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Ninth grade students' study plan for next semester

Time: April 12, 2020 19:24:07 Learning plan I want to contribute

The study plan for the ninth grade students in the next semester 2020

The study plan for the ninth grade students in the next semester 20201

In the third year of junior high school, we should make a study plan suitable for ourselves. Like mathematics, it's one of the most difficult subjects. Many of the foundation is not good must start from the beginning, from a relatively simple start, and then is difficult, in the middle school entrance examination before a period of time to brush that kind of very difficult, such as the real exam questions. The study of the third grade of junior high school should be patient. It is not the heat of three minutes in the period of grade one and grade two, but it needs to be taken seriously. So in order to make myself get better grades in the next semester, and also to let myself have no regrets in the final stage of junior high school, I will start to work out a detailed learning plan for my next semester.

 The study plan for the ninth grade students in the next semester 2020

First of all, I started with my weak subjects. My mathematics is the worst one among all my subjects. This may also be related to the reason why I like liberal arts since I was a child. But mathematics is the main lesson, so I must learn it well. If the gap between my math score and others is too big, then my overall score and class ranking will be pulled very low. So improving my math grades has become one of my main goals in the next semester, and also a top priority in my study plan. My plan is as follows:

First, I will prepare a wrong question book and an example book. Wrong question book is a special record of my easy to make mistakes, so that I won't fall twice in the same pit. Example is in the teacher's class, the main points of the topic, and the same type of representative topics. In this way, I have a record, I can not often go to trouble the teacher, I encountered a problem I can not do, open my example book, I can not only understand the problem-solving process, but also deepen my impression.

Second, in addition to listening to the teacher's class carefully every day, we should also spend half an hour doing math problems. This half hour does not include the teacher's homework time, also does not include the mathematics preview and review time. So in the next semester, I have to prepare a book on mathematics.

Third, before each math exam, I have to take out my wrong question book and example book and review it twice or three times. Only in this way can the effect be achieved. After the exam, learn to make a summary of the wrong questions, and strive for more progress.

Fourth, because my foundation is poor, so in the next semester, I still need to apply for another mathematics training class, make full use of my weekend time to supplement my mathematics knowledge, so as to improve my math scores.

I believe that through these plans and preparations, my math scores will be improved. Of course, in the next semester's study plan, in addition to mathematics, my other subjects should also attract my attention. But compared with my mathematics, other subjects of learning can be as usual.

The study plan for the ninth grade students in the next semester 20202

In a twinkling of an eye, my junior high school study life is only the last semester. In order to improve my academic performance to the maximum extent in the last semester, so that I can get a good result in the middle school entrance examination, scientifically and reasonably use and plan my own practice, so I made such a study plan before the beginning of the semester

   1、 Time allocation

Get up on time every morning, wash and go to school, and memorize English words when people are awake every morning. One three five memorizes the word, two four is carries on the ancient poetry recitation, this can let me to these memory deeper. Recite some other minor subjects, such as political history, along with you in the morning reading every day, so that I can develop in an average and comprehensive way in all subjects, without the occurrence of partial subjects. In the lunch break after dinner, also seize the time to go back to their seats to do a few math problems, do what they have done wrong, in order to test whether they have mastered the knowledge. At home in the evening, after dinner, I finish my homework. I spend an hour doing the topic to consolidate the knowledge I have learned today. Then I spend half an hour preparing the knowledge that will be learned tomorrow. In this way, I can better master the knowledge to be learned and understand it more deeply. In the free time on the weekend, you can't sleep in because of laziness. You should get up and go running according to the past time, recite English words while running, recite words on Saturdays and ancient poems on Sundays. Two days at home must ensure that they have six hours of study time every day, not because of the weekend to relax, or learn more knowledge will forget.

   2、 Learning style

No matter what class, we need to digest and absorb in class. We should listen carefully and take notes in class. We should not be distracted at all. We can learn knowledge better. After class, we should summarize what we have learned in this class. We can't go out to play and chat with our classmates after class. chinese English, history and other subjects mainly rely on memory to memorize, of course, there is no lack of knowledge consolidation. And the way to improve these subjects is to memorize them more specifically. For example, the poet has those poems, the words and various grammars used in daily conversation, as well as improving his reading comprehension and writing ability, so as to learn better in liberal arts. But this kind of subject of mathematics needs to understand those solutions after memorizing those formulas. It can't be limited to one kind, which makes one's thinking rigid. Only by doing some more questions can we really understand. Of course, those who don't know can't think about it alone. They should also ask the students with good grades to see how others do, or ask the teacher for help and instruction.

I believe in such a plan, this semester I will gradually excellent. I will insist on carrying out my own plan. Please wait and see.

The ninth grade students' study plan 2020 for the next semester

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