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(first year teaching courseware)

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Related courseware The combination of figures

??? Introduction: ppt production this is the first year of teaching Volume 1 unit 4 graphics collage courseware, courseware graphics are dynamic, it is worth seeing ? Download times: 387 "

A preliminary understanding of the angle

??? Introduction: ppt production dynamic effect is obvious, students see clearly. The contents and ideas are clear and suitable for young teachers Uploaded by: baoqinyahehe ? Download times: 915 "

Understanding of times

??? Introduction: ppt production uses vivid stories to connect the problems in the understanding of times to attract students' attention. Through the change from concrete to abstract, deepen students' understanding of times Uploaded by: guanghen ? Download times: 519 "

Knowledge of seconds

??? Introduction: ppt production through courseware to understand the design intent and course process of the whole class, better show the whole process of lesson presentation. For the time unit, this set of teaching materials has been arranged in three stages: first, the first volume of the first grade, so that students can learn to read the whole hour and half hour, know the hour hand and minute hand; The second is the second volume of grade one. Let the students know how to read and write, and know that 1:00 = 60:00; The third is the content of this unit in this volume, specifically as follows: first of all, in the specific situation, we can understand the unit of time "seconds" - observe the clock and watch, and then we can get 1 minute = 60 seconds - then we can simply convert the time unit to calculate the simple passing time Uploaded by ? Download times: 473 "

Number in letters

??? Introduction: ppt courseware is exquisite, rich in content, more practical, and various exercises, which can consolidate the knowledge learned in this section, and has gradient Uploaded by: litifeng0123 ? Download times: 716 "

Classification of angles

??? Introduction: ppt production new edition of the fourth grade, PPT, angle classification and the relationship between the special angle. Uploaded by: lxfwep ? Download times: 503 "

Understanding of 11 ~ 20 numbers

??? Introduction: ppt production, careful production, repeated deliberation, with the Western Normal edition teaching material synchronization, very practical Oh! Welcome to Uploaded by: 198192 ? Download times: 477 "

How many small trees are there

??? Introduction: how many ppt trees are there in the first volume of the third grade of Beijing Normal University Edition? How many ppt whole hundreds multiplied by one digit? When calculating the whole hundred multiplied by one digit, you can first multiply the number in front of the integer "0" with one digit, and then add two zeros at the end of the result. Uploaded by: Baixue ? Download times: 485 "

A preliminary understanding of scores

??? Introduction: this part of PPT teaching material is based on the students' mastery of some integer knowledge, and it is an extension of the concept of number from integer to fraction. According to the curriculum standard, "mathematics teaching is the teaching of mathematical activities, is the process of interaction and common development between teachers and students, students." The basic spirit of. This class attempts to link the teaching of each knowledge point with a series of activities, so that students can move up and live the classroom. In the process of actual participation in hands-on operation, cooperative practice and personal experience, students can fully participate in mathematical activities, understand scores, fully experience and understand the practical significance, so as to lay a solid foundation for further learning related knowledge. This class highlights the guiding ideology of taking students as the main body and activities as the main line, and striving to realize the multi-dimensional interaction among students themselves, students and teachers and students Uploaded by: liuxuye ? Downloads: 1210 "

Watch the clock

??? Introduction: Flash courseware is vivid and vivid, and the old and new knowledge are closely linked. Students' visual learning knowledge has a profound influence and prominent learning effect. Teachers' teaching is simple and the emphasis is difficult Uploaded by: njyz_ 001 ? Download times: 424 "


??? Introduction: ppt production is vivid, simple and clear, easy for teachers to operate, easy for students to understand and master, easy for students to operate, highlighting the key and difficult points, and outstanding learning effect Uploaded by: njyz_ 001 ? Download times: 361 "

Understanding RMB

??? Introduction: ppt production is simple and clear, with strong interest, teachers are easy to operate, students are easy to understand and master, and the learning effect is outstanding Uploaded by: njyz_ 001 ? Download times: 628 "

Understanding graphics

??? Introduction: the production is intuitive and clear, the image is deep moving, easy for teachers to grasp, the key and difficult points are prominent, students are easy to accept, strong interest in learning, and the learning effect is outstanding Uploaded by: njyz_ 001 ? Download times: 509 "

Addition and subtraction of 6 and 7

??? Introduction: ppt production 6 and 7 addition and subtraction method. Application 6 and 7 to solve problems, many examples, various forms of practice and consolidation. Uploaded by: angel87 ? Downloads: 641 "

On and off of 6 and 7

??? Introduction: ppt production of 6 and 7 of the opening and closing. The grouping process and rules of 6 and 7 are described in detail. It permeates the concepts of sequential thinking and analogical thinking. Uploaded by: angel87 ? Download times: 516 "

Bear treat

??? Introduction: ppt production from the textbook scene map, gradually guide students to find problems, stimulate interest in learning mathematics, starting from the emotional animal bear students to mobilize their passion Uploaded by: 1264499214 ? Download times: 556 "

The meaning of ratio

??? Introduction: the significance of PPT production ratio 1. Master the reading and writing method of ratio, and know the names of each part of the ratio; Understand and master the relationship between ratio and division, fraction, master the method of ratio, and be able to find the ratio correctly. 2. Abstraction of the concept of experience ratio ? Downloads: 595 "

Calculation of triangle area

??? Introduction: ppt production of this courseware is the calculation of triangle area in the second unit of the fifth grade of Jiangsu Education Press. It is also the courseware used in my open class. I believe it is useful for you. Now upload it to share with you. I hope you like it Uploaded by: nihao1227 ? Download times: 497 "


??? Introduction: ppt courseware demonstrates the phenomenon of sliding window with the aid of track translation, and guides students to make track translation by using triangle ruler, so as to learn to draw parallel lines. The teaching effect is good and there are bright spots Uploaded by: 1054861870 ? Download times: 454 "


??? Introduction: ppt courseware is suitable for the teaching of the first volume of the fourth grade of the Western Normal University Edition. It mainly designs several links of touching the ball, so that students can learn easily and happily. It is good for teachers' teaching Uploaded by: 1054861870 ? Downloads: 537 "

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