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Summary of reading and newspaper copying activities

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Summary of reading and newspaper copying activities

It's time to calm down and write down the summary of the activity. Let's refer to the activity summary how to write it. The following is the carefully arranged reading of Xiaobian Hand copy Activity summary, for reference only, hope to help you.

Summary of reading activities

Books are the precious spiritual wealth of mankind, the inexhaustible rich ore, the crystallization of experience and lessons, and the cornerstone for the future. Reading is an important way of learning.

In order to further mobilize the enthusiasm of primary school students in reading, cultivate students to develop good reading habits, and strive to create a learning atmosphere of love reading, frequent reading and reading chinese On May 27, the teaching and research group carried out the activity of "reading with me" in Grade 5 and grade 6. There are 50 excellent players in the competition.

Students choose their favorite sentences and paragraphs from their own reading books, copy them carefully and decorate them carefully. The production of hand copied newspaper is designed by students independently, with rich contents, including the introduction of Chinese and foreign famous works, reading experience, reading stories, reading famous sayings and exquisite poems and articles. For the children, this is a happy reading of the cultivation and sowing, this is a reading happy feeling incisively and vividly expressed, they put their own reading experience, draw out with heart, write with emotion, share their harvest with everyone! The strong fragrance of books is floating in the campus of seven schools.

Through this activity, let students get close to books and develop the habit of loving reading and good reading; Let extracurricular books enrich children's knowledge, broaden their horizons, activate their thinking, cultivate their sentiment, and truly make them experience: I read, I grow! And this activity, not only strengthened the exchange of students' reading experience, showed the students' reading achievements, but also improved the students' ability to collect and sort out information.

In this activity, we unified the requirements of the grade competition and the evaluation method. After the hard work of the judges and teachers, the activity of reading hand copy competition has been successfully completed, and 5 first prizes, 7 second prizes and 14 third prizes were awarded.

Summary of reading activity 2

In the past 20XX years, under the strong advocacy and supervision of the central school and the active cooperation and efforts of all teachers, our school's reading education activities have been carried out in a down-to-earth manner and have achieved gratifying results. Last year, teacher Gao Shumei's reading exchange activity class was highly praised by the leaders of the central school and other schools. At the same time, it also played a great role in promoting the development of reading activities in our school. What kind of activity forms can stimulate students' interest in reading and better test students' reading effect has become the subject of constant exploration by Chinese teachers in our school. Teachers use teaching and research time to discuss and learn from each other, learn from each other in exchange activities, and gradually form a distinctive activity form, In the reading exchange and observation class of Gao Shumei's class, the wonderful reading display of the students pushed our school's reading activities to a new height. In order to make the whole school teachers and students love reading, our school organized a series of reading activities with the theme of "I love reading" on the occasion of the world reading day. The activities mainly include the exhibition and evaluation of reading reports, the evaluation of reading experience, and the exhibition of class reading exchange activities, In the exhibition activities, the students shared their reading harvest and reading comprehension in different forms. Their enthusiasm for reading was stimulated, and more students felt the pleasure of reading. A strong reading atmosphere was created in the whole school. In summary, there are several bright points as follows:

1. The teacher paid attention to the thought and arranged the activities carefully

Since the activity arrangement, the teachers have been actively preparing, ranging from the formulation of the activity plan, the arrangement of the activity form and the layout of the classroom atmosphere, to the production of courseware and the design of the theme layout, we can see that every teacher attaches great importance to this activity and his heart.

2. The form of the activity is new, and the content of communication is real

Under the guidance of teacher Gao Shumei's reading demonstration class, teachers have some inspiration, some thinking and some actions. From the design of problems to the guidance of forms, they can innovate according to the age characteristics of students, and can highlight a "real" word, truly guide students to understand the works and touch the heart of the characters. The low-level students have colorful storytelling competitions, friendly and interesting conversation with teachers, hands-on operation and introduction of works; Some of them exchange their reading experience, some read their favorite articles or paragraphs with passion, some recommend their favorite new books, some introduce their own reading methods, and recommend how to choose good books and choose suitable books for them; How to make rational use of spare time to read orderly. Through communication, students learn from each other's strengths, and some students adapt their own stories into text plays. From the activities, we can feel that students really enter the world of books and communicate with the characters in the books. We can see the effect and lay a good foundation for the smooth development of reading activities.

3. The teacher is willing to let go and the students' self-confidence is enhanced

In this reading exhibition activity, many classes are students to participate in planning, editing and directing the plot, boldly let the students preside over the activity, so as to give play to the students' intelligence, but also exercise their organizational and practical ability. So, believe in students, we will have unexpected harvest.

4. Teachers and students walk into the classics slowly

Teachers are the guide of students. Teachers' own standards of conduct and the demonstration and practice of their own practice can make students have model and clear goals. In this reading class, I found that many teachers can read books with students and intentionally guide students to read classics, which sets a good example for students. Therefore, in the reading report display, the children talk about the topic of communication in depth.

The development of reading activities makes our teachers more "elegant" and our students more "deep". I believe that the life accompanied by books must have quality and vitality; A campus full of scholarly fragrance must have connotation and development. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the needs of teachers and students, and really take the evaluation of the school as an effective mechanism to stimulate students' interest and stimulate their development, so as to carry out our school's reading activities in a solid and effective way.

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