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Love poems on Chinese Valentine's Day

Looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, and finally looking forward to the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, missed February 14. Chapter 1: love poetry of the Chinese Valentine's day comes, gently repels loneliness. I stand by the magpie bridge, the moon is accompanied by the stars, I have your heart with you. Chang'e hides behind the moon, peeps at the world's flashy maple leaves roam in the night, waiting to dance with the West wind. A lover goes to the garden of Eden

Poems on the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Red Army's Long March

A history of the Long March, ten poems of blood and tears. A hero's heroic deeds are left to his children and grandchildren. Here are some poems about the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Red Army's Long March! During the Xiangjiang campaign, Xingan was sandwiched between the two mountains of Yuedu, and the evil waves hid demons and gave birth to smoke. Kill the hero into a dream, gather and annihilate the devil, overcome the difficulties. The empress of the Xiangjiang River, Qu Zi recites poems

 The book of songs
On the ideological connotation and function of banquet poems in the book of songs

Banquet poetry occupies a place in the book of songs. It reflects the feast scene among relatives, guests, monarchs and ministers in Zhou Dynasty. It helps Zhou emperor strengthen and maintain the rule of the regime, embodies the justice of patriarchal clan system and the way of governing the country. It also contains the rites, music, spirits and moral demeanor of Zhou people. From the world's ancient literature, a large number of poems with banquet as the theme appeared

 ancient poetry
Ancient poems about father's love and mother's love

The thread in the hands of a loving mother and a coat on the body of a wanderer. I'm afraid I'll come back late. Who said inch grass heart, reported three Chunhui. The following is a small series of ancient poems about father's love and mother's love. Welcome to read! 1. "Chant of wanderers" [Tang Dynasty] the thread in Meng Jiao's mother's hand is the coat of a wanderer's body. I'm afraid I'll come back late. Who said inch grass heart, reported three Chunhui. 2. Farewell to old mother

 Tang Poetry
Appreciation of Cui Ye's Tang Poems

What scenery does Cui Ye's Tang poems mainly describe? What kind of emotion does the poet express? Let's take a look! Shangyuan night jade leak silver pot and don't urge, iron closed gold lock clear open. Who can sit idle when seeing the moon? Where can you smell the light but not see it‐ Shangyuan night refers to the 15th night of the first month in the old calendar, also known as the Lantern Festival. There is a custom of enjoying Lantern Festival in China. Cui Ye's poems on the new year's Eve

Ancient poems on the Double Seventh Festival

Tanabata as you wish, hope that today's red leaves can be dispelled, dormitory, day and night map forever, lingering complaint heart. The following is about the content of Tanabata ancient poetry, welcome to read! 1. There are gold mirrors in the sky and jade hooks in the world!! Li He's "Tanabata" 2. It's dark in biepu today, but Luoying is worried about midnight!! Li He's "Tanabata" 3. Magpie's words on the line, flowers into the exposed clothes floor!! Li He's "Qixi" (Double Seventh day of the seventh lunar month) 4!! In Wu Wenying's the story of Chinese Valentine's day 5. The flow of Yin is a little too much, and the rest of the light is difficult to obtain!! Liu Yun's "Tanabata needle" 6, the worry to see the light, even Juan Miss eyebrows together!! Liu Yun's Qixi Chuanzhen 7

Autumn short prose

Autumn, the beautiful season, the harvest season, the golden season, is as yearning as the spring in full bloom, as warm as the scorching sun in summer, and as charming as the snowy winter. The following is a short autumn essay I'd like to share with you! The scenery of the courtyard is different in autumn. After the Mid Autumn Festival, the cold wind suddenly rises, and a yellow leaf falls quietly. Inadvertently, it is found that the sound of the Mid Autumn Festival has risen. Hairy dog is smiling and swaying in the wind. Lagerstroemia Myrtle flowers seem to be intoxicated and slanting. In the wind, Osmanthus fragrans float with a refreshing fragrance. The hawthorn trees are covered with red fruits. The delicate and fresh flowers in spring produce huge crabapple and papaya with fragrant fragrance. However, it drags the courtyard into the strong autumn charm

Idioms in four character fables

What do you know about the four character idioms in ancient China? The following is a few four character idiom fable story, you are welcome to read and understand. The idiom of the four character Fable: it's easy to draw ghosts. In the spring and Autumn period, there was a very clever painter who was invited to paint the king of Qi. In the process of the portrait, the king of Qi asked the painter: what is the most difficult thing to draw in comparison? The painter replied: active

 fairy tale
Children's fairy tales where does little white deer go

Introduction: little white deer and mother deer are walking on the mountain road to grandma's home again. The flowers on the roadside are very bright. The following is the children's fairy tale compiled by J.L. of yjbys Literature Network for you. Where is the little white deer? More and more essay literature welcome to literature website. Just spent a long winter, in the spring wind blowing over the place, grass can't wait to come out of the head. The whole forest started

The aesthetic sentences of Chinese Valentine's Day

Put a heart in your pillow, let you in my heart every night, sweet sleep. There is no longer Tanabata in the world, only we never separate. The following are the aestheticism sentences about the Chinese Valentine's Day (selected 60 sentences) compiled by the small editor for you. I hope it can help you. 1. A beautiful magpie bridge has been built in my heart, with romantic fragrance, lingering whispers, veiled eyes, shy looking back, and the little memories that you and I know each other. Tanabata arrived, I just want to hold your hand and walk through the beautiful bridge in my heart. 2. A heart is only attracted by you, which is single-minded; A love only for you surging, that is infatuation; A song only sings for you, that is infatuation; In a word

 Zhu Ziqing
Three Character Classic

The Three Character Classic is the ancient and modern sages in Chinese traditional culture. Read it together. The three character essay means to be a man; A good character is a good man. Those who love others will always love them; Those who respect others are always respectful. If you do not become a thief, you will not be surprised; If you don't eat fish, your mouth will not smell. Do not exercise, easy to get sick; Always exercise, light all over. Beautiful or not, the village water; Whether you are close or not, you are from your hometown. Good words, good intentions, good deeds, close to good people

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