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Experience (refers to a kind of feeling writing after reading and practicing)

Experience refers to a kind of feeling writing after reading and practicing. The reading experience of language is similar to that of mathematics; Experience refers to the application of learning to practice, reflecting on the learning content and writing down through practice, which is similar to experience summary¡° "Experience" and "experience" are two different concepts, which can not be mixed together at the same time.


one Writing methods

£¨1£© Write briefly the contents of the books or articles you have read, and then write your own opinions or feelings. To be clear, it is to use one's own words to condense what has been read into brief words, and then comment on it. The key point is to put forward one's own views or opinions.

£¨2£© From the point of view of writing skills, I will comment on the merits and demerits of the words I have read and the meaning and connotation of them, so as to see how they feel and how effective they are.

£¨3£© Use the original text as a guide, and then express your own opinions. For example, we can quote a sentence from the book as a guide, and then express our opinions.

£¨4£© First express your own opinions or feelings, and then quote the articles you have read to confirm.

£¨5£© Write the most touched and important part of what you have read; You can also write yourself as the "protagonist" in the book; It can also be written in the form of letters; You can also report to the teacher or classmates.

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  • Seven selected teachers' teaching experience 2021-03-18

    When we have accumulated a lot of feelings and opinions in our hearts, we can think about them and write them into our experience, which can help us summarize our previous thoughts, work and study. Do you know how to write the experience? The following is a small series of teachers' teaching experience carefully collated, hoping to help you. Teachers teach

  • Four essays selected from experience 2021-03-18

    In study, work and life, everyone has dealt with composition. Writing composition is an important means to cultivate people's observation, association, imagination, thinking and memory. There are many points for attention in composition. Are you sure you can write it? The following is a small editor to help you sort out the experience of the composition 4, for reference only

  • Experience of learning "professional ethics of primary and secondary school teachers" 2021-03-18

    Learning "professional ethics of primary and secondary school teachers" experience 1: "teachers are the most noble cause under the sun.". As engineers of human soul, teachers should not only teach good books, but also cultivate good people. They should be models in all aspects. Teachers' morality is not only the standard requirement of teachers' personal behavior, but also the one of educating students

  • Winter vacation experience 2021-03-18

    Winter vacation practice experience 1 every college student will participate in one or more social practice activities, I am no exception. In order to exercise and improve their ability, so that in the future after graduation can really walk into the society, can well deal with all aspects of problems in life and work, I contact the Minsheng company for holiday society

  • Training experience of team leader: earnestly practice the training content and strive to be an outstanding team leader 2021-03-18

    Training experience of team leader: conscientiously practice the training content and strive to be an outstanding team leader. On 7 November, I had the honor to participate in the training organized by Shizong company. After systematic training, I had a profound understanding of the positioning and importance of the team leader. I have been a monitor for three years. What I have learned most is the uncertainty of the staff's thought

  • Experience of teachers' home visit 2021-03-18

    A few days ago, according to the school's work arrangement, I visited three students in my class. They were Fang Chengyang and Zhang Jiahao from class 9 and Wang Huixiang from class 9. When it comes to home visits, although we have worked for so many years, we seldom really go into the children's home and really understand

  • Summary of summer social practice 2021-03-18

    Summary is a kind of written material that social organizations, enterprises and individuals review, analyze and evaluate their achievements, gain experience, find out the gap, draw lessons and some regular recognition after their own period, a project or some work is over or all completed

  • Experience of the second training for volunteers 2021-03-18

    Compared with other volunteer service projects, voluntary blood donation service seems to be the simplest one. Isn't it just for the caring people who come to participate in blood donation to chat and distribute publicity materials? But when I got to know more about unpaid blood donation. I found that this is a

  • Experience of military training 2021-03-18

    The 6-day military training life is over. Time flies. From the second day of military training life, I feel that the time has passed in the blink of an eye. At the beginning, I felt that the instructor was very ungrateful and was not good to us, and liked to make us whole. Let's practice our physical fitness, stand in military posture, be honest

  • Experience of teacher training 2021-03-18

    On the afternoon of August 16, XX, I listened to the lecture of "teachers' professional development and professional quality" by Professor Chen Minghua of Sichuan University in the famous zhuotong International School in Suining. It was a kind of beautiful enjoyment and a feast for learning, which benefited me a lot. And deeply realize that I am teaching

  • Work experience of middle school head teacher 2021-03-18

    The work experience of middle school head teacher 1 kindergarten class management has its particularity, including the management of teachers in different positions and children with different personalities; There are not only life management, but also education and teaching management; There are not only the management of people, but also the management of things, and so on. This requires a class teacher to have a variety of abilities: to have cohesion, unity

  • [necessary] 6 pieces of experience of safety education 2021-03-18

    After having some harvest, we can record it in the experience. By writing the experience, we can avoid detours in the future. So what is good experience like? The following is a small carefully collated "safety education" experience 6, for reference only, hope to help you¡¶ Safety education

  • Experience of grade 2 human resource manager examination 2021-03-18

    After three months of training and learning, I can pass the second level examination of human resource manager. While I am glad, I sincerely thank the school for its efforts and support. At the same time, I would like to thank Shanghai human resources and Social Security Bureau for its care. Same as

  • The latest model articles on etiquette training 2021-03-18

    In order to strengthen the connotation construction of the hospital, standardize the service etiquette of medical staff, improve the service level and enhance the image of the hospital, on August 2, the county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine invited Mr. Chen Lijuan of Beijing Tonghe Zhicheng Management Consulting Co., Ltd. to give a wonderful medical etiquette training for the medical staff of the hospital

  • Military training experience: Thoughts on the latest excellent military training 2021-03-18

    Experience of military training: Thoughts on the latest excellent military training 1 Xiuhu primary school organized sixth grade students to the national defense education base for five days of military training. November 20 is the first day of our military training. After a day, I can see that the soldiers are brave and courageous, and behind them are hardships and tiredness. Early in the morning, we came to the training ground excitedly

  • Learning and training experience 2021-03-18

    In September this year, I had the honor to join the sixth kindergarten teachers' backbone learning class held by Tianjin teaching and research office. Four times of training and learning let me harvest a lot, the most beautiful teacher's speech let me to boarding class teacher's work more understanding, also let me have more to them

  • Two examples of the latest edition of college female soldiers' experience in military training 2021-03-18

    The military training life in the past ten days is fleeting. Looking back at the daily military training life in the past, we finally experience what is the real military training and life. Shouting loud slogans, we witness the rise and fall of the sun, unable to count the drops of sweat, also unable to describe the injury

  • Summary of training experience 2021-03-18

    The four-day training for new employees ended in Fengxian Bay. Looking back on the four-day intensive training content, there are far-reaching corporate culture display, comprehensive business introduction and cutting-edge industry technology explanation, as well as project site visit and team quality development. Among them, the most impressive is group discussion and model

  • Experience of social practice 700 words 2021-03-18

    As a college student, we must have the courage to practice. It is very important to take this step. Now I think a lot, but I still lack a lot in practice. I want to have some social experience in University, which is very valuable. I fully feel this point

  • Personal experience of social practice 800 words 2021-03-18

    Social practice personal experience 800 words 1 winter vacation, is really a very tangled period. In the cold wind and festival atmosphere, when you hear the name, the first time you think of is rest and entertainment! But now, as a college student, I have more ideas about my responsibility and future

  • Experience of fire safety 2021-03-18

    I watched the live broadcast of College Students' fire knowledge popularization at 3:00 this afternoon, and I benefited a lot. The content of the live broadcast is from the vivid case to the topic. It tells about the major fire accidents in China in the past one or two years and the causes of them, which rings the alarm for us. Fire safety is often neglected in daily work

  • Experience and feeling of family education 2021-03-18

    When we have a deep understanding of something, we should immediately record it. Doing so can improve our writing ability. Many people are very headache, how to write a wonderful experience, the following is a small carefully organized family education experience and feelings, welcome to read, I hope you can like

  • Experience of new curriculum reform 2021-03-18

    On weekdays, it is inevitable that there will be some new ideas in my heart. I might as well write it into a piece of experience, so as to keep in mind, so as to constantly enrich our thoughts. So how to write the experience to infect readers? The following is a small carefully collated new curriculum reform learning experience, I hope to help you. New

  • Experience of kindergarten teachers' home visit 2021-03-18

    The positive factors of family education in modern society 1. Parents have the psychology of educating their children well and cultivating their talents. Now parents have great hope on their children and have a strong desire to cultivate their children into talents. Therefore, parents can often meet the needs of their children

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