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 Secretary_ Secretarial information

Secretary (in charge of article writing, literary editing, news writing, etc.)

Secretary refers to having mastered the basic theory and knowledge of public relations and secretarial major, being familiar with the principles and methods of modern clerical science and secretarial science, having strong writing ability, being able to skillfully engage in clerical and secretarial work, being able to write articles, edit literature and news, have strong public relations ability, and engage in information publicity Secretarial services, daily office management and public relations work personnel.


one Common software

Data processing software Excel2007 / 2010, WPS, PowerPoint 2007 / 2010, frontpage 2007 / 2010 and winzip18.0 are commonly used software. If you can have better word processing, image processing tools, master the application of course better.

two Classification of Secretaries

There are three types of secretaries in foreign-funded enterprises in China: Junior secretaries, mainly in answering telephone calls, sending faxes, sending and receiving letters, etc; Secondary Secretary (General Secretary) - write general letters, draft reports and prepare meetings in English. Most of them graduated from junior college or undergraduate. Senior Secretary (Manager Assistant) - can draft important contract text, understand law and tax knowledge, have emergency handling ability, strong language literacy and high practical writing ability.

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  • The method of rapid thinking of secretarial materials 2018-01-31

    In the process of secretarial writing, no matter what kind of conception is adopted, they must be recorded while thinking. Here's a quick way of thinking about secretarial materials. Welcome to read it! There are several ways to quickly conceive of secretarial materials: 1

  • Recommendation of secretarial work content 2018-01-30

    Secretarial work is the general term of documents and secretarial work, and is an important part of the daily work of leading organs at all levels. Let's have a look. The following is the secretary work for you. I hope you like it£¨ 1£© Secretary work leading organs and their leaders work content 1

  • Responsibilities of secretary in office 2018-01-30

    Job responsibilities refer to the work contents and responsibilities required by a post. Post is established by the organization to complete a certain task, which is composed of work type, position, title and grade. Responsibility is the unity of duty and responsibility, which is composed of two parts: authorized scope and corresponding responsibility

  • Responsibilities of sales secretary 2018-01-30

    A sales secretary is actually a sales assistant or a sales clerk. Next, I sorted out the responsibilities of Sales Secretary for you, hoping to help you! Job responsibilities of sales secretary 1. Be responsible for the management, classification, filing and storage of the company's marketing documents and meeting minutes; Second

  • Post responsibilities of office secretaries 2018-01-29

    Office secretaries should be clear about their job responsibilities, the following with the small editor to read the office secretarial duties, I believe it can give you inspiration. Responsibilities of office secretaries: to do a good job in daily administrative affairs and secretarial work under the leadership of office director. 2¡¢ Negative

  • Composition guidance for college entrance examination: material composition Secrets 2018-06-02

    1¡¢ Grasp the key words, carefully analyze the propositioner's ideological and emotional tendencies. When making the test questions, the examiners often integrate their understanding of the materials and their emotional tendencies into the materials and hints. Therefore, in order to accurately and appropriately examine the topic, we must grasp the key words in the materials and analyze the propositioner carefully

  • Sample resume for secretarial writing 2018-11-07

    Secretary Writing in the teaching process should run through two main clues: writing ability and professional skills. We should not only emphasize the difference between Secretary Writing and other styles of writing, understand the uniqueness of secretary occupation, and carry out writing teaching from the secretary occupation. The following is about the content of the Secretary Writing brief, welcome to read! The

  • Secretarial writers should achieve four requirements in writing topics 2018-01-28

    In addition to accepting and completing the official document drafting task arranged by leaders, secretarial writers should timely select topics and write various information research manuscripts according to the needs of leaders' decision-making. Therefore, how to extract fresh material and choose the angle of writing from a large number of cases mastered by the investigation is a good way for secretarial writers

  • On the necessary conditions of Chinese and English secret writers 2018-01-27

    Writing, as a means for people to communicate, communicate ideas, transmit information and spread knowledge, is a basic skill that every educated person must master. Writing is a basic tool that every national staff member "often uses", and it is also a basic quality that must be possessed to do a good job in their own work. Secretaries

  • Secretarial Management and practical writing assignments 2018-01-27

    1¡¢ Combined with the textbook, this paper expounds the characteristics of practical articles from the four aspects of theme, material, structure and language. A: the characteristics of practical articles are reflected in the following four aspects: (1) the main idea of a single, concentrated and clear theme is the author's intention, proposition or opinion

  • Secretary management and answers to formative assessment book of practical writing 2018-01-27

    Secretary refers to the study, master the basic theory and knowledge of public relations and secretarial major, be familiar with the principles and methods of modern clerical science and secretarial science, have strong writing ability, can skillfully engage in clerical and secretarial work, be able to write articles, literary editors and news writing, have strong public relations ability

  • Thinking mode of secretarial document writing 2018-01-26

    In addition to mastering some common skills in official document writing, we also need to understand the thinking mode of writing. Here is the thinking mode of secretarial document writing. Welcome to read! Abstract thinking is one of the ways of thinking in secretarial official document writing. Abstract thinking is analyzed, synthesized and compared by people

  • Three realms of secretarial document writing 2018-01-26

    Unlike literary creation, official document writing can be "aged" for a long time through life practice or rich thinking. It usually needs to be completed in time and quickly, which requires the pursuit of timeliness. Here are the three realms of secretarial document writing. Welcome to read! The three realms and the first realm of secretarial document writing

  • Work content of secretary 2018-01-25

    What is the Secretary's job? Do you want to know about it? The following small series for you to introduce the Secretary's work content, I hope to help you£¨ 1£© 1. Simple office management 2. Document drafting, have certain text skills 3. Familiar with office software, typing speed is fast, secretaries have administrative secretary and enterprise

  • Necessary conditions for Chinese and English secret writers 2018-01-25

    Discussion on the necessary conditions of Chinese and English secret writers writing, as a means for people to communicate, communicate ideas, transmit information and spread knowledge, is a basic skill that every educated person must master. Writing is a basic skill that every national staff member often needs

  • Necessary conditions for secretarial writers 2018-01-24

    As a part of the national staff group, secretaries are responsible for the daily work and decision-making services of the leaders, such as investigation and research, comprehensive information, provision of information, writing manuscripts and handling of documents and telegrams, which are the main responsibilities of the secretaries. As a modern secretary, if you don't have a high level of writing theory and

  • How to improve the ability of official document writing for grass roots Secretaries 2018-01-24

    Official documents are written materials with legal effect and standard format formed by state organs and social organizations in the process of exercising their functions and powers and implementing management. They are also important tools for a series of political and economic activities. The following is to introduce how the grass-roots secretaries improve their ability to write official documents. Welcome to read! Grass roots culture

  • How to improve the writing ability of Secretaries 2018-01-23

    As a qualified secretary, he must have good writing ability and be able to complete the copywriting and planning assigned by the manager. The following is an effective way to improve the writing ability of the secretary. I hope it can help you. A competent secretary must have the ability of operation research, handling affairs, investigation and research

  • How can secretaries improve their writing ability 2018-01-23

    As a grass-roots secretarial worker, document drafting is the most important and basic task, so how to improve the writing ability of official documents? Let's have a look! In order to improve the writing ability of official documents, the first thing is to improve the ability of word expression, which in the final analysis is the ability to choose words and make sentences. Root

  • Using skills of office secretary 2018-01-23

    Office automation has become one of the most common secretarial work, the following to introduce office secretary skills, welcome to read! Office secretary use skills digital format batch conversion in the completion of a report, only found that the most convincing number is not clear, so greatly

  • Seven writing skills of secretarial report materials 2018-01-22

    Writing materials, from being at a loss to having a plan in mind, must go through an unknown journey, go through a very painful process, and then Nirvana rebirth, until the realm of capture. How to write a good report material, talk about several views. The report materials are generally divided into introduction, basic information

  • Secretarial skills 2018-01-22

    As the saying goes, benches need to be cold for ten years. To engage in secretarial work, first of all, we should be prepared to endure hardships for a long time. The following is the secretary work skills, I hope to help you. 1¡¢ Correct understanding and positioning of office secretarial work, office secretaries work with the leadership, the surface is bright, more decent, but the substantive Secretary

  • Practical working skills of Secretaries 2018-01-22

    The heavy work may let you cut continuously also disorderly, the efficiency also does not see the improvement for a long time. In fact, this is because you did not use the right method! Here are some practical secretarial skills, let's have a look! 1, the most important thing: every morning (or the night before), highlight 3 or 4 things to do today

  • Employment prospect of secretary major 2018-01-21

    Secretary is one of the most basic and important positions in an enterprise, and its job description is also the most vague and extensive. Do you want to know the employment prospect of secretary major? Let's follow the editor to read the analysis of the employment prospect of secretary major in 2017! 1¡¢ The demand of secretarial professionals from the needs of

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