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Experience of assessment methods for participating teachers

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Model articles on assessment methods of participating teachers

Assessment is an important part of teacher management, is an essential basic work, has a very important significance for teacher assessment. The following is a small compilation of training teacher assessment method experience model, welcome to read reference!

 Model articles on assessment methods of participating teachers

Experience of assessment methods for participating teachers

At present, there are many assessments for teachers, such as year-end assessment, teacher ethics assessment, and so on. At the same time, there are many advanced and excellent evaluation. These honors are directly linked to the title evaluation and salary promotion of teachers, so they often become the focus of discussion in various schools. Then, how can we make the distribution of these indicators in line with the interests of the overwhelming majority of people. The author thinks that the most effective way is to evaluate the quality of education and teaching process.

1กข Quantitative assessment

The so-called quantitative assessment is to convert the education and teaching work into a standard score according to a unified standard. The scores are sorted in order to see whether each person's education and teaching process is excellent and whether the education and teaching performance is in the lead. We have always believed that whether the work is excellent or not and whether the performance is in the lead is absolutely not elected by everyone, but by everyone themselves. As a professional and technical personnel, they rely on the "skills" of education and teaching, which is essentially different from political election. Just as the performance of barbers depends on the number of customers to prove their skills, rather than several barbers voting together to elect the best barber. Therefore, quantitative assessment should be fair.

Second, the establishment of quantitative standards.

Some people say that the profession of a teacher is a profession of cultivating the mind, which can not be quantified. I think this is only half right. Indeed, the education and teaching work of teachers is complicated and complicated. It is a profession to transmit human civilization. It is impossible to quantify every link of the work. For example, it has been proposed that if quantified, then teachers should take their homework home for correction. How to calculate the workload? How can teachers quantify home visits during holidays? These are very realistic problems, that is, the complexity of teachers' work. However, because some links are not easy to quantify, we should not mistakenly think that all work links can not be quantified. Dialectical materialism tells us that we should grasp the main contradiction, the main aspect of the contradiction, grasp the mainstream, grasp the key, that is to grasp the essence. We believe that as long as the main links in education and teaching are quantified scientifically and reasonably, the main contents of education and teaching work are quantified. It should be said that the quantification should be in line with the actual situation of teachers' education and teaching.

Third, give consideration to the result and process.

One of the reasons why it is not easy to quantify teacher education and teaching is that many quantitative standards ignore the process and only focus on the results. We should take into account two aspects in the quantitative assessment. Of course, the results should be the main. Generally speaking, the process is hard work, and the result is credit.

Our assessment is based on the school teaching quality assessment methods, according to the students' examination of teachers to carry out quantitative assessment. But this is only the result of the assessment work, which is one aspect of quantification. The assessment of teachers' education and teaching can not be based on students' scores, which is decided by the principles and policies of quality education. Therefore, the assessment also needs to quantify the work attitude and routine effect of education and teaching. Some people may say: how to quantify the attitude? Attitude itself is not easy to quantify, but the work produced by this attitude can be quantified. The achievement degree of quantitative work is to quantify work attitude.

The quantitative basis is everyone's lesson preparation, classroom teaching, homework marking, teaching research and business recognition and reward. Teachers' professional awards are obtained in relevant competitions, which can show everyone's professional ability and quality. The above aspects are included in the assessment, and the "star assessment method for teachers' professional development" has been formed. Therefore, let everyone who has class in the process assessment scope, no blind area. As long as you love your job and work hard, you will be a successful person on campus.

Experience of assessment methods for participating teachers

Through this training, my view of education has changed to a greater extent. The traditional concept of "teachers preaching, imparting knowledge and solving doubts" has been far from meeting the requirements of modern education, and can no longer adapt to the learning mode of "initiative, exploration and cooperation" in the new curriculum. As Mr. Ye Shengtao said: teaching is to achieve the ultimate goal of not needing to teach. In order to achieve this goal, teaching is not only to impart knowledge, but also to teach students to master methods and learn how to learn. Students can not only "learn what" but also "learn how to learn". After mastering the methods, students can acquire knowledge by themselves, except learning, We should also pay attention to enlighten students' wisdom, be good at leaving blank for students, and leave them enough space and time, so as to encourage them to give full play to their imagination and creativity. Modern teachers must master the new means of education through learning, and master the new methods that can help students learn to be human, learn to seek knowledge, learn to cooperate, learn to practice and learn to innovate, so as to lay the foundation for students' lifelong development.

Through the training, let me deeply realize that as a teacher, we must keep learning and actively update our knowledge. In today's society, the economy, science and technology, and culture are changing with each passing day. Students' knowledge sources are broad and time is fast. If teachers do not expand learning channels and continuously strengthen learning, it is difficult to keep up with the needs of students; Modern education methods and means are also constantly updated. The rapid rise of modern education technology with multimedia and network technology as the core is pounding the traditional teaching mode violently. As a modern teacher, he must have the ability to master modern education technology.

Through the training, I learned more methods and shortcuts to improve my own quality and education and teaching level. As a modern teacher, he should be a teacher with culture and thoughts. As is often said, "give students a bowl of water, you need a bucket of water". We must change from teaching tools to "cultural disseminators" and enrich our knowledge structure. There are various ways to enrich and update teachers' knowledge, which can be obtained through reading, online learning, further study and training, as well as by listening to expert lectures, teaching and research activities, topic research, forum discussion, etc.

There are always resources for knowledge updating. An innovative teacher will never forget the updating of knowledge. In order to become a backbone teacher, we must study with a solid style and persevere; We should treat learning with a conscious spirit, and do not need to be impatient for quick success and instant benefit; We should study comprehensively with a pragmatic attitude and strive to be eclectic and learn from others' strong points; We should distinguish the true from the false with a unique vision and identify scientific and effective methods; We should have the courage of continuous innovation and dare to improve our knowledge structure.

Through training, I can look at our education work with a broader vision and overcome job burnout. First, we have learned to seek success. The profession of a teacher is a humble profession, a profession of dedication. We can not compare power and position with senior officials, nor can we compare money and income with rich businessmen. We should be a generous and open-minded person like Wei Shusheng, and take teaching and educating people as the happiest thing. Our harvest is to see the rich knowledge of students and grow happily. We should carefully experience the joy of being loved by students; Second, learn to do their own career planning, step by step to achieve district level, city level backbone teachers, district level, city level teachers, strive to achieve graduate entrance examination and learning, in order to achieve a set of goals, in the constant climb to find new happiness; Thirdly, he learned to compromise rationally, and made an objective evaluation of his ability and knowledge level again, and appropriately reduced his desire for achievement and expectation, so that he could get rid of heavy loss, unresolved resentment and nameless melancholy; Fourth, thinking and learning life. After the tedious and delicate work, we arranged fixed time for reading and exercise, and gradually trained ourselves to be a donkey friend. We went hiking to learn about nature and enjoy a leisurely life. Keep a positive and healthy psychological quality, gradually form a comprehensive quality of skillfully borrowing external forces, so that their work, life and study are always in a state of research, and their life is in the process of continuous exploration and pursuit. I have a deeper understanding that education is "love". Only by loving my students better can my students grow up healthily in a better environment, repay the society after growing up, and make the society full of more love.

Through the training, I deeply realize that we must actively strengthen the curriculum reform and be a scientific research teacher. At present, our country's curriculum reform is still in the stage of exploration and reference, and there is a big gap with developed countries. We can't simply learn the experience of other countries, we need to explore and find a suitable education and teaching path for China's national conditions. On this road, there are many unknown fields to be explored and summarized by teachers. After this training, I realized that every teacher can carry out "action research" in depth according to their own work practice.

A scientific research teacher should grasp the latest development of educational research and be familiar with the methods of scientific research. In order to become a scientific research teacher and make his work more forward-looking, we should cultivate students who are "discovery type, invention type, creative type and innovative type" in the new period. I will continue to learn theoretical knowledge, guide teaching practice with theory, study and explore the laws of education and teaching, and combine scientific research with teaching. In order to better develop myself and train students better, I will always strengthen the study and improvement of my theoretical literacy and professional skills, and improve my education and scientific research level. In the future education and teaching work, I will actively participate in the curriculum reform, do not be a bystander, start research from small teaching methods and learning methods, purposefully summarize education experience, reflect on teaching practice, proceed from reality, earnestly shoulder the responsibilities and obligations of teachers, play a leading and exemplary role in the work of backbone teachers, and become a school, a school, a school, and a teacher The active implementers and guides of curriculum reform in the district.

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