle global climate change. It turns off the lights for an hour at 20:30 p.m. on the last Saturday in March. In China, at least 30 cities participate each year.

Earth Hour calls for more people to participate in environmental protection and turn off unnecessary lights and appliances. Its main purpose is not to save electricity, but to curb climate warming. Earth Hour aims to make people understand the threat of climate change, and to realize how a small action by individuals and businesses will have a profound impact on the environment in which they live - small changes can make a huge impact!

Earth hour time

After billions of years of continuous change of the earth, human beings should not only take advantage of it, but also take action, pay attention to environmental protection, save resources, and start from small things around us! Participate in earth hour, everyone is an environmentalist! So when is earth hour? Earth hour is on the last Saturday of March every year, from 20:30 PM to 21:30 pm local time.

Earth hour is a global energy-saving activity, in this hour, please turn off unnecessary lights and power consumption products! What can we do with earth hour?

Ordinary people can turn off the lights and cut off the power supply of TV sets, computers, microwave ovens, washing machines and mobile phone chargers; Businesses can turn off the exterior decorative lights; Landmark buildings, scenic spots, public buildings, etc. will turn off the landscape lighting without affecting the normal production and work safety, and jointly welcome the "Earth Hour" global lights out activity, and make practical contributions to reducing carbon emissions!

What's the meaning of earth hour

Every year, there are always voices of doubt in the Earth Hour event: "an hour out is a show!"ˇ° You can save the earth by turning off the lights for an hour every year, In fact, the earth's lights out for an hour can not save the earth's increasingly bizarre climate change, but it is saving the public's increasingly weak awareness of environmental protection, to improve the public's environmental protection action and pay attention to the development of the earth's environment. What is the meaning of earth hour?

First, earth hour is exporting an idea of environmental protection. The topic of environmental protection is well known by all and will be talked about, but it can not always be translated into practical actions. How much reflection does everyone have on their daily electricity use behavior, and how does this reflection turn into actionˇ° "Earth Hour" is not a change from zero to 100, but to make everyone willing to work hard for the change from zero to one! From saving to environmental protection, everyone can do it!

Second, the significance of earth hour is not just to turn off the lights and save energy this time! What's more, it's out of mind! This one hour will let you return from the bright lights to the quiet of the night, the warmth of candlelight, and the brilliance of the starry sky... Only by experiencing the surrounding environment with heart, can you truly realize the harmonious coexistence of human and nature, and realize the precious environmental resources.

Earth hour is not only an experience in response to the environmental movement, but also a reflection that a more economical life is actually beautiful! How to transform the excitement and reflection of this hour into a longer-term change is the place where everyone who loves environmental protection, cares about environmental protection, and even everyone needs to work together.

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