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Chinese phonetic alphabet pronunciation table

The Chinese phonetic alphabet scheme specifies the name of each letter, which is to read the alphabet; a. When the syllables beginning with O and E are connected after other syllables, if the boundaries of syllables are confused, they are separated by sound insulation symbols ('), such as pi'ao

Recommend the essence of primary and secondary school students

"Song of everlasting regret" teaching designer

It is said that Bai Juyi began to read poems when he was three years old and wrote many poems when he was five years old

Zhang Ailing's Classical Poetry: a life apart

Zhang Ailing (1920.9.30-1995.9.8), a modern Chinese writer, was born in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. Born on September 30, 1920, in the West District of Shanghai public concession

Poetry containing philosophy of life

Poetry uses highly condensed language, vividly expresses the author's rich emotions, focuses on social life and has a certain rhythm and rhythm of literary genre

On the courseware of junior high school drama knowledge

Courseware is based on the requirements of the syllabus, through the determination of teaching objectives, teaching content and task analysis, teaching activity structure and interface design, etc