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Experience of teaching design training

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Experience of teaching design template training

Teaching evaluation is based on teaching objectives, making scientific standards, using all effective technical means to measure, measure and value the process and results of teaching activities. Teaching evaluation is an extremely important part of teaching design. The following is a small editing of teaching design template training learning experience, welcome to read reference!

 Experience of teaching design template training

Experience of teaching design template training

The training is very practical, with task driven as the main line, activity as the center, teaching, discussion, self-study, evaluation combined, theory infiltrated, technology as the support, so that students fully feel the diversity of educational technology application, in the learning experience, feel the charm of modern education concept and the use of information technology to support teaching innovation. Compared with the previous training, this training has many advantages, at the same time, it gives us a very deep feeling.

1. The training content is closely related to our usual teaching work, and it is very practical.

For example, a series of learning activities such as creating teaching design scheme and planning theme unit can sort out our teaching ideas, promote us to integrate all kinds of resources, better understand the significance of information technology and curriculum integration, and lay a solid theoretical foundation for us to apply information technology to specific teaching work in the future

2. The training form is novel and interesting, focusing on cultivating the students' sense of cooperation.

In particular, setting up group representatives as a unit is not only interesting but also can stimulate everyone's innovative thinking, quickly establish a sense of teamwork, enhance the cohesion of the team, and lay a foundation for the follow-up training

3. The classroom is open and relaxed.

Members of each group are free to express their opinions. It breaks the traditional classroom teaching rules. For us, although only three days of training, but a lot of benefits. Here we have seen many vivid cases of information technology and curriculum integration. Under the guidance of collective discussion and tutors, we further understand the great significance of information technology on modern teaching, and understand the optimization methods of information technology and curriculum integration. It not only enriches our basic theoretical knowledge of teaching, but also has a great help to our future teaching activities. We can apply these knowledge to teaching practice, carry out teaching planning and design for the teaching subjects, sort out teaching ideas, and deepen the understanding of teaching materials.

4. Great learning gains.

In terms of learning content, we not only understand the basic connotation of educational technology, but also deeply understand the general process of instructional design, and grasp the acquisition and processing methods of information resources. We also master the design and evaluation methods of inquiry learning and guided learning through case study, and have a certain understanding of the connotation of information technology and curriculum integration, It improves the integration level of teaching design and so on, which can be summarized as "fruitful". In the way of learning, teachers feel the most is the advantages of group learning and inquiry learning. Professional complementarity enables teachers to learn from each other's strong points to make up for each other's weaknesses, and enhance their team spirit and sense of cooperation; Inquiry learning, can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of each student, show their strengths, and always maintain a strong learning enthusiasm and a warm learning atmosphere. If they can be effectively applied to our daily teaching, it will effectively promote the improvement of teaching effect.

Through this training, I really understand the new concept of educational technology, and also found many deficiencies in myself. Although learning is completed, the purpose of learning is to apply. We will try our best to combine practice with theory in the future teaching, and make educational technology serve for improving the quality of education and teaching.

Teaching design template training learning experience II

After studying the two courses of instructional design, we can learn from the teaching materials that teaching design is to promote learners' learning as the fundamental purpose. By using systematic methods, the principles of learning theory and teaching theory are transformed into teaching objectives, teaching contents, teaching methods and strategies, teaching evaluation and other links, The "process" or "procedure" of creating an effective teaching and learning system. Teaching system design is a special design activity aiming at solving teaching problems and optimizing learning. It has the general nature of design discipline and must follow the basic laws of teaching.

Teaching system design is relatively boring, because it is a bit of theoretical knowledge, some things not only to understand it, especially when the exam is to recite, but I hope we can find better learning methods, so that we can learn a little easier, will not feel dry, just like the teacher let us do a blog, Learning together, I think this method is better.

I hope that in the future, I can learn it well with my teachers and classmates. I also believe that through our efforts, we will feel good about it.. We hope that we can expand our knowledge by learning teaching design. Teaching evaluation should be based on teaching objectives. Teaching objectives are the learning results of students expected in teaching activities. It stipulates the terminal ability level that learners should achieve. Teaching evaluation needs to adopt some effective technical means. Usually, they are collected by measurement data However, measurement is not equal to evaluation. Measurement refers to the evaluation of students' learning and teachers' teaching by various tests or examinations. Teaching evaluation should evaluate the teaching process and results. Teaching evaluation is not only to evaluate the teaching results, but also to evaluate the teaching process and all aspects of teaching. The process of quantifying the changes in the process and assigning numerical values to students' learning results.

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